Third World Canada DOMINATES As All 25 MP Seats In Toronto Go To Trudeau Liberals

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The great untold story of the October, 2019 Canadian Federal Election: Immigration policy has finally resulted in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) trans-sitioning to a Liberal-Third World Canadian political monolith.

From the day former Liberal PM Lester B. Pearson changed Canada’s immigration acceptance criteria to a “points-based” system at the time of the Montreal 1967 Expo, Anglophone Canada has been on a downward trajectory.

The following year, Liberal Pierre Trudeau became prime minister, and as they say, the rest is history. As in, a history of the disempowerment and marginalization of the Trudeau family’s nemesis community- Anglophone Canada.

Do we have evidence to back this claim?  Check this out as an example of “multiculturalism” according to Liberal-Globalist Canada:

Taking a look at the five Brampton, Ontario ridings in 2019, here are the results–

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

Multiculturalism in all its glory? Not for CAP–the only thing we see here is Sikh mono-culturalism.  These ridings are minority Anglophone— yet the term “minority” still belong’s to Justin’s preferred South Asian Canadians.

To provide context regarding allocation of federal MP seats per province, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have a total of 28 MP seats. No wonder Justin Trudeau is on bended knee wearing Bollywood outfits while apologizing for the century-old  Komogata Maru incident.

Architects of the downfall of our communities according to CAP: Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, on behalf of the United Nations, Political Islam, Communist China, Sikh Separatism and international banking.

A veritable laundry-list of English Canada destroyers. Chief Planner– Liberal advisor Gerald Butts. This whole set-up reeks of his commie, fake-environmentalist scheming. No one is better at deceiving Old Stock Canada to walk the plank to its doom better than this political low-life weasel from Cape Breton, N.S.

Anyone else notice how Canada’s pro-Anglophone community destruction media never allude to a basic element of society: Where is all this leading? After all, if a monolithic political dynamic exists in the 2019 GTA, what will the situation be after another 2-3 decades of the highest immigration levels in history as established by Trudeau and butcher-boy Ahmed Hussen?

Why would CBC refrain from positing this question? How come Globe & Mail never bring up this topic? CAP will inform: Because it would alarm Anglophone Canada– and potentially result in a major societal push-back.

Therefore, CBC dummy-up about the whole thing. CAP Opinion: Establishment media in Canada are in collusion with the Trudeau government to deceive English Canada, paving the way for our eventual social decimation.

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It is perfectly reasonable to suggest that if the Third World control of the GTA exists at present, this is sure to be replicated in Vancouver, Calgary, Hamilton, Kitchener and many other urban Canadian cities, towns and suburbs in the future.

End Game: Liberal-Third World control of Canadian politics. Old Stock Canada ostracized, while powerlessly looking from the outside-in. Fellow patriots, this is the future of Canada– a future National Post, Toronto Star and Global News Canada want the Canadian-born to have zero understanding of.

Scary stuff, no? Damn straight it is. Here is another CAP prediction which will do our people no good at all. We believe the Conservative  Party of Canada may never win another federal election–ever.

Want our advice, Andrew Scheer? As outrageous as this may sound, CAP recommend completely re-branding the Conservative Party. Name change. Logo colour change. Drop Conservative from the name.  Change-up your fundamental platform.

If not, Liberal Canada, Third World Canada, Media Canada and academic Canada will have you permanently banished as the Conservative-Dinosaur- Bigot Party of Canada. You will be done like dinner in 2023— your image is tired within Trudeau’s Post-Modern Canadian lie of a society.

So now we fully understand why Butts pushed Trudeau to prostrate like a prostitute in front of Sikh and Muslim Canada. Why would he do this when there are a mere half-million Sikhs in Canada? Why do this when Islam accounts for 4% of our demographic?

Now we know--because it is a pre-meditated, calculated measure to lock Justin Trudeau in as “dictator-for-life.” Can’t our people see this? Why does Old Stock Canada not see this as a form of emulation of the leadership situation of Fidel Castro of Cuba–the Trudeau family’s hero-dictator of all time?

Simple–Media refuse to make the connection. In fact, CAP will state that mainstream media in Canada obscure and cover-up every single element of Butt’s leveraging of communist political methodology as it relates to the decimation of Old Stock Canada. Funny–as all our major publishers, editors and journalists appear to be Old Stock Canadians themselves.

Bottom Line: Anglophone Canada is under attack by way of these forces. In a socialist style, the forces work in collusion. There is a real, tangible plan of community eradication occurring under the Trudeau government.

Globalist Recipe Of Destruction: Take one dose of mass Third World immigration. Add enforced multiculturalism. Add a side of open border refugee status. Mix slowly with perpetual diversity propaganda. Flavour with the Nation of Islam, and some Sikh Spice. Extract all remnants of Old Stock Canada. Mix  until solidified. Pour into tall glass.

This, fellow patriots, is our fate. CAP’s too. We are systematically being steam rolled into political submission. How will this be rationalized by the time Old School Canada realize our collective fate?

Simple– these people are permitted to steal our country from us because “we” stole the land from Aboriginals in the first place.

Stop the press. This is your future, Canadian nationalists. If no changes occur in this social dynamic, it will be “sayonara,” Anglophone Canada”–for all-time.













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  1. I wonder how much longer your words and mine will be allowed to stay up on Canadian social media. If I understand it right, not for very long. Trudeau hate it when truth is spread.

  2. I am a Tamil Canadian and I have been voting Conservatives for the past 20 years. Majority of the Third World Canadians do not care about economy and security of Canada. They are politically illiterate bunch of idiots. Trudeau is taking advantage of their ignorance. This must be stopped at any cost. This ‘INTERNAL INVASION’ has the same consequences as the ‘External Invasion’.


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