Toronto Star ATTACK Christian School Board While PROMOTING Muslim Prayer in Canadian Schools

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Canada’s largest newspaper threatened Catholic schools in an editorial that unless they get in line with homosexuality and transgender “rights,” support will only grow for an end to their public funding.

The Toronto Star’s Monday editorial also excoriated beleaguered Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) trustee Mike Del Grande and called for the board to censure him.

Del Grande — along with Teresa Lubinski, Garry Tanuan and Nancy Crawford — voted November 7 after months of bitter debate not to add “gender identity, gender expression, family status and marital status” to the TCDSB’s code of conduct as prohibited grounds for discrimination.

Now LGBTQ activists are piling on in an all-out attack on Del Grande, who is running for chair of the board in an upcoming election that will be held November 28.

He’s under fire for proposing — in an act of mockery to make a point — an amendment  of the vote that the board add other categories of sexual identities to the code, such as pedophilia, bestiality, sadism, polygamy, and cannibalism, arguing that doing so would be truly “inclusive.”

Okay, so it is crystal clear that the Toronto Star–rumoured to be controlled by billionaire globalist banker George Soros— is attacking with vehemence the maintenance of Christian values in Canada.

Now, let’s flip the coin to another of Canada’s major religions–the Nation of Islam:

“According to Toronto Star, at issue in the Peel public board is some schools providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group, on Fridays. The practice has been going on for two decades — as it has in some Toronto public schools — but only recently been targeted by critics by way of protest and petitions demanding the 20 minutes of group prayer, called Jummah, be banned.”

What trans-pired? Ontario Minister of Education, MPP Mitzie Hunter,  said allowing such prayers are in full compliance with the human rights code and mandatory board religious accommodation guidelines.

There you have it, fellow patriots. Real, tangible evidence of an incredible hypocrisy, and arguably Canada’s most misunderstood religious dynamic within our society.

Or is it mis-understood? Perhaps a more salient description is that this is not understood by the general public at all. Why? Because CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star BURY the truth for the purpose of deceiving 37.5 million Canadians.

Come on, fellow patriots–let us face the bald-faced truth. Canada in 2019 is an anti-Christian, pro-Islamic nation–at least from the perspective of three of society’s most powerful entities– government, media and academia.

How odd-ball this is. After all, a mere 4% of the Canadian demographic are Muslim-Canadians. How many of the leading media publishers, editors and writers are Muslim-Canadian. A reasonable guess would be zero.

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Why then, do Canadians find themselves living within a pro-Muslim, anti-Christian nation?

For CAP, this is the question of the century. For Toronto Star and their Anglophone-bashing journalists like Shree Paradkar, this is the non-issue of the millennia.

What an absurd and surreal dynamic this is. There is only one way this inverted social situation can exist within Canada– it has to be a pre-meditated agenda. There is no way in Hades this could be a natural, organic social development.

Bingo–there’s your post-modern Canada. Under King Justin, Canada is in 2019 a society with a built-in bias in favour of the Nation of Islam. Conversely, we are today an anti-Christian nation– promoted by Liberal-Globalist reverse-bigots like Ontario MPP Mitzie Hunter, MLA Michael Couteau,and a variety of other anti-Christian forces.

Then, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association issued a statement saying “the schools of Ontario welcome and provide a safe place for students who practice the very broadest range of religions and beliefs.”

Bollocks–it’s a lie–just like every other government and media lie in regards to the Christian/Muslim social dynamic.

At a higher level, how does the leader of our nation, PM Justin Trudeau approach these sensitive social issues? Why, his approach is identical to Hunter and Couteau-– punish the Christians( enforced mass abortion, transgenderism, euthanasia) while promoting Islamic presence throughout our entire society.

Government. Media. Academia. The “three-headed hydra” for the decimation of English, Anglophone and Christian Canada. “Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it” goes a familiar pop song from Bono and U2.

Too bad it didn’t happen– turns out the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins have media in their back pocket to obscure the entire agenda. Who does the spinning? Why, its media people from Anglophone, Francophone and Christian heritage.

Sound a tad “fishy” to you? Of course it is– Canada is in the process of being trans-sitioned from democracy to dictatorship. If the hypocrisy of the Christian/ Muslim dynamic is not a perfect microcosm for the situation, CAP do not know what else is.




2 thoughts on “Toronto Star ATTACK Christian School Board While PROMOTING Muslim Prayer in Canadian Schools”

  1. Brad, remain hopeful, parents of School age children are aware of the queer agenda (???) being taught in the Public School system. The Public School in Red Rock Ontario was down to 12 student’s with a $taff of SiX, while the Catholic School next door was up to 80 student’s! The town of Schreiber 70 miles east was in the same position!

  2. Cannot agree with you more. All that is happening in our country to bring it to it’s knees and to cause it to surrender, and to obey, has been orchestrated, no doubt. When good men do nothing, what will happen will be to their shame. Before 2007 I would encourage students to come to Canada to further their Education, but since I have come back to Canada from Teaching English in China for 11 years, I do not say that any more.


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