The World Sees Justin Trudeau As A Dictator, So Why Don’t Canadians?

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A meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels earlier in the year should have been seen as a pivotal moment in Canadian politics. With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in attendance, a group of Parliamentarians described him as a dictator within a democratic country.

Never in Canadian history has anything close to this occurred. The magnitude of moment should be understood by all Canadians. It won’t be– a fact indicative of the nature of the accusation. In authoritarian nations, media are charged with converting damaging political events into conditions palatable to the general public.

Thus it was that state-funded CBC News branded Trudeau-bashers in Europe a gang of anti-vaxxer racists. One MEP called out the prime minister for trampling on “fundamental rights by criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy.”

Canadian media get to work. Sublimating the sting of accusations, the press apply damage control to protect the prime minister. As with so many elements in society, our media has undergone dramatic transformation. At one time a mechanism for objective news delivery, media now serve as a vessel for government propaganda. In 2022, the press work for Justin Trudeau. Naturally, this isn’t going to make front-page news. Neither government nor media are bound to shoot themselves in the foot in this manner.

The outcome is a serious “bubble effect.” The government-media goal being to insulate Canadians from international perspectives on our political arena. China does the very same.

“Canada, once a symbol of the modern world has become a symbol of civil rights violations, under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months. To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it’s a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

All of which suggest a dichotomy in perspective. For those outside Canada, tangible perceptions exists that our country has become dictatorial in orientation.  Many– possibly a majority of those inside our borders refuse to believe what is perceived as a hyperbolic claim.

Are Canadians living in a bubble of denial? Have media successfully buried political reality in our country? It’s a difficult condition to pin down. This is not a black and white, all-or-nothing proposition. A sublimation of freedom and democracy takes place on an historical continuum. Systemic erasure of individual rights takes time. Too much all at once, and the intended victims may catch on.

Have we arrived at a point at which the outside world views Justin Trudeau as a dictator,  while Canadians do not? Imagine being deceived in this manner. Will citizens one day awaken to that which non-Canadians currently perceive? Will it be before or after it’s too late to prevent the fall of democracy in Canada?

So many questions from the concerned– endless silence from media. They do what they are paid to do– to present unprecedented political developments in mundane fashion. Transform the extraordinary into the ordinary; interpret the uncommon as banal.

Is this a “typically Canadian” circumstance? In 1951, our federal government signed on to the United Nations Refugee Convention. Seventy years later, we are responsible for the poor of the Middle East and Africa. In 1988, government unilaterally forced Multiculturalism policy upon society. Thirty-five years after the fact, Anglo-European Canadians constitute a vilified community.

Are we headed for the same condition regarding Justin Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-derived social(ist) revolution?” Are Canadians going to awaken one day to find our country has transitioned from democracy into a post-modern communist state?

No one will be surprised that CAP go all-in on this theory. Nor should anyone balk when we claim a common thread exists to facilitate a pre-conceived agenda. We call this “media obfuscation”— an obscuring of present-day government activities to keep our citizenship in perpetual darkness regarding our national destiny.

Employing communist-derived propaganda, the result is that the outside world can see what is clouded in media mist by CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest.

It’s the way of the Liberal Government-NDP Party- mainstream media partnership agreement:

Canadians will wake up and smell the communist coffee when it is too late to reverse Justin Trudeau’s agenda of national transformation.

3 thoughts on “The World Sees Justin Trudeau As A Dictator, So Why Don’t Canadians?”

  1. The Canadian MSM. Betraying/selling out their country for Judas’ thirty pieces of silver. In this case; 650 million pieces; with annual payments. The world sees it; the world smells it; Canadians are mostly clueless–Thanks to the MSM Judas, and the Liberal High Priests.

  2. Back in 2015(?) when Trudeau declared Canada as the world’s first Post-Nation State, he simply omitted including the word “COMMUNIST”.


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