Thousands In Canada Being Euthanized Who Are Not Terminally Sick

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When Michael Fraser’s physician made a call on him at his Toronto home, he understood the consequences at hand. Mr. Fraser’s friends gathered for a small party at which he enjoyed one final beer.

After which he and his wife adjourned to the couple’s bedroom where Dr. Navindra Persaud was waiting.

“Mr. Fraser, age 55, lay on the bed with his wife as his doctor, after first asking for final approval, injected drugs into his arm. First, a sedative that induces sleep in one to two minutes, followed by a local anaesthetic then another sedative that induces coma.”

No, this is not a scene from the classic cult film “Soylent Green.” Rather, the situation took place in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways’ Canada. Indeed, it’s along way from the “1-2-3 Canadians we love thee” ethos from just one generation ago.

Has Canada changed that much? Darn tootin’ it has. In fact, it is weren’t for Justin Trudeau, Canadians might not be offing themselves for what amounts to no good reason at all.

What kind of support do government-assisted refugees get in Canada?

  • Greeting at the airport, temporary housing, help with finding permanent housing, monthly welfare cheques, setting up a bank account.

Let us understand this properly. If a person is non-Canadian, poor and destitute, they receive the all of the above.

If a Canadian is poor and destitute, they receive– as Marlon Brando stated in the film On The Waterfront— a “one-way ticket to Palookaville.”

Well, not quite. Rather, they receive a visit from Dr. Navindra Persaud and her life-terminating injections.

What a wonderful world Canada has become under the neo-authoritarian rule of PM Trudeau. After all, it was he who approved our country’s unprecedented Euthanasia laws in 2016.

“Mr. Fraser had just joined the growing number of Canadians — more than 10,000 last year alone — who have availed themselves of the world’s most permissive government-assisted suicide programme.”

“So grimly generous are Canada’s Euthanasia laws, in fact, that while he’d had a difficult existence that included liver disease, an inability to walk and depression, Mr Fraser was by no means dying.”

Those who qualify comprise  3.3%of the total number of Canadians who submitted to Trudeau’s MAiD program, up 32.4% over the previous year.

Joy To The World. Who knew that Canadian society could be so sunny that the black clouds of voluntary self-expiration could reach these levels? Who can believe that Canadians are actually tolerating this travesty? Not that 38 million citizens have a choice.

“I want to assure Canadians that it isn’t just the case that you can walk off the street and seek MAID if you’re feeling depressed,” stated Liberal Attorney General David Lametti.

“No, but you can do so when you reach a stage of poverty,” stated CAP.

“The chair of a federal expert panel on medically assisted death is questioning what the Liberal government is hoping to accomplish by delaying the expansion of the assisted-dying regime.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” Dr. Mona Gupta said in an interview. What’s your big hurry, Ms. Thang? In a rush to receive payment for a job well done?

Don’t Delay, Get Your Death Right Away

Critics have coined a new trend — ‘Poverty Euthanasia’ — to describe those who  decide they have no better option than state-assisted suicide.

“We want to reassure Canadians that we are committed to ensuring that our laws protect everyone while supporting the autonomy and freedom of choice that are central to Canada’s MAID regime.”

Not to worry, Mr. Lametti. CAP believe you. Never mind the fact that you sound like a neo-fascist. Forget the zeal by which you promote systemic expiration of Canadians–the majority of which come from our Old Stock communities.

What hath Justin Trudeau wrought?  CAP will answer first: everything that CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail refrain from expressing. Namely, outrage that our society has degenerated into a MAid factory for Canadian-born, generational citizens.

Upon which we draw a deep breath, and consider the following:

What kind of country do the circumstances herein suggest Canada has become?

Government push assisted death. Mainstream media have little, if any objection. Canadian academia– those educated “experts” the Liberals love to call on, have no problem with it at all.

CAP Conclusion: They’re all the same. Add to this Provincial and Municipal governments. Throw in perpetual government expansion into the private sector.

Mix in a tall glass, and what emerges. No surprise that we suggest the following:

The creation of a monolithic elitist ruling class. Just as it was in the nascent days of communism in the Soviet Union. Can it really be? Is Canada being converted to an authoritarian state as we speak?

If CAP was a betting man, we would go all-in on this one. Our next bet would be that Justin Trudeau has been hand-picked to lead Canada’s post-modern Woke Revolution.

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