Transgender Court Case Brings Accusations Of “Totalitarian Interference”

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Sex change for children is a critical social issue Canadians have never heard about. Until now, possibly. The “big three” of globalist assault upon society– Government, Media, Academia– have collectively BURIED the dangers of sex change operations and hormone treatments in the politically correct desert sand.

According to Post Millennial News, A family dispute involving a 14-year-old transgender boy who sought testosterone treatment over the objections of his father has now morphed into a complex and emotionally charged legal battle in B.C.’s top court, with potentially far-reaching implications for child autonomy, parental responsibility and freedom of expression.

Yes– an complex legal battle–as opposed to mainstream media’s depiction of sex change procedures as a walk through the park in a pink dress. It is nothing of the sort.

The surgery is dangerous. The hormone drugs are not approved for sex change therapy. The drugs are only approved for use in treating cancer patients. Ever read this in the Globe & Mail? Of course not.

Thousands of cases of transgender “regret” are recorded every year. Studies show increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, families are thrown into chaos by way of propaganda sessions such as “Drag Queen Story Time.” A library in Texas held one of these sessions, only to find the story time reader was a convicted pedophile. In another case down south, a teacher walked into her classroom only to find her young students laying on top of a large transvestite.

What does Justin Trudeau have to say about all this? To paraphrase, Transgendered are a persecuted community, and we must show them all the compassion we can.”

Naturally, there is no compassion accorded to the father of this 14-year old child. The man is banned from referring to his daughter as a female. The judge concluded a breach of this constituted “family violence.”

In written arguments filed with the B.C. Court of Appeal, the father and his supporters take the position that a lower court delivered a “rush to judgment” in siding with his child, who as a minor is incapable of appreciating the potential consequences of a “still experimental treatment.” Further, they argue that previous court orders compelling the father to refer to his child using only male pronouns amount to “totalitarian interference.”

Good call, Dad– CAP agree wholeheartedly. Justin Trudeau approaches  transgenderism in the same specious approach he takes to abortion in Canada:

“No one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body.” End of story. As if a abortion was a simple as 1-2-3. This issue is one of the most complex social issues of our time. Likewise is Trudeau’s view of transgenderism. For Justin, it is “full steam ahead.”

The man appears to have no views on the specifics of transgenderism. At what age should a child have the right to transition? Should pre-pubescent children too young to comprehend the spectrum of human sexuality be permitted to make this choice independently? Should a presentation of the down-side and health risks be administered to all family members so that all aspects of sex change can be properly understood by all relevant parties?

Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a damn. All he cares about is an opportunity to go prancing through a crowd  of Liberal voters while wearing pink and waving a transgender flag in the air. The consternation the tranny’s father is experiencing is incidental. After all, he is a regular Canadian-type. A white Anglophone male— therefore not part of PM Trudeau’s “chosen” Canadians.

“The law is clear that for the purposes of assessing informed consent … a youth seeking gender affirming health care is to be treated — and must be treated — in the same way as any other youth seeking any other medical treatment,” states a filing from the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health, which also has intervener status.

Quite. The tranny-pushers have “intervener status.” Power to the people! Not. How on earth did these trans-fascists cultivate so much power within society?

Suddenly, this powerful globalist lobby are pushing around not only private citizens, but also local police, and the RCMP. “Listen Copper, I don’t like you and I want you off the premises.” Bye Bye Mr. Police Man.

Of course, the father of the child is correct–it is totalitarianism disguised as a human rights issue. This is, of course, the very essence of the Trudeau government. As far as CAP is concerned, this is in no way limited to the LGBT-mongers. It applies to every decision, policy and piece of legislation developed by the Trudeau administration

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“The father, represented by Herb Dunton , goes on to state that the order preventing him from referring to his child as his daughter is an infringement of his right to freedom of expression and based on a “subjectively determined, unsupportable and patently objectively false version of ‘truth,’ that (his child) is male.”

Lawyers with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms support these arguments, writing that the outcome of the appeal case will have broad implications nationally and that the courts MUST CREATE PARAMETERS for doctors who promote “experimental and elective gender transition to impressionable underage children over the objections of deeply concerned parents.”

The potential consequences of cross-sex hormone treatment are “too grave for children’s immature, developing minds to comprehend appropriately,” they state.

Right. There’s the ticket–“parameters” based upon the circumstances. A perfectly logical thing to implement. Therefore, you know that a gang of rabid trans-fascists will being frothing-at-the-mouth if this were to occur. After all, no one CONTROLS the sex change for children-pushers. Any time, any age, any circumstance. The kid could be 6 years-old, and still government and the law have the right to OVER-RIDE the parent’s wishes.

In what other political environment in history did this dynamic exist? One’s mind may wander to fascist societies of the 20th century. If a private citizen did not conform to government policy, a citizen could find themselves behind bars in a matter of minutes. Try being an open, practicing Christian in China. Again, jail-time is likely–and in some cases, so is death.

These situations exemplify the politically correct, liberal-globalist transgender movement within contemporary Canada. Within these totalitarian societies, how does media behave in its relationship to government. The answer is obvious: they write what government approve, and do not publish what government do not approve.

Ever read a Toronto Star article exposing the TRUTH about sex change surgery? Ever watch a 15-minute piece on the topic on CBC? Of course not.

Within Trudeau’s Canada, transgenderism is sacrosanct. The topic — particularly the downside–has never been exposed by establishment media in Canada.

This may be changing–finally. A quick list of the institutions which have done absolutely nothing to expose or impede transgenderism:

Government. Media. Academia. Public Schools. Health industry. Medical industry. Doctors. Nurses. School Principals. Elementary School Teachers. Public Libraries. Librarians. MP’s, MLA’s, City Councillors.

What a collection! It seems unfathomable that this would be the case–but there you have it. This tells sensible Canadians(bye bye, snowflakes) there is something seriously WRONG within this entire situation.

Perhaps–finally– this social travesty will now come to light, and be seen for what it truly is–a politically correct cover-up of the abuse of Canadian children.







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  1. Sadly it’s the victims who are speaking out. Why do our young people have to be the ones for these things to be tried on? Most parents would do anything to keep their kids safe! And that right is being taken away from them. Very very sad. They are the ones who are now speaking out but so much damage has already been done to them!


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