Theresa Tam Speaks Of “Up To Three More Years” Of Pandemic Calamity in Canada

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“We’re going to have to manage this pandemic certainly over the next year, but certainly [we are] planning for the longer term of the next two to three years during which the vaccine may play a role but we don’t know yet.”

Not knowing “yet” suggests several ominous possibilities regarding the future of Canadian society as it relates to the Covid pandemic.

For one, if non-elected Covid boss Dr. Theresa Tam doesn’t know in 2021, it is possible she will not know in 2024. This implies the pandemic is capable of being a never-ending phenomenon.

Dr. Tam also states that “it’s unclear at this stage how effective a vaccine will be.”

Applying our theory, it could also be unclear how effective vaccines will be in the year 2024. Health Canada’s recent “variant push” certainly lends credence to this hypothesis.

How about Cultural Action Party posit a question thus far set aside by mainstream Canadian media:

What happens if the Covid pandemic never ends?

CAP believe this is to be the case. Not that our country will forever be infused with the degree of pseudo-totalitarianism citizens are experiencing at present.

Rather, the point is that is it possible Covid will function in the long term as a method of social control. Is our citizenship to be forever controlled by pandemic-derived methodology?

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In other words– in theory at least– whenever government want to implement additional communist-style control measures, they simply “turn up the heat” on the pandemic stovetop.

“The 88th variation has today been announced,” state-controlled media inform the public in the year 2028.

Visionary author George Orwell wrote of this  phenomenon in his political masterwork “1984.” In fact, if one reads his short novella “Animal Farm,” one can surmise it tells the story of Canada’s transformation into a pseudo-dictatorship

For Canadians who may believe Covid vaccines exist as an ultimate solution to the pandemic scourge, migrant from China Theresa Tam tells us we should think again.

“[A vaccine] is one important layer of protection,” said Tam. “It is a very important solution if we get a safe and effective vaccine, but I would say that the public health measures that we have in place — the sort of personal, daily measures that we take — is going to have to continue.”

Another allusion to the longevity theory regarding China’s virus dissemination. There is, in fact, a related point whereby CAP are in agreement with Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” nation status for Canada:

This may be the first time in history that a virus pandemic has been utilized to transform a western democracy into a socialist dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

4 thoughts on “Theresa Tam Speaks Of “Up To Three More Years” Of Pandemic Calamity in Canada”

  1. As to CCP plant and outright evil, Dr. Tam, In the words of Austin Powers, “Why wont you die?” and take that Commie Son of Castro with you.

  2. In “The Handmaid’s Tale”, dissenters are hung by their necks on a wall by the river and the vast majority of the human race has become infertile. I don’t know where George Orwell was born but Margaret Atwood is an “Old Stock Anglophone” Canadian.

    Please Brad, you know we are DOOMED. Wasn’t DOOM an old Microsoft game??? Can we begin discussing solutions to our individual burdens and just let Humpty-Dumpty crash? We all need to begin preparing for the inevitable. My wife and I have already begun by moving out of HighPop Ontario into Atlantic Canada with 16 acres of woods. Our freezers and pantry are packed. We now have a wood stove for when the power goes out. I have thousands of heirloom seeds I have saved. This spring we are going to get chickens and we will build a massive garden and hoop houses. My neighbor already has chickens and he is also planning a large garden and his son is getting some horses.


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