Toronto School Board Bans European Children’s Literature, Destroys 5000 Books

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The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has banned a plethora of European children’s literature and destroyed 5,000 books for being “offensive.”

As reported by the National Post, some 30 books were burned for “educational purposes” and then the ashes were used as fertilizer to plant a tree.


Ms. Kies proposal denounced the whites who appropriated the history of the First Nations. Under Aboriginal Law, she has no Indian status. 

Permit Cultural Action Party to expand upon the development. This commentary must be prefaced by one fact: we hold no prejudice against Aboriginal Canada. Rather, what interests us is the condition of the Canadian public education system.

As long-term readers are aware, CAP consider three institutions to be the primary drivers of cultural erosion: government, media and academia. It is arguable the phenomenon began not with government, but rather with our educational institutions.

No one should be surprised that we consider ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to be the catalyst. It was subsequent to his policy of multiculturalism that national self-loathing began to permeate society.

More specifically, it was Trudeau Sr.’s embracement of Canada-China cultural relations that served as an impetus. From this seed grew a penchant for communist-oriented ideology to work its way into our educational institutions.

Thus, 50 years later, our nation finds itself in a situation where–simply stated–our educational institutions hate our country. Want some evidence? Just take a gander at the Social Sciences programs within University of Toronto, McGill and University of British Columbia.

There you find a host of courses geared toward colonialism, anti-Aboriginal sentiment, systemic racism in Canada, Anglophone dominance, racism against Asians, Islamophobia, and the like.

In no manner is this limited to Canadian institutions of “higher learning.” The educational ethos has been transmuted to the high school level, and well as grade school.

It doesn’t take Professor Stephen Hawking to deduce the impact upon society. What results is what we have today: a collection of self-loathing thinkers ready and willing to join in on the “Woke Revolution.”

Let us compare that which comes to mind in this regard for establishment media, as compared to CAP:

For establishment media–nothing at all. For CAP, an emulation of propaganda techniques leveraged from communist ideology. What effect would such a thing have upon general society?

Would this not “grease the wheels” for any form of societal transformation the powers that be wish to implement? How does low self-esteem,  lack of pride, and self-hatred affect the psyche of a nation?

Down, down, down– can only go down from here. Thus it is that Canada’s education system was seduced into a vehicle to pump out Canadian “soldiers of self-loathing.”

There are few institutions more virulently dedicated to an erasure of Canadian history, heritage and identity than TDSB. They are warriors of the craft. For CAP, their approach far exceeds political correctness. It has today transcended those boundaries to arrive at a condition best described as neo-communist.

Consistency of ideology between government, media and education being “the very best thing.”

8 thoughts on “Toronto School Board Bans European Children’s Literature, Destroys 5000 Books”

  1. Had the Europeans not come to settle in Canada, had they not brought with them their highly developed art and culture, who knows where this country would be today! Would Miss Kies still like living in a Teepee?

    Ah, if only ignorance could bloom…today’s world would be a beautiful rose garden! These ignorant and angry people have done plenty of damage to perfectly good, well organized countries. Who will judge them in the future? Will there be any well functioning brains left? God help us, please!

  2. We are heavily outnumbered by the festering minded people of today educated by the enemy of human kind. And that is the secret societies and U.N. type of people. We need to sweep away into the fire once and for all, all cancer is not natural – needs to be cut out. This is the truth.

  3. It starts at the local level. Pay attention to the candidates running for your local school board. Send them interview questions and get to know them before you vote. Also make it known to them, and the teachers at your children’s schools, and the provincial education ministers that promoting national pride and unity must be a priority in our schools.

  4. “National pride” need not be exclusive, exclusionary nor excluded from being mature enough to own its full fugly history.

    Why so threatened by the truth of colonialism & anglophone dominance? Are they not the foundation of this relatively new country?

    Yes, it’s true, that along with their sense of entitlement & domination, the Europeans brought along some good things many- though not all- people get to enjoy today… like arts & culture & cuisine.

    The sign of maturity –as in an evolved mentality & intellect, including emotional intelligence– is one whereby two opposing & conflicting thoughts (i.e. cognitive dissonance) can be held, understood & integrated. That requires a letting go of false pride based upon ‘exclusionary’ history and reckoning with the whole truth.

    One need not exclude the other.

    How do we as a nation of various cultures take responsibility for the benefits of today’s country club privileges based upon, yes–a rather ugly painful truth?

    Surely, owning up to the whole truth today is less painful than the historical reality of the lived-experiential truth?

    It will only serve to make Canada grow up and be responsible & accountable for how it got to where it is as a country on the global map of society & human evolution.

    Only then, by moving past a 1-dimensional version of convenient & comfortable history for the dominant class, and stepping into a multidimensional foundational history full of inconvenient & uncomfortable truths, can ‘national’ pride be a more mature multi-dimensionality & robustness rooted in authenticity that doesn’t crumble at the mention of its (re)birthing history.

    Canada is not the smoothe-faced innocent child country so well-mannered that it apologizes for its presence. We’d like to think it is & purport to be so, on the world stage of global appearances.
    Canada is not as shy & humble as the image propelled & preceding our arrival in the global power play of politics.
    Time to shatter that glass menagerie of immature & false and incomplete imagery, and take a real look in the mirror.

    Canada is a political player in global resources and it didn’t get there by staying in wet diapers.

    We’ve enjoyed the ride — time to get our real licence as a growing mature nation driving with the whole family into the future– owning our adopted & disowned children & parents. Whose “Native” land do we stand on guard for???

    Growing pains.

  5. TDSB is trying to rewrite history. Future generations will be very illiterate. They can hardly speak proper English now. They don’t know how to express themselves. Because they don’t read. And when they do, it’s this nonsense by unknown writers writing about political correctness, pronouns and such. They don’t develope characters in these new books, they don’t use a rich vocabulary, there is no imagination….
    If TDSB and black parents are offended by older books that use racial slurs from that time period (because they depict a certain time period, which would then just validate their concerns and history) then maybe they should start banning today’s N word used regularly on a daily basis in RAP crap songs THEIR CHILDREN , their black children listen to and shout out every day on school grounds. Maybe they should start with banning rap and paying attention to what their own kids say and their own racial slurs amongst themselves. Not tear down literary masterpieces that depict a period in time.

  6. TDSB is producing a generation of ignorant politically correct shallow empty confused she hers them theirs he his, iz , zey its…
    Embarassing. TDSB needs to be investigated.


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