Toronto Police Department Promote Islam With Ramadan Video

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In order to show support for its Muslim employees and the Muslim communities it serves, as well as to educate other police members about the Holy Month of Ramadan, Peel Regional Police created a video about this special season, featuring several Muslim Peel Regional Police employees.

The video features Special Constable Yusra Syed, a Prisoner Escort Officer (PEO) with the Brampton courthouse who has been working with Peel Regional Police since 2017. A University of Toronto Mississauga alumna, she is one of the first women to wear hijab while on duty with a Canadian police service.

How special. In post-modern Canada, our leading institutions have a special place for the Nation Of Islam. Not for Christians, Jews or Buddhists.

Why is Islam so special and privileged within our society? Because Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau say so. Because MP Iqra Khalid from Pakistan established the M103 “Islamophobia” motion. Our immigration minister is an Islamic refugee. Minister of Status of Women Maryam Monsef is an admitted admirer of Sharia Law.

One of the main geo-political goals of the globalist movement is to entrench Islamic culture within western societies. The Toronto Police are helping the cause. Trudeau and company INSIST upon it. Media goes along for the ride. These patterns exist not only within Canada.

Macron. Merkel. May. Justin Trudeau’s female clone Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand. Notice how each one of these people backed the recent crackdown on freedom of speech on the internet. What establishment media hide from public view is that these leaders ARE A TEAM pushing for the elimination of national borders and sovereignty. These people are ideologically aligned.

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Conversely, countries such as Italy, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic JUST SAY NO to the madness. They refuse to permit forces such as billionaire globalist George Soros to destroy their cultures. Hungarian leader Victor Orban slammed the door shut to immigration. He also created a plan to subsidize families based on the number of children they have. He pronounced Christianity as state religion. Abortion numbers have dropped dramatically. What a hero! No wonder he gets ZERO media coverage in Canada. What has been the result of Orban’s agenda? Marriages have increased, a lower divorce rate, and abortion numbers are down.

Then we have Justin Trudeau.He demands all Liberal government members support current abortion policy in Canada. It’s a policy we share with China and its 1.3 billion people. Millions of fetuses have been destroyed over the decades(80,000 to 100,000 per year) since father Pierre changed  laws to permit women to abort their babies at ANY TIME during their pregnancy–even at FULL TERM.

Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a European Refugee appointed by Pierre Trudeau to lead the mass abortion parade stated publicly that he had performed 5,000 abortions without the permission of the three-doctor committees. At the time, what he was doing was against the law.

Justin Trudeau “post-modern” Canada is increasingly appearing to be a post-Christian Canada. Now the Toronto Police Force are getting in on the action. The entrenchment of Islam into Canadian institutions continues to roll. Where does it end? If the globalists have their way, the answer is on the 12th of Never.




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