Trudeau Advances “Blood Libel” Against European-Canadians: Conrad Black

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“For this country to be charged with genocide by its own government is a scandalous profanation and a blood libel against the European-descended population of Canada.”

— Conrad Black

In June, 2021, PM Justin Trudeau stated that “he accepts the conclusion of the 2019 inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women that what happened amounts to genocide.”

Is Canadian historian and media mogul Conrad Black erroneous in his conclusion? CAP readers can well assume we will not side with Justin Trudeau. We never have, and never will. To do so constitutes a blaspheme in our books.

Yet, a deeper question resonates from Mr. Black’s statement. It comes in the form of “to be charged with genocide by its own government”– a statement worthy of serious analysis.

Can a secondary purpose exist for the national self-flagellation PM Trudeau has perpetrated on Canadian society? Within how many nations of the world do we find this form of self-deprecating government policy? Certainly not in China, Iran, or any other nations so admired by our prime minister.

The United States does indulge, but in no way does their veracity match the masochism Justin Trudeau has inflicted on the citizens of Canada. For the most part, Americans still have pride in their country. Trudeau hates that kind of thing. What he wants, and has worked for seven years to accomplish, is cultivation of national self-loathing.

For what purpose? Long-term readers of our material will know how we feel about this. It is a form of “greasing-the-wheels” for what CAP has branded Justin Trudeau’s “Woke” Socialist Revolution. How much easier to transition a country from democracy to neo-dictatorship when the body politic retain no pride in country.

Much, much easier is our response. We turn back to Black:

“All of the federal parties claim Quebec has been permitted unilaterally to amend the Constitution, a Constitution that Quebec in fact has not ratified, to permit it to abolish one of Canada’s official languages within Quebec, which has nearly one quarter of Canada’s population and a primarily English-speaking population of over a million people, which has enjoyed an official status for 259 years.”

We come to a profound realization– PM Trudeau’s home province of Quebec is exempt from the federal government’s assault on the remaining provinces. How many mainstream media articles have you read which articulate such as concept.

The answer is none, and the answer to the answer is because the Liberals have covertly purchased mainstream media in Canada. Bringing about CAP’s caustic question of the moment:

Who exactly is Justin Trudeau waging war upon? It certainly isn’t Canada’s new arrival 3rd World communities, so lavished with praise from Trudeau since day one in office. It sure as heck isn’t French Canada, who with each day passing gain greater autonomy over language rights, eschewing the English language in favour of French.

Not Islam, nor Sikhism, or our Chinese-Canadian communities. Easily counted out are Canadian homosexuals, transexuals and the general LGBT community. What remains is what ex-PM Stephen Harper labelled “Old Stock” Canadians.

“The claim that there was ever in the history of Canada any official intention to commit any form of genocide on any scale against anyone is an outrage against English- and French-Canadians and is so defamatory of the reputation and history of this country that I contend that it disqualifies those who have made it from continuing in office.”

While we appreciate what Mr. Black is saying, CAP add a caveat. Never have we witnessed a establishment media article which has specifically chastised French-Canada for mistreatment of our Indigenous communities. It’s simply not a part of the media narrative.

After which we dig a little deeper into these social issues. As most are aware, in 2016 Trudeau’s Liberals passed what has resulted in the most permissive Euthanasia laws of any western nation. Decades before, it was Pierre Trudeau who elevated Canadian abortion policy to the most permissive of any western democracy.

A question never asked, or reported on, is basic in concept: which communities are most on the receiving end of these life and death policies? It isn’t Justin Trudeau’s new arrival communities. In 2022, our elderly demographic fall mostly into the Old Stock variety. As for abortion, it too falls into the category of the Canadian-born.

Distilling these concepts down to  basic form, we come to realize what Canadian media  do not properly articulate. The sufferers in this game are, in fact, Anglophone communities of Canada.

But how can this be, when government and media constantly inform society that our communities are blessed with “white privilege?” Can this be a line of propaganda intended to deceive 38 million Canadian citizens? Yes, it can be– and it darn well is.

“All federally chartered corporations such as inter-provincial transport and the banking system, will be exclusively in French. Quebec has benefited from scores of billions of dollars of transfer and equalization payments from English Canada.” 

Has a succession of Liberal federal governments pulled a fast one on English Canada?  Can it be that Justin Trudeau is fighting a psychological Battle of the Plains of Abraham in the year 2022?

Absolutely, it is true, say Cultural Action Party of Canada. The mechanism for our seduction is found in a standard of authoritarian propaganda:

“Accuse your enemy of that which you yourself indulge in.”

As a paraphrase of a statement made by an historical figure appointed as propaganda minister of the most heinous Fascist government of the 20th century.

How’s that for Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways,” fellow patriots?

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Advances “Blood Libel” Against European-Canadians: Conrad Black”

  1. One thing is for sure, Alberta has to go on its own.

    this is the year justin trudeau can yell and stomp his feet, when danielle smith, no more equalization payment for quebec, let the frenchman be mad, trudeau will just write a cheque for quebec, and i wonder if that is where part of the 6 billion, that is missing, thanks to climate barbie, simply put, as i have said in the past, and you have said it today, quebec has never gotten over losing that war so long ago. so until something is done, we have no choice but to live under the dictator-traitor, and be quiet.

    if canadians had any idea how the circus clown hates alberta, and albertans, i think its high time they leave and ban the circus clown, one other thing, he says its okay for children to be taught how to masturbate, and to love everyone of the same sex, i often wonder if he teaches his children to be gay. just wondering thats all.

    • Regarding Turdo’s approval of teaching children to “touch themselves;” he’s an ahem….wack off. Next thing we know; there will be “pride” parades for ten year old kids. Feathers; leather; thongs; the whole sodomite ensemble. Much to the delight/approval of the excited deviate Turdo. If these confused kids become suicidal; he has a slip-the-mortal-coil solution. Coming; I believe; next March. Only White (“racist”) kids are ecouraged to apply. All at no charge. “Diversity [minus Whites] is our strength!” Bastard.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised! His wife must be as crazy as him in staying with him, albeit there’s likely manipulation and fear of there as well. He is an immature imbecile. Canadians need to ‘get some balls’ as the saying goes!!!

  2. Turdeau probably can’t even spell genocide and he has proven over and over that he doesn’t know what the term means!
    Is his cabinet , which is comprised of MPs from all across Canada, so blind that they can’t see what his agenda is or are they just complicit to his destruction of our once glorious country???
    Maybe it is true that they were chosen for their ignorance and stupidity!!!
    How can they sit there blindly supporting all these “special deals” for Quebec???
    There is no point in even wondering what Jagmeet thinks about this issue ….


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