Totalitarian Trudeau: Canadians Euthanized For LONELINESS, Depression, Isolation

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Canadians have told  told that euthanasia is a form of “compassion.” But how compassionate is it when last year in Canada, hundreds of people were euthanized–simply because of loneliness?

The country’s 2019 MAID [medical assistance in dying] Annual Report found that 13.7 percent of the 5,631 Canadians killed by doctors asked to be lethally injected because of “isolation or loneliness.” If the math is right, that’s about 771 people, or 64 a month, or two per day.

Under the rule of Justin Trudeau in 2016, Canada’s parliament passed a contentious bill to allow medically-assisted death for terminally ill people.

“The move makes Canada one of the few countries where doctors can legally help sick people die. But critics say the new legislation is too restrictive.”

Too restrictive, eh? Turns out you can knock off a 63-year old Canadian without his family’s consent(yet another Justin Trudeau-ism) just because the fellow feels lonely–and yet this too restrictive for the so-called “experts”– those who really, really want old Canucks to be dead.

Another reasons people gave for asking to be killed: Loss of ability to engage in enjoyable activities, 82.1 percent. 

Holy Cow– being murdered for a lack of enjoyable personal activities. Who knows, may be patriots will get lucky, and MP Ahmed Hussen will be next. For him, decimating Anglophones has to be the most enjoyable activity one can find. If we are lucky, he will be prevented, and then will indulge in self-inflicted Euthanasia due to a lack of “enjoyable activities.”

Such is the absurdist nature of the Trudeau government. Yes, indeed– it is “totalitarian time” in Canada. CAP wonder what’s next for “Mr. Reincarnation of Mao Tse Tung”— Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

“Damn, the Maple Leafs are out of the play-offs,” says Mike Duncan of Orilla, Ontario to his wife. Don’t worry dear–because of our prime minister, you can kill yourself straight-away by simply stating you are “depressed.”

These are just a few of the reasons why the current PM of Canada is the most dangerous political figure in the history of Canada. As it publicly understood, Canada suffers from an aging population and workforce.

Then tell us, Mr. “Superior Somalian” MP Ahmed Hussen–why Pierre Trudeau created a no-term-limit(can be done at 9 months pregnant) abortion policy which resulted in an elimination of some two million Canadian-born fetuses in the past 30 years.

In a rush to finish off a certain “spectrum” of society? Certainly seems this way.

In the meantime, CBC call this “compassion.” What else would they do when in 2020 media are nothing more than a propaganda industry for the decimation–and globalist re-birth–of our nation as a fully functioning totalitarian society.

Oh, and before CAP forget– all of this is 100% anti-Christian. Justin Trudeau claims to be practicing Christian, but in truth, any informed Canadian will understand this has to be lie of the century.


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