The World Sees Justin Trudeau As A Dictator, Are Canadians Next?

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A meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels last week reveals what should be seen as a pivotal development in Canadian politics. With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in attendance, a collective of Parliamentarians ripped into Mr. Trudeau, branding him a Dictator within a democratic country.

Never before has such a circumstance occurred. The magnitude of the event should be understood by all Canadians. The fact that it won’t be is indicative of the nature of the accusation. Within dictatorial societies, media are charged with converting damaging political events into conditions palatable to public ears.

Thus it was that state-funded CBC News branded Trudeau-bashers in Europe as a gang of racists and anti-vaxxers. One MEP called out the prime minister for trampling on “fundamental rights by criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dare to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy.”

Canadian media get to work. Removing the sting of the accusations, damage control is employed to protect the prime minister. Like so many aspects of society, the press has undergone dramatic transformation. At one time a mechanism for objective news delivery, media now serve as an instrument of government. Today, they work for Justin Trudeau. Naturally, this isn’t going to make front-page news. Neither government nor media are bound to shoot themselves in the foot in this manner.

The outcome is what one may call a “bubble effect.” The government-media goal being to insulate Canadians from international perspectives on our political arena. With this in mind, we turn to commentary from the EU Parliament:

“Canada, once a symbol of the modern world has become a symbol of civil rights violations, under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months. To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it’s a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

Thus suggesting a dichotomy in perspective. For those outside Canada, a growing perception exists that our nation is transitioning to a dictatorial society. Those inside our borders refuse to believe such a hyperbolic claim.

Are Canadians living in a bubble of denial? Are media successfully sublimating political reality? It is a condition difficult to pin down. This is not a black and white, all-or-nothing proposition. A sublimation of freedom and democracy takes place on an historical continuum.

Has our country arrived at a point in time where the rest of the world views Justin Trudeau as a dictator– while Canadians do not? Imagine being deceived in this manner. Will citizens one day awaken to that which the outside world already understands? If we do, will it be before or after it is too late to prevent an erasure of democracy in Canada?

So many questions– so much silence from media on the matter. Rather, they continue to do what they are being paid to do: present the unprecedented as that which has previously been experienced. Transform the extraordinary into the ordinary,  interpret the uncommon as common.

All of it conjuring up the most pertinent question of all: is a day coming when Canadians will awaken to what the rest of the world now perceive?  For how much longer can media  prevent the walls of Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorship from crashing down?

Surely the authoritarian crackdown of the Truckers Convoy has fired up Canadian brain-cells. If not, the recent Liberal-NDP pact must stand as an indication.

Cultural Action Party go all-in on the eventual awakening of Canadians to the quasi- communist agenda. The question is when. Non-Canadians have cast off the media chains. Are the people of Canada next?

14 thoughts on “The World Sees Justin Trudeau As A Dictator, Are Canadians Next?”

  1. Never seen such a political mess that this so-called PM has brought to Canada, just hope the liberal party will get rid of him for their own existence.

  2. the media in Canada are bought and paid for so they must tow the line if the gravy train is to continue for them. What remains to be seen is how much longer complacent canadians will allow the s**t to be rubbed in their faces. The European parliament gave us the unvarnished truth about him that we cannot quite accept or believe. How muc longer can this twit continue?

  3. As I see it, unless a political party soon materializes that values real democracy over their own pocket book and percs, there is but one means to attempt to make the existing mess rest on the doorstep of the present one party system – which is to withdraw YOUR financial support of them all – TAXES.

  4. Speaking of brash spin: This sounds true; but I don’t recall the source. “Trudeau received a ‘standing ovation’ ” in the EU assembly. In fact; many of the members stood–And walked out. The Canadian media got the “standing” part right. Trudeau emptied the room. Let’s hope he goes the route of Humpty Dumpty.

  5. sock boy knew he was losing,so even though jagmeathead has supported him every step of the way, they had to make it official, shotgun wedding 🤣 but really they have illusions of grandeur, it’s ludicrous, NDP has signed their death warrant for next election, in my opinion, as far as the EU Parliament roast, the cats out of the bag, tyrants are eventually exposed, despite MSM and even in this dystopian insane world people are waking up 🙏

  6. There’s nothing “hyperbolic” about calling Trudeau a dictator. His reactions to Covid and to the protests was nothing less than tyrannical. A bit embarrassing that so many Canadians refuse to see that.

  7. I doubt it as Most Canadians prefer to be uninformed and get their daily drivel aka propaganda from the legacy media…

  8. His proper name is Jackal (Justin) Trudeau.

    He is a smiley face deceiver, mocker and a most horrible dictator worse than even his Father Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He was born of a jackal (his father) and a coyote (his mother. He is the worst thing for the First Nations people deceiving the Indigenous peoples of Canada as a cursed coyote.

    Pierre Poilievre and his Conservative coalition are hunting this predatory Prime Minister with the truth and the law to have him replaced.

    Jackal Trudeau has removed the Charter of Rights and abolished them. Pierre Poilievre will restore them when he become Prime Minister before 2025.


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