Three Illegal Migrants Enter Canada From United States EVERY HOUR

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There are currently 11,745 individuals in the country who have yet been properly vetted for being a potential threat for Canada’s national security. When will it ever end?The federal government will RUN OUT OF MONEY eventually and Canadians will be left to pick up the bill.


4 thoughts on “Three Illegal Migrants Enter Canada From United States EVERY HOUR”

  1. Again, the security and protection which President Trump shows for his people is far greater than any fed liberal mp and terrorist lover Justin Trudeau EVER EVER WILL, and to show how much Trudeau hates his Canadian citizens, he continues to allow dangerous people into Canada. The media protects Justin rather than protect their family first.

  2. Victor L Scott Maggie Victoria > Canada EMERGENCY: Sovereign debt: Borrow as much money as possible from World Banks and give it to Foreign Aid. Make sure next to nothing is being put back into Canadian infrastructure. Raise Taxes (Carbon Tax) to shut down small businesses and discourage growth. Shut down industries ( Bombardier, General Motors, Boeing, pipe line, 70% of oil and gas sector, sell oil lower than Productions cost so no profits are made as some examples). This will allow government to spend more money by supporting good people out of work & stop money going back into the system. Flood migrants into Canada who refuse to work, have multiple wives and over a dozen kids all on welfare as a sole purpose to drain the economy “100% coverage”. The housing bubble is about to crash. They plan to bail out banks when it soon crashes. With industries shutting down, migrants flooding the country, & Canada borrowing billions to only give away, and bailouts just around the corner, Canada is landing right into the hands of the world bank’s for “Sovereign Debt” and their Puppet is Justin Trudeau. This means there is more going out then coming in and that makes the dollar drop. Soon we will NOT be able to make the interest payments and world banks will collect the land, the people and its infrastructure through Sovereign Debt with the use of U.N troops LEGALLY. This is how they Legally plan to collect Canada. This is the real reason for Soros and the uprising of migrants for the sole use of collapsing the economy in multiple countries and for World Banks to collect for New World Order agenda Legally. Justin Trudeau is shutting down the Canadian economy for World Banks to take over with Debt Collection. YOU care for Canada? Then make sure so everyone knows this. Knowledge is the first step in stopping this. SHARE with every Canadian possible!!!!! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!! Walk away


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