Top Officials Fear Assassination Will Result From Trudeau Govt Scandal

“I worry about the rising tides of incitements to violence when people use terms like ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ in open discourse. Those are words that lead to assassination. I’m worried that somebody is going to be SHOT IN THIS COUNTRY during the political campaign.”


32 thoughts on “Top Officials Fear Assassination Will Result From Trudeau Govt Scandal

    1. After more than three years of Turdeau and his alt-left, dog-whistle, identity-politics of fear, hate and divisiveness; HE is the one responsible for this !

  1. He is to blame for 100% of his dangerous immigration policies, Unvetted people from the most dangerous countries in the world, being brought into our country by the millions. He has opened the doors of hell, with no regard for the long lasting damage he has inflicted on a peaceful people, who were totally unprepared for this onslaught. God will not look kindly on this man for the damage he has inflicted on his own people.

    1. hold on .. what about the liberals sitting behind him or beside him? They are responsible just as much maybe more because they are putting their career ahead of the country. They could do like the military woman who got up and “crossed the floor”

  2. I am truly surprised some has not taken a shot or two at this Idiot already. He is the Biggest Idiot in Canada, and he is leading us, that is truly scary.

  3. I agree, he never answer questions about SNC-Lavalin. He keep repeating his answer like programmed head. He can’t seem to get out in the same politicking answer, beside denials!

  4. It is time to talk about the “Crimes against Children” committed by the Liberals, that of exposing minors and children to the “Perversion” of the Homosexual agenda. About sneaking “gay seduction clubs” into elementary schools DISGUISED as aliances .. these are Internation Crimes against Children being committed here!

  5. Afraid of assassination??? Gee I wonder why? Trudeau has been the biggest mistake that Canada ever allowed into Politics. His policies have caused dissent since he first came into office, and has continued and will continue until the elections in the fall of 2019. Hopefully there are enough Canadians who are fed up with his erosion of our rights, freedom of speech, lack of consideration of Canadians who have paid in all forms from taxes to their lives: to be told that we don’t matter.Never mind the lack of Justice within this country, to which he is supposed to adhere to. Anyone else who had been found guilty of violation of ethics, would have been fined or in jail. Treason, traitor, liar, are just a few words that can be used when speaking of him and his morals.

    1. He might have thought he could fool everyone, after all he diminised our existance here and constantly talked about how much the immigrants are needed in Canada. He and his immigration minister were all but poking fun at Canadians as if we were some hicks living in the hill. There are many intelligent people in this country and I’m sure most of them Could see what he was doing. Imagine the arrogance he showed toward we Canadians and he either didn’t care or was purposely doing and saying many things that were insulting to me and the millions more Canadians who are seeing this and wondering why it’s not being stopped. CBC is still covering for him. We shall see what this useless specimen of humanity has to say in his next speech. Many things came to light over the last few days. He’s all but caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

  6. People have lost faith in the government as it is no longer about supporting and protecting the people of your own country. Trudeau has do many scandals against him
    In order to protect himself and his family he should step down from politics.

  7. This is the same ploy that was used in the ukrain . The can claim state emegancy stop the election and go into dictator rule ! The left is so insanity and always has been ! The elite liberals down east talk of the good paying jobs they saved with SNC Lavalin ! How about the 150,000 jobs they destroyed in Sask and Alberta most being in Alberta in the oil and gas industry . Sickening hypocrites . Jail for all involved !

    1. The other side of this is that Quebec has tons of natural resources themselves; they are purposely NOT developing them because that would strengthen their economy and reduce their transfer payments. They’d rather sit back in their corrupt little socialist world and as elitists, do collect money for nothing.

  8. We only know the tip of this scandal, I hope we are able to expose all the corruption. As far as getting shot it’s like they are telling someone to do it.. his own regime, their so dumb they dont realize they just planted the seed.. I believe there will be something drastic anyway, how can you hurt thousands of people like he has and just have it go away… never happen.

  9. I think that Canada would be satisfied to see him and whomever else is responsible locked up / deported / NO PENSION benefits. The regular person would already be there without question. Enough already! We need a leader that will look out for Canada and it’s people then when we are stable again, we can help those in need in other countries. It’s time we work together to make EACH province in Canada prosperous with job opportunities for all. Gain back some of the business that fled.

  10. this is the excuse the Lie-brill party needs to try to force people from expressing their views… criminalize peoples thoughts and the right to express them, political dissidence is a right……we are not sheep , we are kings of our own castles….FREE MEN……not slaves, not yet , we were , and in many ways are still……yet this right of free expression and thought is why we bleed on the beaches of a dozen foreign lands ….no political interference in these fundamental freedoms should be tolerated…..

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