Top Trudeau Advisor Resigns, Retains Legal Council Regarding SNC-Lavalin Scandal

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Wernick disclosed that he had retained personal legal counsel following opposition calls for a criminal investigation by the RCMP, specifically citing Criminal Code sections 139(2) and 423.1(1). It has now come to light that AT LEAST TWO ADDITIONAL LEGAL CREWS have showed up on the Hill, ONE FOR THE PRIME MINISTER PERSONALLY.


3 thoughts on “Top Trudeau Advisor Resigns, Retains Legal Council Regarding SNC-Lavalin Scandal”

  1. Wernick retaining legal council implies he’s guilty of something.. A criminal investigation will find out how deep he’s in the rabbit hole..He MAY have had a clean career for many years, but somewhere along the way,, He changed.. One mistake in a 37 year career of his magnitude and high profile will sink him if it’s serious enough, and I believe it is..A lengthy prison term for these perps will give them time to reflect on their abuse of power perpetrated on the Canadian people over many years..IMHO..Criminally investigate … Now ..

    • The liberal Trudeau and his gov are in deep mess that most of them including their coward leader are lawyering up. Wow, it sounds they are guilty to warrant lawyers.

      Adscam meet Lavscam. Hilarious!!!

  2. Our justice system is a joke for these type of crimes. Unfortunate that they won’t see the inside of a cell. They deserve it but very doubtful!


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