Toronto Public Schools Adopt “Education Is White Supremacy” Policy

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Salima Kassam, Principal with the Toronto District School Board, has some serious lessons in store for the children of citizens who come from Anglo-European backgrounds. 

TDSB’s new educational mandate, “Facilitating Critical Conversations,” arguably qualifies as the most racist piece of educational propaganda ever produced in our country.

“White Supremacy is a structural reality that impacts all students and must be discussed and dismantled in classrooms, schools, and communities.”

“Education is a colonial structure that centres whiteness and Eurocentricity and therefore it must be actively decolonized.”

“The Canadian education system exists exclusively to perpetuate ‘white supremacy’ and schools must prioritize the race of their students above any other factor, reads an official guidebook distributed to all 20,000 Toronto public school teachers.”

Imagine little Johnny sitting at his desk with sharpened pencil in hand, ready to take notes on how his personal heritage consists of a litany of hatred against “racialized” peoples. This way, young Johnny can grow up to hate his own kind, his country, and its heritage and history.

“Victory!” scream the educational race-baitors.

“Kulsoom Anwer is a secondary school teacher  with the Toronto District School Board. She holds a Masters of Education from York University with a focus on policy and curriculum that responds to linguistic diversity in the classroom.”

“She teaches from a stance that prioritises racial and economic justice.”

Racial justice, eh? And how does one disseminate this form of justice throughout Canadian society?  “Facilitating Critical Conversations” asks white students to consider the following:

“How am I connecting this issue to historical and present-day contexts in ways that directly name systems of oppression (e.g., white supremacy, settler colonialism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, xenophobia, etc.?”

CAP get their groove. All thoughts related to historical and present-day Canadian society are to be put through a meat-grinder of white culpability toward racialized communities. Doesn’t matter if the child, his family, or his predecessors actually indulged in active hatred. The white kids are to feel guilty regardless.

Sounds more like systemic guilt trip. Cultural Action Party[est. 2016]  attempt to cut to the core of academia’s war-against-whitey. What they’re after is plain to see, if one educates themselves on the racist “education” being advanced by public school boards in Canada.

They want what we have. Equality is not the goal at all. The covert goal falls into a category of social inversion. Whites to the back of the Canadian social bus, so-called “minorities” in the driver’s seat.

Pity it is that gang a rabid reverse-racists don’t just come out and state their long-term goals in plain English. In this, the purveyors function much like those who fund these initiatives.

PM Justin Trudeau and his crew of neo-socialists roll in the same manner. From government, to media, to academia, cowardice permeates their rhetorical output. You want to steal Canada from its historical owners? You want Anglophone-Canadians to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune?

Why not just come out and say so? But they won’t– it isn’t the woke way.

“Jay Williams has spoken on topics of race, Black masculinity, education, Hip Hop as Critical Relevant Responsive pedagogy, Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy (CRRP), and his journey navigating through it all.”

Get a load of the woke rhetorical bombs some “educators” are dropping on Canadian society. “Responsive pedagogy?” Give us a freakin’ break. And to think these are the projects that suck up tax-dollars from tens of millions of  Canadians via federal government bursaries and such.

“His social media content speaks to his perspective of issues including race, culture, education, and social justice. Jay believes in the importance of being a role model to engage, empower, motivate and inspire not only youth and educators but society as a whole.”

Let CAP get this straight. Toronto District School Board is going to “engage, empower, motivate, and inspire” Caucasian students by informing them that their communities constitute a motley crew of bigots, racists and xenophobes.

What an absurdity. But you know what? It will stand, and so will this piece of blatant hypocrisy:

“The TDSB strives for fairness, equity and inclusion as essential principles in schools and these principles are integrated into all programs, operations and policies.” 

At the same time as running white Canadians into the dirt. Here’s the thing about wokeness, social equity, systemic racism, critical race theory and the rest of the mumbo-jumbo.

It doesn’t have to make sense. Nor is it required to reflect logical thinking. This is wokism, and wokism is all about emotion. Pushing the necessary emotional buttons to trigger non-racialized people into self-loathing necessary for their communities to passively walk in line toward intended second-class community status.

A disgrace it is, but that’s Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada for you. The entire “oeuvre”–  self-hatred campaigns, running down of whitey, neo-Marxist propaganda, wokism and the rest all find a common root in the emotional life of those who get sucked into its vortex.

In a way, it’s like a post-modern incarnation of communism, fascism, and other authoritarian developments in the 20th century. At its core, the “anti-white” campaigns are not unlike seeds for socialist revolution in Canada.

Now that’s a lesson you know they won’t be teaching in history class.

5 thoughts on “Toronto Public Schools Adopt “Education Is White Supremacy” Policy”

  1. Canadians will be stupid and creatively bankrupt, meaning Canada will become stale and non competitive… the Canadian dollar will drop even more and the IQ of the civilians will be so low that the only thing you’ll witness is demoralization, degeneration, nihilism etc… this is what happened in China during the “cultural revolution” by removing the “four olds” which were old ideas, old culture, old customs, old habits… anything to do with culture, history and religion was obliterated… leaving society with an empty school filled with communist approved propaganda…

    welcome to Canada……………….

  2. Trudeau isn’t there doing advance child grooming. He’s taking remedial classes. Odd thing: These are all “kids of color.” I don’t see any Fergusons; or Wilsons. Guess they’re been sent early re-education camps for kids.

    • Bad grammar checker! To the woodshed with you. Revised sentence: “Guess [they’ve] been sent [to]…re-education camps for kids. BTW–Trudeau failed his previous second grade remedial classes; this is his second attempt.

    • Exactly what I pointed out to my wife. Where are the REAL Canadian children in Canadian schools ?
      And with respect to “Education is a colonial structure that centres whiteness and Eurocentricity and therefore it must be actively decolonized.”……………….. All I can say is F U to the author of that bullshit comment. Don’t come to MY Canada and try and change it to the Country many of you claim is not safe and that’s why you need OUR welfare to live here. If it’s not welfare then it’s a taxpayer funded job because your supporter Trudeau/Singh wants you vote and to get it, tells taxpayer it’s all about inclusion. More BS.
      Us ” old stock ” Canadians built this Country and we don’t want you to change it to the slums you came from. Have you ever seen the filth in India ? We don’t need that here.
      Not to sound old fashion, but if you don’t like our culture and history, then get the F out. Find another Country to ruin. Try Africa, there’s lots of muslims there to fight with.


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