Transgender-Promoting UBC Professor Typifies LGBT Movement

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According to an article published this week by Microsoft internet search engine, a journalism professor at the University of British Columbia has been quoted as stating that “incidents involving women uncomfortable with encountering transgender individuals in locker rooms fuel anti-trans activism.”

Why professors such as Dr. Katya Thieme want transgendered Canadians sharing locker rooms with non-transgendered females is anyone’s guess. These types are not grounded in logic. In fact, the entire transgender industry in Canada has transitioned to society’s greatest absurdity.

“Here is UBC journalism professor Dr. Katja Thieme saying children should be exposedto adult genitalia to prepare them for seeing naked transgender individuals in locker rooms,” claims a writer at

Perhaps it’s time for these “doctors” to have their heads examined. If so, the session won’t be administered by psychiatry professors at UBC, or any other department inside British Columbia’s most “woke” university.

It’s a trend that has permeated Canada’s education system as a whole. For those daring to demonize the movement, the unemployment office is just down the hall.

According to an article published this week in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “journalism professor Dr. Katja Thieme had made the comment in a Twitter post she shared criticizing swimmer and women’s rights advocate Riley Gaines.”

As with our Liberal government, in addition to legacy media, Canada’s universities are monolithic in their approach to LGBT, and Transgenderism in particular.

Somehow, no one appears to be picking up on a vital element of the LGBT movement and their pride proclamations.

No matter how you slice it, or even if you slice it off, a professor promotes encouragement for adult human beings to stand in the raw in the same room as the youth of our country.

This, is turn, breaks down boundaries considered taboo within western society. In this way, it’s a “revolutionary” act, and in truth, that’s what the LGBT movement is all about.

As with the movement itself, the goal is political, as opposed to sexual. Statistics Canada has informed us that less then 1% of Canadians qualify as transgendered individuals. On this basis, we come to the realization that the majority of trans-pushers do not come from the community itself.

Cultural Action Party has nothing against trans-people, as long as they qualify as adults making personal decisions without being coerced by hyper-vigilant third parties encroaching on their personal lives.

We choose the term “personal life,” as opposed to sexual life, for a reason. In our public schools, children who have yet to reach puberty are being inundated with trans-propaganda.

Too young to comprehend the complexities, devoid of sexual experience, the youngsters are provided an option to alter their sexual identity at a time when their understanding of human sexuality is non-existent.

Let us ask the professorial group of “Einstein’s” whether they endorse the following:

Grade 3 students are to take a course in Theoretical Physics, including “the development of computational protocols for describing all aspects of objects found in the world around us and their interaction.”

You wouldn’t teach this to 10 year-olds, would you, Ms. Thang? Why not? Because the students wouldn’t know what you are talking about.

So why is it different when it comes to human sexuality? “Go ask your mother,” say geniuses of Academia. Of course, this is against the rules in woke liberal la-la-land.

Don’t you know? In post-modern Canada, by way of our public school system, government hold jurisdiction over our children.

The very same exists in China, as it did within historical authoritarian states in Europe and the Soviet Union. Now, thanks to PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, the concept has been entrenched within “post-modern” Canada.

These LGBT-pushers are an obstinate lot. Empowered by government, flush with cash taken from pockets of Canadian tax-payers, the LGBT industry continues to steamroll its way into a position of permanence in Mr. Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

They won’t stop. Heck, they won’t even listen. It’s a distinction Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has made on myriad occasion. Let us not conflate the issues like government, media and academia do in their play to promote transgenderism for Canadians of any age.

Those who stand in opposition to LGBT indoctrination are not necessarily homophobes— not that there aren’t a few in every crowd.

The real issue– the crux of the situation– is objection to a specific element of LGBT dissemination: the teaching of their propaganda to children within Canada’s public school system.

Notice how the “big three” – government, media, academia– never point to this distinction? This is done on purpose. Obfuscating an authentic social concern,people who push-back immediately fall into the hater and homophobe category.

It’s a trap to be sure. CAP has to wonder– if these professors are so damn smart, why are they unable to recognise the nuance involved in the issues?

Perhaps it’s simply more enjoyable–not to mention productive– to play perpetual victim in the LGBT wars. It’s worked well for Canada’s special interest “multicultural” organizations, so why not give it a go?

Like the Feds themselves, members of Canada’s so-called “intelligensia” remain cast-in-stone. Feigning “inclusiveness,” anyone who challenges the LGBT-Transgender ethos is excluded from debate on one of society’s most controversial issues.

A giant sham it is.

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