Trucker’s Revenge: Will Canadians Take Back The Dignity Stolen From Us?

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Most Canadians have become aware of the truckers convoy heading toward Ottawa. The momentum is growing like wildfire. Unlike protests in the past, there is something very different about this one. The protest is too big to be covered-up by mainstream media.

Yes, they are writing about it. For four days the press has been telling us that the trucks are “ready to roll”  A misnomer it is, as the trucks are indeed rolling, and the momentum has already surpassed all expectations.

Could this be the moment sensible Canadians have been hoping for? Can you imagine? Justin Trudeau thrown off his high horse, while political sanity is restored to our country.

Old Stock Canadians want to bring an end to the “Trudeau Regime.” This man has pushed our communities to the absolute limit. The underlying theme of the assault upon”our people”– Anglophones, conservatives, westerners, patriots– is the stealing away of our dignity.

It’s hard for immigrants to understand, because they weren’t here to witness it. The bottom line is a matter of pride. Feeling like a relic from ancient history, pride in Canadian identity has been systemically stolen away.

For the past 50 years– in tandem with the rise of Multiculturalism— pride has been limited to an exclusive club. Pride parades for our gay communities. Pride in 3rd World identity via the diversity ticket. Pride in non-Christian religion.

Not so for the Canadian-born. Somewhere along the line, we were instructed to believe that “old school” Canada was unworthy of dignity. Moving to the modern era, no single figure has driven this home like Justin Trudeau.

After trashing and bashing Canadian heritage for the past six years, we are fed up. The yoke placed on our communities must be thrown off. The wheels are now rolling toward Ottawa to bring about change.  Our dignity must be restored. For this to occur, Justin Trudeau must be gone. And no more Trudeau’s in office ever again.

Generational Canadians do not want division any more than new arrivals. No one enjoys a fragmented society. This is exactly what Trudeau and the Liberals have instilled in society. Stirring up resentment among citizens has been the order of the day. Under our current government, racism has transitioned from social condition to the very essence of our being.

It is a false narrative, a divisive program for a single purpose: an accumulation of power. Canada is not a dictatorship– yet. But if we keep going in the direction the Liberals are driving us, one day we will be.

Hence, the drive toward Ottawa. Cultural Action Party can feel it in the pit of our gut. A resurrection of dignity stolen from us must occur.

A healthy, stable, democratic western nation is what Canada was born to be. Despite the inroads of what is in reality “Liberal Communism” we still have a chance. But in order for this occur, Justin Trudeau must go.

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