Third World Canadian Populations Growing At EIGHT TIMES Rate Of Anglophone Communities

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In 2013, an article in the Vancouver Sun by writer Douglas Todd exposed some incredible statistics regarding future demographics within Canadian society.

Virtually all of it exposed a transition of Anglophone Canadians to minority status within our largest urban centres, and in time, to our nation as a whole.

“Whites will be a distinct visible minority in Metro Vancouver in less than two decades, according to a new report.”

“After being an overwhelming majority in Metro Vancouver up until the 1980s, whites will make up only two out of five residents by the year 2031, according to projections done for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.”

“There is no European city with anything like this demographic structure, nor will there be in 2031.”

Critical news? Not according to CBC and mainstream media sources. The source article is six years old.  CAP have not seen an article since which outlines our pending journey toward minority status in Canada.

Based on immigration and birthrates, reports predict that by 2031 the number of visible minorities (or non-whites) in Metro Vancouver will rise by 1.150 million people; to 59 per cent of the population compared to 41 per cent in 2006.

The white population, meanwhile, will grow by only 150,000.

Calling it a “grand story of demographic change”, [UBC’s Dan] Hiebert predicts that Metro Vancouver’s so-called ethnic population will grow seven times faster than the combined white and aboriginal population.

A “grand story, eh?” CAP have a very different interpretation. We refer to this situation as a “grand assault” on Anglophone populations in Canada. Without question, the marginalization of our people is a highly pertinent development, to say the least.

Is this situation not one of the most profound societal changes in the history of our nation? Of course it is. For sensible Canadians(goodbye, snowflakes), this should well be the issue of the century.

Now, please consider the following: For at least the past decade, establishment media have obsessed about “minority” rights in Canada. These issues have permeated the consciousness of the people of Canada–First Nations rights, Third World immigration, Islamophobia, Sikhism, and all the rest.

The common narrative is as follows: being a minority community in Canada is awful. Just ask National Council of Canadian Muslims, and they will tell you so. Same for Third World ethnocentric journalists such as Shree Paradkar from the Toronto Star, and Sheema Khan of the Globe & Mail.

Immigration Minister, Somailian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, agrees. So does Pakistani national and M103 founder, MP Iqra Khalid.

Fact: White Canadians are headed for the “dreaded” minority-status now held by Third World Canadians Another fact: Media says just about nothing about our pending fate.

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Who are our media? Why, they are Anglophone and Francophone Canadians, in the main. Publishers, editors and journalists. Christine Blatchford, John Ivison, Andrew Coyne, Chantal Herbert.

Yet, betwen all of them, there hasn’t been a published article on this topic in six years. At the time the  original Vancouver Sun article was published, no other media publication picked up the story– it appeared only in the Vancouver Sun.

How odd-ball is this? Very–say CAP. Think about it– Canadian media rant on incessantly about minorities in Canada. They inform readers being a minority is a bad, nasty experience in 2019 Canada.

Yet, incredibly, our Anglophone media overlook Anglophone Canada’s pending trans-sition to minority status.

WHY? Naturally, CAP has ideas on this. For starters, if Anglophone Canadians remain “blissfully” unaware of the situation, they will go that much gentler into that “good night” of cultural decimation.

Therefore, Canadian media eschew the entire situation. Now why would they do this when they themselves are “Old Stock” Canadians?  If minority status is such a frackin’ big deal and problem for minorities in Canada, why does our mostly white media overlook the fact that their own people will become a minority within three decades?

Big questions–no answers. Red Flag-time, say CAP. So a plot exists to deceive tens of millions of Old Stock Canadians into passively walking down a path to becoming a minority community.

Is this is bad as it gets? CAP truly wish we could at least confirm this idea. We cannot–and here is why– in question form:

Once our ruling government has completed our transition by way of mass immigration policy, will Anglophone and Christian Canada become privy to the minority rights currently enjoyed by our Third World communities?

Never. Not in a million, billion years will this occur. Result? Anglophones–at least the ones who are not rich–will transfer to a persecuted minority community. Which identifiable Canadian community was the original persecuted people?

First Nations, of course. Outcome: Whitey transitions to a “Second Nations” community. Who stole the land from the aboriginals? White Canada. What right does this give non-white communities?

Answer: The right to steal the land back. Bingo–there’s your fate, English Canada. 

So if this is the case, First Nations Canada will in time steal our soil back from us. Wrong. Rather, our nation will be stolen from us by way of Third World Canada.

CAP maintain the following: What is described in this piece is the Trudeau government. It is Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, and commie-in-the-shadows Liberal advisor, Gerald Butts.

It is globalism in its purest form, and it is out to steal our nation away from Anglophones. This will be rationalized by way of the “stolen land” hypothesis.

Truism: When the government of a nation, together with fundamental institutions such as media, academia and law function as a cohesive unit, communism has infiltrated a liberal democracy.

This is the Liberal government of Canada. In CAP’s opinion, Trudeau, Butts and Hussen have worked this agenda everyday for the past four years. It is the main reason that Trudeau’s decision-making is as bizarre as it is.

These political decisions only make sense if they are thought of as punitive-– a pre-mediated, coordinated plan of community decimation.

Anglophone Canada–there’s the future for you– the Vancouver demographic as expanded to every city and town in Canada– unless Justin Trudeau is removed as prime minister.

If however, King Justin weasels his way to another victory by way of public deception and globalist propaganda, surely this is to be the destiny of Anglophone Canada.

Patriots, you are hereby fore-warned.









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  1. Just go to any homeless camp – 95% are anglophone – go to any Tim Hortons, McDonalds, etc. – 95% are non-anglophone’s with the jobs the homeless had (due to government sponsoring).

    Get the picture?


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