Justin Trudeau Considering PROHIBITION On “Alternate Covid-19” Media Reporting

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“The [Trudeau] government is considering introducing legislation to make it an offence to knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people,” says Privy Council President, Dominic LeBlanc.
“The comments from LeBlanc and Angus come as governments around the world struggle to curb dangerous misinformation circulating about the COVID-19 pandemic.”
More recently, the misinformation has shifted to conspiracy theories about what triggered the pandemic — claims that it was cooked up in a lab, for example. A conspiracy theory claiming the disease is caused by 5G wireless signals prompted attacks on wireless towers in the U.K.
CAP Analysis: Reading through the source article from CBC News, a most curious omission becomes apparent. Nowhere does said article is there an explicit reference or suggestion for an ACTUAL DEFINITION of the term “dangerous information.”
Frankly, this is just so very “Justin Trudeau.”  Let’s face it, fellow patriots, this Trudeau character runs Canada in a manner not unlike totalitarian governments of history. How many times has Trudeau & Co. issued bold statements of this type in the past without including an actual definition of?
Take M103, Trudeau and MP Iqra Khalid’s “Islamophobia” motion. Major consternation occurred when Khalid, in partnership with the National Council of Muslim Canadians,refused to include an actual definition of “Islamophobia” within the motion.
This, CAP refer to as “typical globalist malarky”– and it may well be the same for this draconian, socialist-influenced crackdown on Covid-19 related freedom of speech.
“This is not a question of freedom of speech. This is a question of people who are actually actively working to spread disinformation.”  
No shock here, CAP disagree. The true goal is to muzzle Canadians who offer up alternate theory on China’s latest worldwide epidemic nightmare.
“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and it is about protecting the public,” says NDP MP, Charlie Angus. Of course, he is correct. The extraordinary measures CAP recommend:
— Don’t listen to NDP MP Charlie Angus–nor any other practitioner of Liberal-Globalism.
— Do not listen to Justin Trudeau, his Covid-puppet from Asia, Dr. Teresa Tam. Nor should one accept anything the World Health Organization(WHO) has to say–they are globalists in the same capacity as the United Nations.
“Whether [it’s] state operators or whether it’s conspiracy theorist cranks who seem to get their kicks out of creating havoc.”
Check out this drivel– the public creating havoc, eh? What do you call the spread of Covid-19 around the globe, and the related social devastation and death which has resulted– a walk-in-the-park?
You see, these are some of the reasons why CAP despise this type of politician. They seem to be more of “play-actors” than competent political leaders working for the best interests of Canada.
But then again, we are living in Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. Truly, we are “post-something” for certain.
Try post-truth. Or perhaps post-democracy. Post-rule of law comes to mind. And of course, post-placing actual Canadian citizens above the United Nations, China, Nation of Islam, WHO, despotic African leaders and Sikh Nationalism.
“Last week, the Canadian Heritage department announced $3 million in grants to eight groups across the country to combat “false and misleading COVID-19 information.”
Ah yes–Canadian Heritage. As it happens, these forces are very much dedicated to heritage–just not of the Canadian variety. Don’t you know? By way of this outfit, Global Affairs Canada and other globalists entities, Canadian heritage is one of racism, bigotry, genocide and and xenophobia.
Conversely, Sikhism, Islam, China and all  other “multicultural” heritage must be promoted with massive pride. But just say a single word about a tribute to European-Canadian heritage and watch the “fur fly” as accusations of racism come “raining down on our people’s parade.”
There is just one purpose for this draconian Covid-crackdown: To SHUT UP Canadians who offer alternate theory on China’s pandemic output. That’s it, fellow patriots– and nothing more.
Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a quasi-communist nation. The dying Great White North has been ear-marked for trans-ition from democracy to a dictatorship. This latest assault upon free speech adds further credence to this covert, incremental agenda.

6 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Considering PROHIBITION On “Alternate Covid-19” Media Reporting”

  1. so what happens brad, when Canada becomes a communist country. where does leave us with the usa. Trudeau the fairy princess better watch his candy ass with the americans, I know that, and you know that,.

    • What happens is that Justin Trudeau trans-forms Canada into a socialist state–meaning that the citizenship is DECEIVED by CBC and media puppets into still believing our nation is democratic, when in reality we are:

      A Trudeau-Liberal- Globalist- 3rd World–Islamic Nation state.

  2. There is no way in hell that this old stock Canadian will put any vacinne of unknown ingredients decided by a bunch of globalists whose main interest is the depopulation of the world using methods that unsuspecting sheeple Canadians will gladly take because why wouldn’t you trust a lying criminal on the edge leader who had nice hair

    • You would, but potentially millions of naive Canadian citizens will walk like sheep toward the Coronavirus vaccine “remedy.” Justin Trudeau tells them to do so, and they will do it– while remaining unaware that the govt of Trudeau is a socialist epidemic out to destroy what Canada has been for the past 153 years.


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