“Threatening Our Civil Rights”– Conrad Black, Rex Murphy On Canadian Media

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Conrad Black, former owner of the National Post and current historian-in-residence with The Democracy Fund, pulls no punches in his condemnation of Canadian media:

At a Democracy Fund’s event “The History of Civil Liberties in Canada,” the former editor of Macleans stated the following:

“One of the threats to our civil rights in this country is the utterly, unacceptably, incompetent performance of 90% of our media in this country.”

Upon which imminent Canadian historian Rex Murphy then piped up with his two-loonies worth:

“It seems to me that at least a good portion of the Ottawa Press Gallery has come to the determination that its main function is to act as an opposition to the Leader of the Opposition,” said Murphy.

Exactly correct. As CAP has stated incessantly, mainstream media in Canada today work for PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

More from Rex Murphy:

“If you are concerned with civil liberties and the operation of a democracy, if the press is deliberately corrupt or corrupt from simple inadequacy, then our democratic system will fall.”

Cultural Action Party pose a question thus far devoid of consideration by media, or otherwise:

Is the fall of Canadian democracy a calculated piece of a transformative political puzzle? Regular readers know how we feel about this one. Yes, it is–absolutely.

Respect to Conrad and Rex, but this query reaches beyond their threshold. Put in another way, we propose the following question. Is Justin Trudeau knowingly and with intent working on an eradication of democracy in Canada?

We believe it to be a truism. To which we add a corollary. Justin Trudeau has gone and killed two birds with one stone. In addition to racking up 2 million shares of #TrudeauMustGo hashtag(500k is Twitter’s official number), our prime minister has brought on an unprecedented social development:

Over the course of his seven years in office, millions of citizens in Canada have come to hate our legacy media outlets. It’s what occurs when a hater comes to control a society.

Justin Trudeau a hater? Absolutely, without question. Media has for seven years dressed this fellow up in myriad forms. At first, Mr. Trudeau was a leading human rights advocate. Next up, saviour of Climate Change. Then came “Mr. Feminism,” and various other forms of false benevolence which painted an altruistic portrait of our post-modern prime minister.

A famous historical figure once spoke of “building one’s house upon sand.” This is exactly what has occurred since the day Justin Trudeau clamped down on freedom and democracy in Canada.

But don’t take CAP’s word for it. let us offer up the words of a popular female journalist in the United Kingdom:

“I have to apologize. When he was first voted in I quite liked him. Since then I’ve realized he’s an arch fascist controlling narcissist. Canada is still living in this viral handmaid’s tale.” He’s tone-deaf to his nation.”

Turns out Conrad Black and Rex Murphy agree. So what does it take for a majority of Canadian voters to recognize the truth, and remove Trudeau from office?

The sad truth is, it may never happen. No matter what transpires within society, there remains Justin Trudeau. Significant debate has arisen regarding how this political leader is able to continue on in the face of extreme animus toward his decision-making.

Is Trudeau oblivious? Seems a tad unlikely, as manifest in his recent appearance in London to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II. See Mr. Trudeau get verbally assaulted by both Britons and Canadians whenever he emerges from a fancy hotel or business meeting.

Or don’t see it–because CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest are hiding these events from the knowledge of 38 million Canadians.

Or is it that the PM knows, but doesn’t care? Or another option– Mr. Trudeau has such an extreme personality disorder that he is cognitively incapable of seeing the world the way is.  is. And finally, CAP’s personal favourite. The PM believes so deeply in his ideological agenda( in reality a World Economic Forum agenda) that nothing matters except his personal success in transforming the planet as a socialist disciple of WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

“We cannot have school boards continue to abandon the whole idea of education so that they can give themselves the power to shape minds according to their tiny minds,” Murphy said.

Translation: Communism in the Canadian public school system.

Meanwhile, Conrad Black says “the greatest irony is that we spend more and more and more on education and get less and less well-educated.”

Translation: Communist governments love a dumbed-down civilian population. As in China, this provides easy access to manipulation of a society in favour of a government which doesn’t give a damn about said society.

All they care about is control. This, fellow patriots, is the psychology of Justin Trudeau.

The whole world wants him out. And yet he remains–Canada’s first full-time pseudo-dictator. What a darn disgrace it all is. To think of how our country might have turned out if Pierre and Justin Trudeau never existed leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of common sense Canadians.

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  1. Journalism in Canada?? What? There is no such thing and it has been apparent for years, ever since we went to ‘TV News’.

    All we see are a bunch of toadys and sycophants vying to befriend anyone in power. Look at Omar Sachadenie and Evan Solomon for example , who though supposed to ask the tough questions, constantly back-peddle so as not to be seen as an enemy. Looks like it works, since Lisa LaFlamme was let go so Sachadenie could take the helm. These people are interested in journalism, only in seeing their faces on the screen.


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