Trans-For-Children Movement Leads To Bomb Threat At Canadian School

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“A high school in Oakville, Ont., that has been at the centre of controversy surrounding a teacher’s attire was closed Wednesday after receiving a bomb threat.”

Retaliation to damages done by a warring faction can result in major repercussions. It is in this spirit that Cultural Action Party speak of a bomb threat at a Canadian public school this week.

When you wage war, someone may just fight back. A war has been waged against Canadian school children. CAP refer to one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s favourite hobbies: supporting transgenderism for all ages, anytime, anywhere.

As manifest in coast-to-coast campaigns to promote gender dysphoria to our children. The advocates come across like a cabal of “pink fascists.” Self-righteous, closed-minded to all questioning, Canada’s “educational” trans-pushers must be called out in no uncertain terms.

Clearly, some Canadians have had enough. They have every right to feel this way. Not that anyone has a right to advance violence to prevent this insidious agenda from penetrating the minds of our youth.

“Halton Regional Police said on Twitter just after 8 a.m. that Oakville Trafalgar High School was placed into lockdown due to the threat, but that has since been lifted and the school has been deemed safe. It’s expected to reopen on Thursday.”

A quote from Toronto City News typifies the attitude:

“The Halton District School Board (HDSB) has completed a dress code review after one transgender teacher received international attention.A teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School will be allowed to continue wearing large prosthetic breasts in class.”

Translation: The school board didn’t display one iota of flexibility regarding the nuisance that is the prosthetic-breasted school teacher. Of course they didn’t. Don’t you know? The Trans industry knows all. Smug pretension oozes from the pores of these people. Sanctimonious as the day is long, we anticipate the fall-out from the bomb scare.

Here it is: nothing at all. Not a darn thing will change, as Canada’s trans-advocates dig in their high-heels at the thought of transitioning their agenda to one of basic common sense.

Cancel the blasted  “Drag Queen Story Time” propaganda. Out with the gender hormone therapy pushers. These woke liberal bandits can all go jump in Lake Ontario. Will it ever occur. Yes, it’s possible. But like all woke warriors of the liberal variety, you gotta work like hell to get rid of them.

Reminds CAP of a fellow named Justin Trudeau. He too is stuck like crazy glue to the transgender promotional vehicle. An advocate from day one, inflexibility runs in his communist-infused blood.

A recent poll this week sheds light on our discussion. Unfortunately, Canadian media chose to keep it in the dark. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. They work on behalf of the transgender industry. In 2022, Justin Trudeau is literally paying their bills, so we can expect nothing less.

‘New Poll Finds Strong Majority of Americans Condemn Drag Queen Story Time’

According to Mark Mitchell, head pollster at Rasmussen, the question alone had “riled up about the most hate in any survey” he had ever conducted, emphasizing the fury amongst Americans the issue has caused in recent years.

Beauty. Let us behold the key to the entire sordid affair: “riled up the most hate in any survey.” 

A perfect segue it is. Pourquoi? Because the stirring up of social dust is the point of the movement. Division, anger, resentment– the exact goals of those who fund the trans movement.

CAP break it down to its essence. When a government is working to transform a nation for all-time, social division is the bomb in which to set it off. As with the topic of Racism, gender identity is a source of social chaos.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party, Media, Academia. All push the trans-ticket. It would do Canadians well to come to understand its roots are found in Marxist ideology. The movement is, in fact, neo-communist in nature.

It is “neo” or new because it is unprecedented. Obviously, transgenderism didn’t play a role in Mao Tse Tung’s Communist revolution. But the impetus remains– the pitting of citizens against each other. Maximum social discord. Citizens at each other’s throats.

From out of the rubble is born a new society.  CAP believe this is the exact agenda our federal government is inflicting upon our nation, and transgenderism is one of the primary bombs. All of it going over the heads of Canadians, as it is designed to. By the time the general public catch on, it will be too late to reverse the process.

“Women were slightly more positive towards the event[Drag Queen Story Time] than men, while, perhaps unsurprisingly, government employees were the most likely to approve.”

The majority of Canadian elementary school teachers are women. Government employees do not shake the foundations of social policy. It could cost them their jobs.

Yes, we tend to blame everything on Justin Trudeau. We will do so again. Not that this political aberration is responsible for the entire Trans agenda. Yet, he is our national figurehead. When he backs a social issue, it gains credence within society.

Today, we witness the outcome as bomb threats result from anger over transgenderism for children hits the mainstream.

Was there not a time when the role of education was to protect our children? Where did all the flowers go, Justin Trudeau? In 2022, government control the sexual destiny of our youth. Not parents or guardians.

How neo-communist it is. Within China and other communists societies, government maintain jurisdiction over the family. It is here we find a fundamental of the transgender industry. The structure is, in fact, communist in nature.

No wonder Justin Trudeau is in the trans-house with rainbow coloured bells on.

5 thoughts on “Trans-For-Children Movement Leads To Bomb Threat At Canadian School”

  1. I am a very opened minded man. I have friends who are both gay and lesbian. I understand that people want the right to choose for themselves. I get that!

    Many Canadians want those same rights when it comes to things are kids are exposed to in school or in life. Many of us are frustrated every time we turn on the television to see men dressed up as women promoting their values like their mandate should be at the top of our social concerns.

    The Great Canadian Drag Race, is only one example, has received a tremendous amount of funding and advertising revenues to create the impression that men dressing up like women is the norm and something all of us need to accept.

    I know times have changed and at 67 I am probably in a minority group, but when we grew up as young men, you would have been ostracized for even suggesting, that activity should be an activity normal guys should participate in.

    I have known about cross dressers and drag queens for decades, they usually were seen in the clubs and streets of Vancouver even back as far as the 70’s and 80’s, they were just never pushed into the mainstream as something we all need to accept

    Each to their own is a philosophy I have tried to live by, but this has become something I find appalling and to consider that our P,M. seems so happy to promote their agenda scares me to death, I find myself wondering how these initiatives have become as large as they are.

    I do not endorse violence of any kind, even against men who prefer to dress up as girls, but I think we all need to step back for a second and ask ourselves how much of this nonsense is society going to tolerate before enough becomes enough already?.

    • It is the politics of Trans CAP object to. The pushing of the agenda upon our youth. We don’t hate trans people. We do hate the educational push in our schools. It’s a new breed of communism, in our opinion.

    • I agree with you. It is time to take back our rights as parents and grandparents to teach our children good values. The trans stuff is just pushing a political agenda at the expense of vulnerable children.

  2. I believe that there was truth to the story that JT is damaged goods due to Pierre Elliot’s suitor who abused him as a boy – he is not a normal man and as my mom always said “Satan is a charmer!”

    • This is an area that should have been explored more. Abuse as a youth, also a story about Justin being sent to a military camp when he was younger, could have been abuse there, or even a form a brainwashing, which may be the source of his insanity.


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