Trudeau Accused Of “Working For Globalist Partners” To Betray Canada.

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A woman at a town hall in Saskatchewan accused Trudeau of “working for your GLOBALIST PARTNERS” to betray Canada. “What do we do with traitors in Canada, Mr. Trudeau?  We used to hang them, hang them for treason,” the woman told the STUNNED PRIME MINISTER.


5 thoughts on “Trudeau Accused Of “Working For Globalist Partners” To Betray Canada.”

  1. Exactly! This woman said it right on! A few more should tell him the same thing and maybe it would sink into the sawdust! He is NOT LIKED OR WANTED IN CANADA!. HE SHOULD TAKE ALL HIS BUDDIES AND LEAVE NEVER TO RETURN.

  2. Kudos to that woman. He is blatantly betraying Canada, a country that took so much hard labour and commitment to build it to the standard we have. Joker, and a dangerous one too.


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