Truckers Convoy Branded “White, Male Pity Party” By Canadian Media

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“Canadian complacency—and denial—about the strength and sophistication of homegrown, white-centric, domestic extremism has cost us big time.”

Sensible Canadians have to wonder where it all comes from. How did our country arrive at a most unnatural condition: systemic prejudice against its majority population. It doesn’t exist in China, India, Pakistan, or any other top source nation for immigration to our country.

Prejudice against Anglophones is a staple within our leading institutions. Irony drips forth as citizens with common sense observe a pattern. It is considered a righteous act when “racialized” Canadians speak on behalf of community rights. When “Old Stock” Canadians do so, it’s a “white pity party.”

Ottawa’s Hill Times refer to the Truckers Protest as an “anti-Vaxxer clown show.” The crowd consists of working class Canadians. The majority are white males and females. As a result, it is open season for media arrogance, insults and ridicule.

Why is media like this? Such vitriolic hatred of working class Canadians must have a purpose. For Cultural Action Party, its roots are found in a decades-long agenda of political transformation. It began with Pierre Trudeau, and has reached its pinnacle with Justin Trudeau.

As exemplified by a freezing of protestor’s bank accounts, we witness the methodology. All those who oppose government are pariahs of the state. Government treat them with scorn. The greatest advocate being Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. First he brands the protestors white supremacists. Next, he runs away and hides. Followed by invoking the Emergencies Act. He’s all over the place– but it doesn’t matter. Media have his back no matter what transpires.

All of it conjures up not democracy or liberalism, but rather “woke-based” neo-totalitarianism. To stand up against government is a criminal act– even when no laws have been broken.

As the dust settles and media move on to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, we perceive the fall-out. No negotiation with the awful white men and women occured. Instead, the result is a tightening of neo-authoritarian screws. We recognise a recurring pattern: there is no purpose in going up against government. The result will only be a deepening of state-control.

For some unknown reason, media refer to this state-of-affairs as Liberalism. Wanna know what Liberalism is in Canada under Justin Trudeau? One day in a period of four-years, citizens are granted an opportunity to vote in a federal election. Once a government is formed, society spends the next four years trapped in a vice of pseudo-communism.

A commonality exists under neo-totalitarian dominance: the inevitable rise of a  demonized community. Rather than responsibility flowing toward government, it is off-loaded to their designated villain community. Within historical dictatorships, media exist to perpetuate the stereotypes.

Don’t you know? “The white males of the protest are a radicalization buffet for working-class pretenders marching against Canadian elitism fueled by pig roasts, legalized pot and foreign demagoguery.”

Meanwhile, media portray said communities as harbingers of racism and bigotry. It is these types who are responsible for “Islamophobia.” Traditional Canadians are genocidal toward First Nations, anti-Chinese, and homophobic. How great an animus can government, media and our academic world hold toward Anglophones? The sky’s the limit– it never stops, and likely never will.

We speak of past and present. What of the future? We, the so-called “privileged” peoples, have much to look forward to. As a result of immigration policy, Anglophones will within three decades transition to a minority community. Upon reaching minority status, what will be the chances that demonization will subside? CAP will go first: there is no chance at all.

There you have it, fellow patriots. The railroading of Old Stock Canadians into second class community status. This we call “Second Nations” Canada. All signs point toward its fulfillment as perpetuated by Canada’s controlling institutions.

5 thoughts on “Truckers Convoy Branded “White, Male Pity Party” By Canadian Media”

  1. Years ago I wrote regarding the major racial discrimination in Canada being White against White, which had been confirmed in discussions with me by none other than a White investigator from the Department of Human Rights.

    Little has changed save that such discrimination has grown and now is made wide open by Justin Trudeau’s performance recently. The fact is that accusations/speculations of Discrimination is ONLY possible White toward White in Canada – it is the ONLY racial discrimination that would almost certainly fail in court if it were ever charged. Perhaps the first trial in court might well be against Justin Trudeau?

  2. My childhood was inside a group that pretend to be Christians, but reject everything that defines Christianity. Its leaders (clergy) have NO Bible education whatsoever (their founder actively opposed Bible training) and they are not democratically selected for top position.

    It is a full blown dictatorship of the most uneducated ‘preachers’ on planet Earth. And they have founded and actually have grown that group into a global ‘church’ ruled by fear, practising the very tactics that are so clearly viewed in Trudeau’s ‘leadership’ recently. No member of it DARES to even question one of those ‘elite’ in that group because those elite attack opposition/questioners using Ad Hominem to broadcast and destroy anyone who dares question them. That group has existed in Canada since 1903. And I wonder if those ‘preachers’ have provided lessons to Trudeau and his ilk.

    I had all I needed of it by the time I left home to paddle my own canoe – in fact I left home when employers would not hire me because I was too young. But from that childhood experience, I know how to live in total freedom in spite of Trudeau’s dictatorship. I saw the first massive evidence of that skill being shared by many other Canadians within the Freedom Convoy.

    Canadians have all lived under government suppression since long before Pierre Trudeau. Canada’s governments have always been elected by hook or by crook, doing whatever pleases them as soon as they are elected. The only freedom Canadians have ever had was an election every four years, and that freedom may well be gone under Justin Trudeau.

    The few examples of the people having ANY say in governance beyond elections show up in such cases as the Referendum in Quebec. So in view of government of the people, by the people, for the people, Canadians have had very little experience ever allowed in Canada: except protests that get beat up by cops, of course, and therefore have little if any effect on governance. The Freedom Convoy is a massive example of historical Canadian ‘freedom.’

    And it is the strongest ever demonstration of freedom ever seen openly in Canada, may their number continue to grow from a majority to whole democracy by dictionary definition, not by cliche. Don’t keep calling Canada a “democracy” – make it a democracy enmass.

  3. It is amazing how so many Euro Canadians refuse to understand how politicians, media and big corp etc absolutely hate and despise us…. The future does not look good for young and younger White kids…. They will be a hated minority in the country their great grandparents (or great great) fought and spilled plenty of blood for. They will be denied opportunities do to (unwanted) diversity aka affirmative action whether for post secondary ‘education’ to jobs….. Sad Canadians are so weak nowadays…


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