Transgender Activists Rushing Young Children Into Sex-Change Therapy Proceedures

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Welcome to the greatest story never told– the covert world of sex-change therapy FOR CHILDREN. Throughout Canada and the USA, children as young as EIGHT years of age are receiving dangerous hormone therapy treatments. Under the guidance of gender ‘experts’,  girls as young as AGE 13 have been allowed to consent to double mastectomies.

Balking parents who object must be ‘educated’ to go against their deepest protective instincts. Parents are losing the right to PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN from a dangerous medical experiment.  Multiple studied show hormone therapy INCREASES risk of heart attack and stroke. The drugs used are NOT APPROVED by the FDA for use in gender transition.

Yet, all the while mainstream MEDIA REMAIN CURIOUSLY SILENT about the whole affair. Nor has the Canadian government–including its ‘gender-balanced’ Liberal cabinet– issued any form of statement which even QUESTIONS what amounts to politically-correct CHILD ABUSE. 

This issue should be at the FOREFRONT of society– not on the back-burner in order to please the aggressive, self-righteous cult of transgenderism.

— B. Salzberg






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