Transitioning Canada: Hindu Gods In, Founding Fathers Out

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“The Hindu Sabha Mandir in Brampton, Canada, is in the process of constructing a 55-foot-tall statue of the Hindu deity Hanuman, scheduled to be revealed in April next year to coincide with Hanuman Jayanti.”

How wonderful– that is, for Canadians privileged enough to be a part of multicultural banquet feast forced upon society by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau in the early 1970’s.

For others, the placement of giant Hindu god is highly symbolic. If those funding the statue understood the delicate state of cultural identity in a broader context, they may have thought twice about angering the rest of us.

The ethno-centrics could have considered, for example, that ten years of tearing down statues of Sir John A. MacDonald stands in contrast to their tribute to Hindu deity Hanuman.

Turns out the broader community in and around Brampton, Ontario don’t want the statue erected. Any Canadian worth their salt knows where this leads– straight to our country’s racist doghouse.

“There is security at our temple, and we will be keeping watch at night as well,” stated Phool Kumar Sharma, a priest at the temple.

If you have to hire security day and night to protect your earthly incarnation of a God, why erect the thing in the first place? You must have understood in advance that doing so would create social friction,  but you did it regardless.

“A faction of Canadian netizens has engaged in a discriminatory attack on the Hindu community, posting derogatory comments about Hindu Canadians and Hindu gods. “

“A 55-foot Hindu statue is going up in Brampton, Ontario…another reminder that we need an immediate halt on all immigration in Canada,” a user wrote.

Such is this individual’s right to say so. According to Canadian law, the statement in no manner constitutes “hate” or “racism.” Anti-immigration sentiment is not racist. Immigration is a policy, not a race. Not that this amount to a hill-of-beans for those working toward Canada’s cultural dissolution.

National symbolism stands at the centre of any country’s identity. It’s true of untouchable cultures in China, as well as theocratic nations in the Middle East. Not a word of condemnation flows forth from western media, who for reasons difficult to understand, take pleasure in dissolution of western cultural identity.

Keep tearing down traditional cultural symbolism, and eventually national identity will be irreparably destroyed. Currently, Canada is in the midst of such a cultural transition.

Then again, if our Liberal government don’t give a damn, why should the Hindu community in Brampton, Ontario?

If the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 instructs “racialized” communities to promote the culture of the nations from which they derive(it does), why should Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims refrain from doing so? For the past fifty-years, the Feds have been mailing millions of tax dollars to so-called “multicultural” organizations for this very purpose.

Now that these communities have been empowered to a level that equates with “Old Stock” Canadians, what happens next? The answer is surprisingly simple: keep on going.

After all, no ceiling exists in terms of foreign cultural imposition on Canadian society. As populations of ethnic communities grow by leaps and bounds, so too does the degeneration of  original founding cultures– inclusive of our Aboriginal communities.

All this was originally established by Pierre Trudeau. All of it has gone through the woke roof for the past eight years under Justin Trudeau. As a by-product of government, all forms of criticism constitute racism from the perspective of Canadian media.

“Journalist Rupa Subramanya pointed out that the Hanuman statue is on a place of worship’s private property, paid for by donations and other private monies, and violates no city zoning regulations or bylaws.”

“The Hindu demigod Hanuman has nothing to do with the cancellation of Sir John A. by the progressive left,” she wrote on X in response to a post questioning the statue’s erection.

Cultural Action Party vehemently disagree. The source of the funding is beside the point. The larger issue is piece-by-piece incremental erasure of Canadian culture, and it’s replacement with 3rd World culture.

In typical media fashion,  journalist Carson Jerema pipes in with a promotion of Hindu culture in Canada:

‘Carson Jerema: 55-foot Statue Of Hindu God In Brampton Should Be Emulated, Not Scorned’

Is that right? Let us attempt to understand the sentiment expressed:

To emulate, or copy, means that it’s acceptable to erect 55-foot statues of  Hindu Gods in every major Canadian city. Why not the same for the Islamic prophet Mohammad? Add to it a few Sikh gods from their polytheistic faith. While we’re at it, lets add sixty-foot giant effigies of the Buddha in cities from coast-to-coast.

What’s to stop it from occurring? The truth is nothing at all. You can believe CAP when we say these “oppressed” communities can afford it.

Attack this hypothetical venture and you have violated Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Next, cue up a team of leftist lawyers who drag the cases out in court, reaping a bundle of green in the process.

To add dexterity to the task, enter countless virulent cries of racism as Canadian society morphs into exactly what Pierre Trudeau, as well as Justin Trudeau, envision for the future of our nation:

A disempowered weakling of an Anglo-European community, bled dry by forces in government, media and academia.

“Protecting property rights is the solution to cancel culture,” states Carson Jerema in an article published this week in the National Post.

Pray-tell, Jerema, what’s the solution? There is none, because some fifty-years back, Pierre Trudeau set up Canada for eventual cultural dilution. Not Quebec, of course– just English Canada.

Cancel culture has every chance of success. What’s to stand in its way? General society is powerless– citizens have no recourse to  prevent Canadian cultural dissolution. To complain about it in any capacity constitutes  “racism.” What a trap this is.

“The Brampton statue is said to be formally unveiled on Hanuman Jayanti — a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of the Hindu deity, and one of the protagonists of the Ramayana, Hanuman —which falls on Apr. 23 next year.”

Joy to the world. Thanks to institutional cancellation of bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity via the Liberal Party of Canada, our country is theirs for the taking.

That’s the thing about “diversity,” multiculturalism and the rest of the globalist jive. People do benefit, but others loose big-time. Woke globalism hasn’t done a a shred of good for Canada’s original settler communities. Systemic multiculturalism has only damaged Anglo-European communities.

Have these communities been selected for a socio-political fall from grace? Is  this part of a pre-conceived plan of targeted community decimation?

Culturally, demographically– anyway you slice it, the demise of Anglophone Canada is coming our way. And how will it be justified, you ask?

The same way it is rationalized by Justin Trudeau and his partner in cultural degeneration, New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

“Anglo-Europeans stole the country in the first place, so we have the right to steal it back.”

With colonialism as justification, Canada is being stolen from those who played no part in historical racism: those descended from the Anglo-European founders of our country.

Devoid of responsibility for historical racism, these communities are being systemically set-up  to pay the ultimate price.

8 thoughts on “Transitioning Canada: Hindu Gods In, Founding Fathers Out”

  1. Some years ago this country was embroiled in a religious controversy. Advocates representing various immigrated cultures staged a war against christian statues and the crucifix. Politicians in small communities were easy targets to get the ball rolling on removing a part of Canada’s heritage that was represented by millions of Christians. There only weakness was the being complacent……….. another Canadian quality.
    During that campaign, Muslims were building new mosques across the country and seeking permission to include loudspeakers to resemble how it is back in their real home.
    In the end, Canadians must accept removing it’s heritage and be colonized by a new culture that builds 55 foot statues of a supposed God that is either monkey or man. Both are acceptable.
    Can you imagine if Christians built a nearby 100 foot crucifix ?
    Come on Canadians ……….. WAKE UP, immigration is killing this country with newcomers setting up their own little countries to continue doing everything they were supposedly against before asking to be accepted in the Canadian culture under the guise of multiculturalism.
    Tell your MP ( if he or she is not a recent immigrant ), that we can’t keep financially supporting these ridiculous immigration numbers.
    I want MY taxes to support MY lifestyle as an ” old stock ” CANADIAN.

  2. A fifty-five foot tall; Hindu “deity”? Why bother? Erect a statue of the “diversity is our strength” god J. Trudolt; draped with an “inclusive” rainbow colored flag. (Fifty-five feet? Why the need for 24/7 security? That gaudy thing will frighten people away.) Hanuman? Eye roll. Paganism makes an appearance in the West; courtesy of the Third World. Ah well; the Hindu immigrants are not too far behind the USA/Western appearances of Moloch, and Baphomet. “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    One wonders….Would we receive special favor in a Hindu country? How about a large; cathedral-like Christian church; adorned with a brightly-lit; fifty-five foot cross. Why not fifty-five foot tall statue of Christ? Why not? It will never happen. Their monocultural minds haven’t been infected with the woke; our culture bad pathogen. Only we are unworthy, and bow low to our new Third World masters. [Journalist] ‘Carson Jerema: 55-foot Statue Of Hindu God In Brampton Should Be emulated, Not Scorned’ What!? “Emulated”? Hear the commandment of Almighty God: “Thou shall have no other gods before Me.” Oh; wait. He’s the “white man’s god.” This (“stolen”) land is now their land. Silly me. Wait–Their land?

    “Anglo-Europeans stole the country in the first place, so we have the right to steal it back.” Apart from the speakers’ appalling historical ignorance; the logical/moral error within that statement is mind blowing. Consider: Distinct people groups didn’t just “show up” in their respective countries; ownership deed in hand. They didn’t suddenly drop out of the sky; or magically pop up out of the ground. Typically; Countries are homogenous. China was empty; at one time. Where did their remote ancestors originate? The ancestors of other nations? Same question. “Pre-Europe” Europe gradually filled up with the ancestors of all current Western countries. England/Wales/Ireland/Scotland/France/Scandinavia/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa (Dutch Boers)–all closely related people; as any person with open eyes and ears can attest. This “should-be-obvious” fact has been confirmed–Genetically; linguistically, and archeologically. Ancestors of the “white man” settled, and built; these nations. This is undisputed; although some anti-white; Western-hating malcontents do try. This irrationality is highly specific to the West. Something to consider; while the giant statue of a foreign god glares down on the hapless residents of Brampton.

    • What an excellent comment and so true on many fronts. Immigrants are coming here and lying that their lives are in danger in the old country they came from. Once they get here they want to set up their own country in Canada.
      We are NOT the racists in this Country …… they are.
      And yes………… build a 110 foot crucifix nearby to tell them to keep their old country back in India.
      And learn to speak English because I don’t want to waste tax dollars on translation. This Country speaks English & French.

  3. brad is a straight up racist, who cares if Hindus worship Hindu gods.

    Christianity isn’t a fact, it’s a belief system. you’re allowed to have a church. what the hell is the god damn problem?

    you’re unbelievably racist, and this is coming from someone who isn’t religious nor cares about any single religion. but here’s the kicker brad, i’m allowed to have no religion.

    just shut up, holy fuck

  4. Listen username galore*, Mister Troll,
    You squawk and gawk and go after Brad,
    Stating your point like you’re on a roll.
    He’s mad as government has gone bad!

    Who ain’t, I forswear you cain’t be!
    Reasons enough to fill many pages
    As here’s a country no longer to see.
    Instead, a mish-mash devolving in stages!

    * username galore = brad-typical-right-wing-racist


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