Top Covid Vaccine Maker Goes From Financial Loss To $4 Billion Profit

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“How do I expose thee–let me count the ways.”

Many will attribute this variation on words to the pen of William Shakespeare, when in fact the source is British poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Either way, it illustrates a critical phenomenon within contemporary culture: the myriad ways in which the Covid pandemic is manifest within society, along with the obfuscation of these circumstances.

Perhaps most revelant of all is the concept of money. Or rather, the world of corporate profits–as collected by what can be referred to as the “pandemic industry.”

Number one with a bullet is, of course, the global Pharmaceutical industry. Let us take gander at a quintessential example:

Pharmaceutical maker BioNTech, which developed the first widely used Covid vaccine with Pfizer, gained a giant profit in the second quarter of 2021 with  record sales.

According to CBC News, BioNTech secured a profit of almost 2.8 billion euros in the three months between April-June 2021. This equals $4.1 billion in Canadian dollars. In the same period last year, the company was losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

As it happens, Cultural Action Party has from day one viewed the global pandemic as a form of “economic stimulus.” A financial consolidation of sorts– one that benefits a specific segment of the international business community.

Namely, billionaire globalists. Big Pharma, Internet moguls, media, the medical industry and other uber-rich entities of the global economy. For instance, who can claim that the pandemic is not a financial shot-in-the arm for media? Advertising revenues have been on a steady decline for the past five years. Along comes Covid, and media benefit from a giant boost in readership.

Tens of millions of people have been isolated from one another for the past two years. What transpired as a result? Millions take to social media, pleasing shareholders of Google, Facebook and Twitter. Consumers shift from in-person shopping to online shopping. Hello, financial windfall for Amazon.

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What can one conclude based on the impact of the Covid era? Many speak of the Global Elite, or the “1%” who at present control the western world.

If there is truth to this, then these are the entities benefitting from the pandemic. Nothing complicated about this–  it’s pretty basic when you think about it.

Which, of course, citizens of the western world are not supposed to think about. Media play their part by keeping the focus on “health and welfare” of society. How easy it is on this basis to maintain a public image of “humanitarian concern.”

Cultural Action Party, we call this “subterfuge” the substitution of an ostensibly benevolent act for what is in reality a manipulation of society.

From losing money hand-over-fist to “turning their profits around on a dime,” the financial recovery of BioNTech serves as a microcosm for the great Covid revolution.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

— Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

6 thoughts on “Top Covid Vaccine Maker Goes From Financial Loss To $4 Billion Profit”

  1. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows this scamdemic has always been about follow the money. Who is paying for these obscene profits? We the taxpayer of course. All part of the master plan of depopulation and control. Time to rise up people.

    • Andrew–Big Pharma/Power hungry politicians–Aided and abetted by all of the fearful Chicken Little/Guinea pigs; who obediently line up for their (never ending; experimental) injections. “Ha-choo!” Aaaaah! Run for your lives!!

  2. This is why I never believed in a virus or a vaccine because it’s all a money propaganda for the big Pharmaceutical for profit and kick backs for The Corrupt Governmental Political Parasites, plus the Governmental Parasites dip into the CPP Pension Fund to Fund this Giant Scam…. and to top it all off they gave some of those dipping to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!!! That’s why we are being censored so much…… “ Truth always come to Light “


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