Trudeau Announces Nearly 400,000 IMMIGRANT INTAKE For 2022

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“The higher levels are meant to alleviate the economic and fiscal pressures Canada is facing due to its aging population and low birth rate.”

“More than 9 million Canadians will reach retirement age in the next decade which means Canada will become even more dependent on immigrants to maintain a healthy workforce and economy.”

CAP Debunk: This aging population scenario has never once been properly analyzed by Canadian media. A succession of ruling federal governments could have circumvented this unfortunate social dynamic.

After all, it is unfathomable that government did not understand this situation decades ago. So why didn’t they make a move to stimulate family birth-rates in Canada throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s?

For example, government could have offered incentive programs to families along the lines of what Hungary’s President Victor Orban currently has in place: financial incentives for each additional child.

Come on, fellow patriots–do you really believe government to be too numb in the brain to come up with this potential solution? Naturally, they never did. Instead, they powers that be made a decision to trans-form Canada for all-time by importing 3rd world children instead.

CBC breathe not a single world about it. Globe & Mail wouldn’t posit this solution in a million years. CAP Conclusion? The Canadian government and mainstream media function as a coordinated globalist propaganda unit.

“Compared with 2019, the government is increasing its PNP admission target by 20 per cent in 2022. Canada is also slated to welcome more immigrants under various pilots. It is aiming to welcome 5,200 under pilots such as the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. It may end up nearly doubling its intake under these pilots by 2022.”

CAP Debunk: Oh, these Liberal-Globalist destroyers are a tricky lot. Wanna know what CAP think of Justin Trudeau and Demographic Assassin MP Ahmed Hussen’s Rural Immigration Pilot Program?

The purpose of the program is to create a replication of the federal political dynamic within urban Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) in particular. It is here that the Liberal-Third World-Globalist machine is currently “rocking the house.”

Fact is, Sikh and Muslim-Liberal MP’s practically own the GTA--and government want this replicated within rural Canada. In other words, King Trudeau is now utilizing 3rd World immigration to trans-ition all rural, Conservative-held federal ridings to permanent Liberal-controlled constituencies.

Degree of exposure by CTV, National Post and Global News? Nothing–not one word. Therefore, CAP has to spell it out for interested parties.

Here’s something else we offer that CBC and the rest of the media-puppets have never once speculated upon: the future of Canadian demography, and its impact upon federal politics. Meaning establishment media perpetually omit any dialogue on where all this is heading.

Where All This Is Heading:

Simply put, directly to a socialist dictatorship. Think about it–if Trudeau and his quasi-fascist Liberals control all 338 seats in Parliament, what is the point of continuing as a democratic nation?

For CAP, this must be the most salient point within the entire political spectrum. For CBC, they wouldn’t touch the concept with a ten foot poll.

Now, let’s add another critical dynamic– Covid-19. As astute Canadians are aware, Justin Trudeau recently leveraged Coronavirus to take full control of all aspects of government until the end of 2021.

He failed–but not without giving it his best “commie-shot.” What should media have reported about this unprecedented power-grab? Why, that this was a full-blown attempt to emulate the hero-nations of Justin Trudeau– namely, China and Cuba.

TRENDING ON CAP: Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered JUST DAYS AFTER Justin Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

CBC alluded to no such thing. Rather, they approached the issue as if it was no more significant than a snowfall in Nunavut.

See how they roll? Government and media in collusion–communist style. It’s a sad and sick government with these dynamics at play within the dying Great White North.

Yes, it is possible the quota numbers may change, or be reduced. What is 100% unlikely is that the attitude and approach of the Liberals will never change.

Like Pierre Trudeau before him, Justin Trudeau wants a dead English Canada–along with a dead democracy. CBC back him to the hilt as Canada makes its covert transition from democracy to dictatorship.






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  1. He imports mass numbers of immigrants and the majority of them don’t want to work so how does that help anything? Actually it makes things worse not better, he needs to change countries where he gets them, More Mexicans,Chinese, Europeans and Indian people would be better,


  3. He is out of his mind to being all these ppl in canada and give them welfare while we work our ass off and pay higher tax dollars 😡😡😡


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