Trudeau-Appointed Senator Should Be Sent Back To China: Ex-Immigration Minister

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Yuen Pau Woo, a Senator appointed by PM Justin Trudeau in 2015, recently received a scathing rebuke from former Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

“Mouthpieces for foreign propaganda … should have no place in Canada’s Parliament,” stated Alexander in response to Senator Woo’s comments on the Meng case, as well as Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig’s return to Canada.

Cultural Action Party has followed the career of Yuen Pau Woo for over a decade. How dedicated is he to integrating communist China into Canadian society? As CEO of Vancouver-based Asia Pacific Foundation, Woo co-authored a proposal for Chinese languages to be taught in every public school in Canada.

“By claiming Meng was ‘taken hostage’ by Canada, @yuenpauwoo has violated his oath as a Canadian senator and should resign,” Alexander tweeted.

Not that Mr. Woo has doesn’t have supporters. Another Senator, Peter Harder, has for years supported China’s presence in Canada.

Upon Trudeau’s creation of an Independent Senators Committee in 2016, Yuen Pau Woo was assigned its leadership. Harder is another Independent Senate member selected by Trudeau. Senator Harder had previously served as president of the Canada China Business Council. 

The CCBC are the most powerful economic council you never heard of. Founded by the billionaire Desmarais family of Quebec, CCBC have deep ties to Quebec’s Power Corporation, Bank of Montreal(BMO), as well as Asia Pacific Foundation.

Dominic Barton is the current CEO of Canada-China Business Council. Known as Bao Damin (Chinese鲍达民) in China, Barton currently serves as the Canadian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

Here we see what 98% of Canadians do not. CAP speak of the manner in which Canada– in particular Quebec— are financially connected to the Chinese government. When Canadians scratch their collective heads wondering why Justin Trudeau plays puppet to the behemoth nation, these are the reasons.

Chris Alexander’s tweet was shared by others who variously referred to Woo as “pond scum” and a “Chinese commie f—” who should be “sent back to China along with Meng.”

In response, Yuen Pau Woo delivered the usual suspect: the cure-all accusation of racism.

“This is really a slanderous and dangerous way of thinking because it makes assumptions about Chinese Canadians.”

Not quite. It is not an assumption about Chinese-Canadians. It is an accusation against a single Senator– Justin Trudeau-appointed ethnocentric Yuen Pau Woo.

What is to be this man’s fate? CAP bet all the tea in China he is not removed from his position. For the record, Canadian Senators are not elected– they are appointed. They keep their positions until age 75, after which they receive a fat pension for the remainder of their lives.

As for Chris Alexander’s call for the Senator to resign, Yuen Pau Woo is going nowhere. To remove him is to admit wrongdoing as it relates to the Liberal-Quebec-China cabal.

As  such, it will never happen.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

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