Toronto, Vancouver Transition To Minority Anglophone-Canadian Cities

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“In 2021, 57% of the residents of the metropolitan area of Toronto belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 13% in 1981.”

Some may recall the headline of an article in the Globe & Mail which read like this:

“Toronto, Ontario Transfers To Minority White City”

In truth, no one could recall this– because it has never appeared in the G & M, or in any other mainstream media publication. Likely it never will.

Why not? What is it about Anglophone-Canadians transition to a minority community which government and media chose to hold back from public knowledge? CAP transcribe the long-term ramifications:

It is possible that white Canadians will transition to a minority community on a national level without media informing the public that it has occured. Why would a monumental, nation-changing demographic transformation be treated as less important than a final score of a Maple Leafs-Senators hockey game?

Quick answer: because our federal government want it this way. What else is being hidden from the purview of our Old Stock Canadian communities? Try this on for size:

“51 Out Of 338 Federal Ridings in Canada Are Now Minority White”

“The number of ridings in which visible minorities form a majority of the population has increased from one in ten (33) in 2011 to close to one in six (51), reflecting high and increasing levels of immigration.”

CAP pick up on a critical fact: while reports detail exponential growth in “racialized” citizenship,they remain devoid of an essential component: the impact of our Liberal government’s immigration policy on Anglo-European communities of Canada.

Simply put, it’s like we don’t exist. Perhaps one day– if all goes according to plan– the concept will come to fruition.

What to make of this ominous, well-kept secret? Cultural Action Party has delved into this topic in the past. It’s one of the main reasons that pending internet censorship by the Liberal government may rid the web of our communications.

“South Asians and Chinese being a majority of the population (five ridings out of 51 – Brampton East and West, Surrey-Newton for South Asians, Markham-Unionville and Richmond Centre for Chinese).”

Speaking of western Canada, no one should be surprised to know that Vancouver, B.C. has followed the demographic demise now established in Toronto, Ontario.

“New data from the census released Wednesday shows that 54 per cent of the people in the region[Greater Vancouver] identified as a visible minority, up from 49 per cent in 2016.”

“That increase was predominantly due to 154,820 new immigrants who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2016 and 2021, most of them coming from India and China.”

Now, let’s add 500,000 migrants each year to the mix. Long-term outcome? Future minority status for white Canadians. Incredibly, these demographics may not be the worst of the problems for Anglophones, Christians and general “Old Stock” communities.

The worst may arrive not in the form of minority status, but rather in our type being morphed into an ostracized community. If one cares to dwell on the topic, they may realize that seven years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister equates with seven years of government degradation toward our Old Stock citizenship.

Branding us racist, bigoted and xenophobic, PM Trudeau consciously chose to run down those he cares least about. While propping up Sikh and Islamic faiths, the Liberals proceeded to blame Christians for all hardships related to our Indigenous communities.

When stating that the burning down of Christian churches was “understandable,” Mr. Trudeau transferred Christian Canada to the frivolous. Through selective persecution of Christian ministers during the Covid crisis– not one Mosque was busted in similar fashion– Trudeau revealed his personal contempt for the community.

In the meantime, every bit of this was buried by Canadian media. Leading journalists– Coyne, Ibbitson, Selley, Hebert, Ivision, Glavin. All of Old Stock heritage, and not one of them could cough up a piece of commentary on this blatant social injustice.

We distill the situation down to its essence. Anglophone minority status is inevitable; second class status for the community is not. It may not happen. That said, in no way will CAP count it out.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS), 1,264,395 racialized people, or 20.2% of Canada’s total visible minority population, live in the city of Toronto.

Translation: minority white city.

East Asians made up the largest ethnic group (33 percent), with South Asians (28 percent) coming in second of the city of Toronto’s overall population.

Translation: minority white city.

Almost half of all immigrants to Canada settle in the Greater Toronto Area. A study released by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in December 2012 found that 66 percent of students ages 4 through 18 came from visible minorities.

Translation: minority white student population.

Communication via legacy media in Canada: nothing. CAP unfurl the superlatives. Our country is undergoing the greatest demographic adjustment in its history, and no one is saying a word about it.

We move to the macabre. Does any of this remind readers of historical demographic transitions in the 20th century? Is it not true that in each case of mass demise of specific communities within an authoritarian state, no one spoke of the targeted either?

Truth is, Canada needs to have a giant conversation about this issue. Why should whites go gentle into that good night without it? CAP will bet the Alberta beef farm on one thing: if Justin Trudeau has his way, the topic will never reach the consciousness of Canadian society.

It’s the Canadian way. Or more accurately, the Liberal Party way. With the press in their pocket, the Liberals control media dissemination in our country. If they can, they will prevent the fate of Anglophone Canadians from being understood by the general populous.

In political terms, the Liberal Party of Canada are the kings(more like queens) of demographic manipulation. Within the Greater Toronto Area, the formula is such that the MP candidate is matched with the majority ethnic population.

The result is a stranglehold on GTA ridings: four-time winner half-citizen MP Omar Alghabra, three time winner half-citizen MP Iqra Khalid, et al.

Ironic it is that these statistics are so easily found. CAP didn’t have to search heaven and hell to find them– it’s taken from a basic Wikipedia entry. Yet, Toronto Star has nothing to say about it. What a coincidence this is.

From the GTA to the rest of Canada. This is what’s coming our way. Trudeau and the Liberals are now working to replicate the GTA dynamic from coast-to-coast. The vehicle is called the Rural And Northern Immigration Program.

CBC speak little of it– for good reason. They work for the Liberals, and as such, do not want Canadians to become aware of the “fine print.” The long-term outcome will be that 98% of all federal ridings are controlled by the Liberal Party.

On this basis, what’s the point of federal elections? These is none. Bingo, there you have it: Canada transitions to a dictatorship.

This is the future of our country, as buried by government, media and Canadian academia.

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