3rd Term Victory For Trudeau Will Confirm International Powers Control Canada

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As our country awakens to a third term victory for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, now is as good as time as any to recognize a fundamental truth.

Canada in 2021 is controlled by international forces. Away from the awareness of society, this has been a slow-burning development beginning in the late 1960’s.

It was at this point that Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. This is the moment in which our nation was set upon a new political trajectory. As the Liberals kicked off a nascent globalist agenda, “internationalism” became government’s de facto standard.

The reason why Justin Trudeau has succeeded is largely due to the fact that he understood this transition early in the game. The man is not an intellectual powerhouse, but one card he had up his sleeve is his inside track on who actually controls Canada.

His father was the catalyst. Therefore, by way of osmosis, Trudeau Jr. came to understand what eludes our citizenship to this day. On this basis, what else would he do upon becoming prime minister than get busy pandering to international powers?

Right out of the gate, he was all over it. China, Syria, Middle East, United Nations, Islam, Sikhism, LGBT— you name the globalist player, and Trudeau was behind them with bells on. As a result, he has been awarded their full support. Behind the scenes, that is. There was never a chance that this would be presented at 6 o’clock on CBC News.

Which brings up a related, but no less critical issue. Suddenly Canadians can begin to understand why our media behave the way they do. If government are puppets for globalist string-pullers, it makes sense that media will do the same.

Therefore, a light is cast on why media are cut from the same cloth as the Liberal Party. They are protecting globalist interests. For one thing, doing so keeps them employed.

The result being that media skew election victories. Their presentation is one-sided,  calculated, and designed to favour the Liberals. An argument of this nature cannot be complete without referencing the ultimate driving force:

The mighty dollar bill. Non-Canadian entities and their money are what control present-day Canada — with federal politics serving as the pinnacle.

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Strange things result as an outcome. Try six years of illogical decision-making by government. Six years of pandering to communist China, and Middle Eastern governments. Working the will of the United Nations. The creation of massive federal deficits for the benefit of international banking. Record-setting immigration intake quotas.

Justin Trudeau has done it all with panache. A finer example of a globalist worker-bee one could not locate in the western hemisphere. Nobody does it better.

Above all rationalizations, these are the reasons why the most hated politician in Canadian history just won his third consecutive term as prime minister.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est.2016)

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