Transgendered Canadian Regrets Decision, Applies For Euthanasia

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Talk about making a transition. In late 2015, freshly-minted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau informed society that his Liberal Government would be the bearer of a “Sunny Ways” society.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the course of seven-plus years as PM, Trudeau and the Liberals have  redefined Canadian society.

In addition to being branded a hateful, racist nation, Trudeau has instilled his post-modern set of Canadian “values” within society.

Among the highlights are LGBT, Transgenderism, Euthanasia and related Organ Harvesting. One Canadian citizen has had enough:

In her profile, Lois from Alberta said she “knew sexual reassignment surgery was a mistake. In 2009 I was rushed into having SRS[sex reassignment surgery] before I was ready. Resulting in immediate regret and sterilization.”

Although previous to the current Liberal neo-dictatorship, federal government policy eventually came in to the picture:

“Yes, I qualify as a sterilized ‘Indian’ who has had vaginoplasty,” said Lois.

“I am using my story and experience to ensure this never happens to anybody else. We need all levels of government to see this and see what is happening within our country.” 

We may need it, but we are not going to get it. While independent news outlet Western Standard News picked up the story, it has been altogether shunned by mainstream Canadian media.

Lois made her statement in a January 17 tweet viewed more than 45,000 times.

“I’m accessing M.A.I.D as a sterilized first nations person of treaty 6, who is also a post-op transsexual woman.”

Right– 45,000 people on twitter, zero people on CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest of Justin Trudeau’s paid-off media posse.

Everything Ms. Lois is saying is taboo for the Liberals and their media partners. Condemnation of transgenderism? Forget about it. Criticism of assisted dying?  Not really.

First Nations sterilization? Read on…

“A survivor of forced sterilization in Canada says she was over-the-moon to hear a recent Senate report call for the practice to be criminalized, but added that it’s “incomprehensible” to think the practice is still happening today.”

“In July, 2022, undoubtedly somewhere in Canada, there is a woman that is being subjected to forced or coerced sterilization,” stated Morningstar Mercredi, author of ‘Sacred Bundles Unborn,’ a 2021 book about the practice.”

Transgenderism, Euthanasia, Forced Sterilization. What a wonder world Canada could be. All of it 2000 light years from the home of Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” society.

What gives, fellow patriots? If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t) we would describe this situation as the “crime of the century.”

“Then came June 2022. I experienced a rare event of a confusional migraine that lasted 22 days and during that time I had forgot which genitalia I had and it caused so much stress and I was in and out of the hospital and I tried to raise this concern with several doctors,” Lois recalled.

“That was the tipping point for me. It’s what changed my life and mind that I can no longer trust this medical system that is captured by gender identity ideologies.”

“It has killed the Indian.”

Truth be told, it is killing much more than “the Indian.”

In addition to physically ill Canadians, as of March 17th, 2023, it will be killing those whose sole condition is mental illness. Yet, there is far more being thrown in the dustbin of Canadian society.

There is morality. There is sanctity-of-life. There exists myriad examples of how Canadian society is presently being transformed into a neo-communist, utilitarian state.

Then there is media, who remain mum on the entire procedure. Is the Liberal government of Canada killing Canada? As in, our ethical position on life and death, as well as freedom and democracy?

Cultural Action Party say 888-times yes. The roots of our degeneration are found in a brand of neo-communism as founded in globalist entities like World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations and the communist government of China.

These are the entities which control Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. As a hired-hand of Klaus Schwab’s WEF organization, our PM has transitioned government loyalty from the Canadian people to the Davos, Switzerland elite class.

Early is Trudeau’s tenure, establishment media in Canada made the transition, as fuelled by over a billion tax dollars transferred from the Liberal to our media.

This is the untold story of our nation, circa 2023. The story of “Lois,” victim of government control and manipulation, is to remain untold.

A tweeter named Liam Danger Park tried to intervene:

“Your story can save lives. Hold on,” he said.

“It can’t save lives if no one knows about it,” retort CAP.

Liberal government and mainstream media collusion will ensure this story is buried along with Euthanasia victim, Ms. Lois of Alberta.

With files from Western Standard News.

3 thoughts on “Transgendered Canadian Regrets Decision, Applies For Euthanasia”

  1. “…Canadian society is presently being transformed into a neo-communist, utilitarian state.” Utilitarianism: Essentially; (Difficult) ethical decisions that result in the greatest good; for the greatest number of people. In Trudopia; it’s the greatest good; for the greatest number of governing neo-communists, and their WEF bosses. The rest of us be damned. Well; actually; “damned” applies to the aforementioned death crew.

  2. In 7 years we have come from offering Euthanasia to the terminal ill to some doctors in Quebec advocating this for babies up to around 2 yrs old. How far we have come. We are not far off when euthanasia in this country will be determined by someone else, not you.


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