Trans-Canada Highway: Trudeau Converts Nation To Religion Of LGBT

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It’s the scourge that refuses to go away. Despite the controversy– or perhaps to advance it– PM Justin Trudeau continues the process of converting our nation to a condition no citizen asked for.

Cultural Action Party of Canada has been on to the Liberal government agenda since the day Mr. Trudeau was assigned to convert Canada to a post-modern society.

After integration of the Nation of Islam into Canadian society comes the “flip-side” of the equation: a World Economic Forum-derived agenda to transition our country to the transgender capital of the world.

We note the divergence between the response to the LGBT movement in the United States, and that within a dying democracy once referred to as the Great White North.

“The DeSantis administration[State of Florida Government] is moving to strip a major Miami hotel of its liquor license after hosting a Christmas-themed drag queen show with children  present despite warnings.”

“The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation warned the Hyatt Regency Miami against hosting a sexually explicit show with children present, but the hotel did anyway, according to a statement from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office.”

Canadian Media:

“More than 50 members of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group designated a terrorist entity by the Canadian government in 2021,  marched in protest of a Holi-Drag Storytime event at a Columbus, Ohio, school.”

Rule #1: When opposition to trans-grooming appears, portray the opponents as  virulent haters and white supremacists. Deliver the most extreme example to be found, for the following reason:

As noted by ex-PM Brian Mulroney, Canadians are generally moderate people who prefer the middle way. Therefore, the leap by government and media to extremities within a populist backlash.

“During a heated exchange in the House of Commons Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Conservative MPs sympathetic to the trucker convoy of standing with people who wave swastikas.”

Like the attendees of the Ottawa truckers protest, the anti-trans folks are portrayed as extremist bigots and haters. Interesting to note an affinity with an opposite side of the spectrum. The very same dynamic can be applied to so-called “Islamophobia.” It is really a coincidence that all forms of push-back are corralled into a bullpen of so-called “hate crimes?”

Not at all. We draw a conclusion: the Liberal Government are pro-transgender, as well as pro-Islam. What an odd-ball combination! Our guess is that the dynamic is drawn from the World Economic Forum playbook, as advanced by their Canadian representative, Justin Trudeau.

The bottom line is social chaos. For a purpose. After all, when you steal a nation from its people, converting it to a condition no citizen ever asked for, social chaos is vehicle to get the job done.

Karl Marx said so in his Communist Manifesto, and the methodology is being utilized by the Liberals today.  The government-financed LGBT industry in Canada isn’t a sexual movement– it’s a political revolution, dividing citizen from citizen, and family member from family member.

“Communist society sees that the old type of family is breaking up, and that all the old pillars which supported the family as a social unit are being removed. The Bolsheviks advocated for the abolition of differentiated gender roles.” 

“The nuclear family unit is an economic arrangement structured to maintain the ideological functions of capitalism. The family unit perpetuates class inequality through the transfer of private property through inheritance.”

As stated– a political movement– as opposed to a striving for social equality. Away from media contemplation, this is the big picture agenda at play. LGBT undermines the traditional family unit. This is what the Liberal government are pushing on Canadian society in 2023.

“President Joe Biden criticized Florida’s regulation of transgender medical care for children and ban on gender ideology in the classroom, calling the measures close to sinful.”

He’s one of them, and so is Trudeau. Is it close to sinful to suggest that little Tommy Tucker, age 12, is not mature enough to make a proper decision on ruining his physical self as inspired by story-time at a school library?

‘Anti-gay activists target children’s libraries and drag queen story hours’

A bald-faced lie from Canada’s Globe & Mail. These people are not anti-gay. They are anti-grooming of their children.

In this dynamic is found the brainwashing of a nation. LGBT is woke globalism in action. Likely, it is here to stay. Say sayonara to binary human sexuality. The terms “Male” and “Female” are to be buried in the sands of time. In their stead, an erasure of what has for centuries stood as a model of Western culture.

The family unit is far too “Christian” for a communist like Justin Trudeau. The globalists want it gone.  No matter what transpires, our PM is going to continue to work their will.

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  1. Here’s a good *American Thinker* article about Islam’s plans for the mostly unsuspecting; bend-over-backward; overly accommodating Sheeple West.

    Regarding the main context of CAP’s article: Trudeau’s post-national; feverish woke ideology is one-hundred percent anti-God, and blatantly anti-Bible. Every. Last. Woke. Tenet. Scripture is poison to him. All puffed up–There he is; the woke prince of empty; life-killing doctrine; defiantly stabbing his delicate fingers into God’s eyes. Abject terror lies in wait for this execrable fool. It will come as a snare, and he will not escape. Neither he; nor his kind.


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