Toronto Sun: ISIS has its eyes set on Canada

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We suggest they[Liberals] spend less time worrying about protecting the rights of dual citizens convicted of terrorism, and more about the threat posed by Canadians enticed into carrying out acts of violence against their own country by ISIS.

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2 thoughts on “Toronto Sun: ISIS has its eyes set on Canada”

  1. I can feel this building in Canada. As Trudeau assaults our values and the Muslim faction begins to build power, ISIS’s connection to Canada is inevitable. It is only a matter of time until we have yet another Muslim inspired terrorist incident. For us the key must be the realization that we are at war with something deeper within Islam. When we come to that realization we will be able to make progress

  2. Trudeau needs to be in jail we will toss his ass in 2019 elections,jail is coming for trudeau ,supporting is is is a crime it’s selff


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