Toronto looks at resettlement team for Syrian refugees

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Torontonians are shaken “to our core” by the Syrian refugee crisis, says a recommendation that the city form a special team and earmark more than $1 million for resettlement efforts.

“This crisis is not simply a Syrian or European issue, it is a humanitarian issue that requires all of us to open our homes and borders,” states a recommendation to Mayor John Tory’s executive committee sparked by Councillor Joe Cressy’s request to city staff for options to help the refugees.

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1 thought on “Toronto looks at resettlement team for Syrian refugees”

  1. How about not turning these refugees who are mostly men of combat age lose in Canada. We could pay extra money to screen, arm and train men and women of combat age off Canadian soil and send them back to the fold to fight ISIS as swamps of refugees who cant assimilate will only add to our major diversity problem in Canada. How will Syrians resist the invasion from Islamic terrorism if we accept all their vibrant youth seeking a better economic future on our social welfare into our country who will be needed desperately to fight for their homelands and rebuild them.

    If we must take refugees lets only take a limited number of Christan Syrians or ethnic Armenians living their. No Muslims should be permitted as their alien culture is not compatible with a Western democracy.

    1/4 of the migrants we see invading Europe are not even from Syria and over 72% are males.

    Bringing these refugees to white nations will do nothing to help their cause and will decrease our capabilities to help anyone as the refugees will place heavy burdens on our resources and water down our political influence rather quick.


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