Trudeau 2.0– “Orwellian” Freedom Of Speech CRACKDOWN In Canada Coming Your Way

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Canada’s new heritage minister must work to regulate social media companies that don’t swiftly remove “hate speech” from their platforms, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The letter does not define “hate speech,” nor does it suggest Guilbeault must work to come up with a definition. While the Criminal Code defines it with a very high threshold, the government has entertained efforts to regulate online hate speech through human rights law instead.

CAP Trans-lation: Justin Trudeau and backroom Butts will circumvent the Canadian Criminal Code to arrive at an “independent” definition of “hate speech.”

In other words, the definition–if it occurs at all– will be a subjective, law-eschewing piece of Liberal-Globalist lip-service. Ringing any bells for astute Canadian patriots?

Here’s a hint: Think MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion. As it happens, this Islamic-centric motion looks to follow the same pattern as M103–either no definition, or an arbitrary definition–of what constitutes a hate crime.

Based upon the Trudeau government four-plus year history of the promotion of Islam and Sikhism, and corresponding negation of the Christian faith in Canada, one can likely guess as to how this will play out.

Here it is: So-called “white supremacy” organizations and related “hate speech” will be banned. Yet, conversely,  “Middle Eastern” religious supremacy will remain. Why would it be any different on the web than within general Canadian society?

Advantage:Poor, suffering” Third World Canadians.

Disadvantage: Anglophone, Francophone and Christian Canada.

Always the way in Trudeau la-la land, no? Seriously fellow patriots–don’t you ever get sick and tired of this skewed social dynamic dominating Canadian social policy? CAP find it tedious as hell— simply put, this pattern never ends–it is 100% locked-in within Justin Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada.

More Multicult Madness: 

“A Liberal member of the committee, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, suggested that the government implement a new body to ticket and penalize people who participated in online hate or harassment.”

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What a typical Liberal-Globalist Fascist this fellow is. What school did Nathaniel Erskine-Smith graduate from — at the “Pierre Trudeau Karl Marx Orwellian School of Post-Modern Fascism?”

CAP has read about this “ticketing” scheme previously. Again, the definition would be arbitrary, and not based upon Section 319 of the criminal code–Canada’s specific law regarding hate speech.

See how these pseudo- communists roll? Is this not a scenario straight our of the novel 1984? Here’s an idea for this Erskine fellow– if this draconian measure does in fact become a reality, Canadians deserve a public report on which identifiable communities are being charged.

Inform Canadians of the percentage of tickets received by Anglophone Canada, Sikh Canada, Muslim Canada and the rest. The day this will occur? On the 12th of NEVER. Because if it happened, Canadians would quickly learn that the ticketing is 90% directed towards white Canadians.

Point being that when these Liberal toads speak of addressing racism in Canada, what they really mean is addressing “white on non-white” racism–a completely different ball game.

Do tell, fellow patriots, why it would be anything different? Is it, or is it not a fact, that every “anti-racism” initiative in Canada– government-sponsored, academic sponsored– exclusively focuses on how big, bad whitey oppresses Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese and the rest?

Winner: Third World Canada. Loser: English Canada, and its Anglophone communities. Is Nathaniel Erskine-Smith a migrant from the Punjab, China or Iran? Don’t think so.

So why then does this man want to punish Anglophone Canadians in this manner? CAP shall inform: because he is a globalist “snowflake”— that’s why. They’re all like this.

Pourquoi? Because if you are not, your political career will go nowhere. Why? Because Canada is today democratic in name only. Post-Justin Trudeau, our country has transitioned from a true democracy into a “Trudeau Family” democracy.

In other words, a fake, fraudulent pseudo- socialist nation state. And these globalists are far from finished.

CAP Crystal Ball: As incredible as it sounds, CAP give Canada perhaps 50 more years before our nation transitions to a “one-party state.” Yes, you snowflakes–feel free to laugh and scoff at this–it bothers us not one iota.

Along with a one party Liberal nation-state, the fading “Great White North” will also trans-sition to a one-media nation state. CBC will control 100% of the market as all other companies die a financial death. This Trudeau wants with a passion--don’t make fooled by his “open and free media” proclamations.

Is his latest draconian internet censorship move a sign of “progressing” toward additional freedom on the internet? Of course it isn’t.

Time to wake up, fellow Canadians–your nation is being stolen from you as we speak.








4 thoughts on “Trudeau 2.0– “Orwellian” Freedom Of Speech CRACKDOWN In Canada Coming Your Way”

  1. And the do nothing canadians will do nothing. hell, now there’s not even an opposition leader. sheez. the silent take over continues and eventually people will say, “how did we let this happen?’

  2. If the conservative party ran on a fiscal conservative platform in stead of adding in a religious right bible thumping identity they would have been able to form a majority government. The resurgence of the bloque quebecios was directly related to the bible thumper identity. It should be clear that the majority of eastern Canada does not want any influence based on any religion in their government.


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