To Cut Down On Foreign Collusion, Ban Dual Citizenship In Parliament

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Media presentation in “post-modern” Canada confirms the concept that omissions can be as damaging as what gets printed in the press.

Endless excuses continue to roll roll off the tongues of Liberal Cabinet Members as Canadians become aware of what may be the greatest breach of security in Parliamentary history.

A headline in Canadian media publication The Hub speaks to the situation:

 “Downplaying The Treason Of MPs And Senators Is A Betrayal Of Canadian Democracy”

This is not all that’s being downplayed, nor is it a singular act of betrayal. While Liberal Public Safety Minister Dominic Leblanc rambles on about potential security breaches, a critical element in the equation is omitted.

“As Australia Ousts MPs With Dual Citizenship, Canada’s Parliament Embraces Many In Its Ranks”

“There are now at least 56 sitting parliamentarians — 44 MPs and 12 senators — born in countries outside Canada, according to information from the Library of Parliament and websites.”

“At least 22 of them have citizenship from other countries, CBC News confirmed through queries to parliamentarians’ offices.”

In response to the situation down under, the government of Australia banned dual citizenship MPs in 2019. PM Justin Trudeau will do so on a steaming hot day in northern Nunavut.

We move to the realm of logic: does it not make sense that a tendency toward collusion with foreign governments could be most prominent among MPs who currently hold dual citizenship with other nations?

Of course it is–the very reason why CBC, Toronto Star and the rest will not allude to the possibility. One Liberal MP, Salma Zahid in Scarborough Centre(GTA), holds not two, but three citizenships: Pakistan, Britain, and Canada.

“A Foreign Interference Report Lobbed Bombshells At Parliament. Now What?”

“Over 94 pages, the national security committee report walks readers through the threats posed by meddlesome foreign states, pokes at shortcomings in the government’s response and recommends a number of legislative and governance changes that would put Canadian institutions in a better position to respond.” 

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] have a suggestion in this regard: Ban dual citizenship for Canadian members of Parliament. Simple, fast, and likely effective. One would think  at least one member of our country’s “intelligensia” would put forth the proposition.

So far, nothing doing. Do tell, fellow patriots– why is it that damaging political developments are never reported until years after the fact? Why is it that when discoveries are made, either government or media refuse to put forth practical solutions as a remedy?

CAP can only speculate on reasons why. Most of them come back to the concept that Trudeau and the Liberals are desirous of these developments. In the current case, it’s feasible to state that “foreign actors” won at least one of Liberal’s previous three federal election victories.

How blatant does it all have to be? The PM expresses admiration for the government of China. Their government gets accused of election meddling to the tune of eleven Liberal MP victories.

What do we need to do– put Prof. Stephen Hawking through a process of reincarnation to suggest that a symbiotic relationship exists?

Ever get the feeling that the entire game is rigged? That all these machinations lead to the exact same place? Denial of responsibility, obfuscation of truth, illogical rationalizations, pathetic excuses, et al.

All of which arrive at the same unfortunate destination: the Liberals remain in power, Justin Trudeau remains prime minister. Those of us of a previous generation are aware that there was a time in our country when this dynamic did not exist. It’s one reason why Trudeau prefers “new arrivals” over “old school” Canadians.

It should come as no surprise that the quantity of dual citizen Liberal MPs in the House went through the roof after Trudeau became national leader. Transitioning Parliament to a “mini-United Nations” makes perfect sense for this fellow.

In truth, he’s one odd duck. Holding irrefutable animus for the founding of our country, in addition to scorn directed at citizens of Anglo-European heritage, the PM prioritizes foreign nations and their religious ideologies above Canadian values.

Accepting that this globalist automaton will never consider a cancellation of dual citizenship for MPs, we look to a government that would replace the Liberals– if it’s ever permitted to occur.

In this regard, a future Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre must stand up and do the right thing:

Pass legislation to ban dual citizenship among Parliamentarians, regardless of which party they belong to.

3 thoughts on “To Cut Down On Foreign Collusion, Ban Dual Citizenship In Parliament”

  1. “[Trudeau holds] irrefutable animus for the founding of our country.” Animus; Cambridge Dictionary: A feeling of hate or anger towards someone or something. Indeed. Trudeau runs around with a bloody axe; a crazed man hacking away at everything with a British/European origin. Everything. Including, and especially; the Bible. Like it or not; following the God given laws and ordinances contained therein are the bedrock of the West. It’s an established historical fact; also noted by outsiders. One recent voice/book of note: *The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization* . Written by Indian philosopher Vishal Mangalwadi. A brief excerpt from the Amazon foreward: “In the 19th century, Tocqueville showed how the Bible made America different from France; today Vishal Mangalwadi shows why the Bible made Europe different from the rest of the world.” — ERIC METAXAS, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Martin Luther and Bonhoeffer; Nationally syndicated host of The Eric Metaxas Radio Show.

    Christianity is vehemently disliked by Trudeau; a lawless man in rebellion against the living God of the Bible; a clay-footed man who does what is right in his own eyes. Nothing is sacred to him; except false foreign gods. Family/marriage/children/male and female/the sanctity of life/honor/courage/morality/health/honesty/well-being/thriving. God; family, and ones’ country first….In that order. The foundations/attributes of a strong; God fearing; healthy society are all under attack in “post national; no core value”; Third World immigrants-come-first “Canada.” As poignantly described in the Old Testament; We are under the rule of an evil king; whose hand is against us. Mercifully; it won’t last much longer; until his empire crashes on his head.

  2. How dare you!

    Next, what are you going to suggest, that the tens if not hundreds of thousands of non-citizens falsely vouched for as being citizens and were allowed to vote in every election be banned from voting too, until they become Canadian Citizens?


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