Trudeau’s Canada: 30 DAYS Of Ramadan Promotion, ZERO DAYS For Easter

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It is fair to say that the number one purveyor of news within a western nation such as Canada is the “establishment” media. For Canada, this includes state-funded CBC News, as well as Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and other mainstream news outlets.

These forces have an ability to “make or break” a news story. Within a true democracy, media functions independently of the ruling government.

Canada adhered to this dynamic for decades.  Then Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Slowly but surely, media has trans-formed into a “socialist-style” news entity. No surprise, as PM Trudeau has transferred Canada from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship.

Example of this form of media “morphing”— Justin Trudeau’s approach to the simultaneous celebration of Christianity’s Easter, and Islam’s Ramadan.

Let Us Compare Mythologies:

 Regarding Easter, PM Justin offered just one public “shout-out” to Christian Canada.

Regarding Ramadan, our PM offered two public shout-outs, informed Canada that “Islamic values are Canadian values,” promoted a full 30-day celebration of the event, promoted a “Virtual Ramadan” celebration throughout Canada, and gave a extra plug for Muslim’s around the world.

You know what Trudeau, ex-Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, as well as a plethora of tax-payer funded Middle Eastern “multicultural” organizations call this?

These people–as well as the confused liberal-snowflake collection– call this “equality.”

Please do tell, fellow patriots– is the above scenario an example of true social “equality?” Let’s not be foolish like the snowflakes– it is nothing of the sort.

Because this situation smells of a Trudeau, it naturally gets more ominous:

Did you know? According to Wikipedia, Christianity is the largest religion in Canada, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. In 2011, Christians represented 67.3% of the Canadian  population.

“Other faiths include Muslims(3.2%), Hindus (1.5%), Sikhs (1.4%), Buddhists (1.1%), and Jews (1.0%).”

Okay–so let’s get this straight. Justin Trudeau decides to cater( as in fall all over himself) to please and promote a community which comprises just a “sliver” of society.

Conversely, he puts near to zero effort into the promotion of not only the religion of 67% of Canadians, but the very religious community he  claims in his own.

Something wrong with this picture? Of course there is–the number #1 reason CBC, CTV and National Post say nothing about this curious social dynamic.

What to conclude? How about this– PM Justin Trudeau, his Liberal government, Canadian media–as well as Canadian academia--are in 2020 Canada FULLY dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the Nation of Islam in Canada.

Democracy in action? Don’t make CAP cough on our Tim Horton’s donuts. Consider the following: how many Canadian voters understood that this plan was in the making when King Justin ran for prime minister?

CAP will guess there were at least a handful. This guess includes three-time GTA MP winner Omar Alghabra, who arranged a cross-country tour of Canadian mosques previous to Trudeau’s capture of the Canadian crown.

Apart from this, a good 99.9% of Canadian did not vote for Islamic Canada--they voted for a PM dedicated to “Canadian” Canada. Only trouble is, PM Trudeau HATES this element of society.

What a giant rip-off. And pray-tell, Mr. half- Saudi citizen  MP winner in the GTA, Omar Alghabra–where is the “democracy” in all this? What a simple question– nowhere at all–that’s where.

MEDIA COVER-UP:  Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman Murdered DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch


Oh, how “Old Stock” Canada has been messed over by this awful Trudeau character. Thanks to Justin and his global backers, Christianity is a loser in Canada today.

Islam is “where it’s at now.” The privilege accorded is tangible, blatant and obvious. Or it would be–if so-called “anglophone-controlled” CBC would publish truth. Instead, the Canadian-born, Anglophones, Christians and European-Canadians have been relegated to the bottom of Mr. Trudeau’s globalist “totem pole.”

Expect nothing but for the screws to tighten on our communities as a United Nations-China-Islam backed Justin Trudeau trans-forms your country from democracy to dictatorship.






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  1. it’s very sad what’s happening to Canada. An erosion of Canadian values being promoted by the Liberals and Trudeau.


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