This is democracy – Marine Le Pen deserves the test of French power

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And while France’s chattering classes agonise over what this might mean for the future of their country, those elsewhere ponder the impetus that a victory in France might give to the centrifugal forces already gathering in Europe. A Le Pen presidency plus a British vote to leave the EU could summarily end the 20th-century European dream.

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1 thought on “This is democracy – Marine Le Pen deserves the test of French power”

  1. It is time for that 20th century dream to end. History, and the forces of change have moved beyond it. In fact, there was probably a “best before” date for the idea of a united Europe, but Europeans foolishly chose to embrace unrestricted immigration and cultural suicide. Now, the simple reality of a chaotic borderless Europe is forcing people to examine their true beliefs, and they have realized that the madness of the past 5 decades cannot continue. What is so hard to grasp about this? Merkel’s idiotic policies have betrayed Europe and Europeans, and now they know it.


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