The World Has Woken Up To Justin Trudeau’s Dictatorship

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A Member of the European Union took the podium this week to express his feelings on the state of democracy in Canada. Mislav Kolakusic called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau out to his face in Brussels, castigating him over civil rights violations against protesters at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

“PM Trudeau, in recent months, under your quasi-liberal boot, Canada has become a symbol of civil rights violations. The methods we have witnessed may be liberal to you, but to many citizens around the world it seemed like a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

A case of whispering-in-the-wings it is not. Justin Trudeau was present to hear every word uttered by the MEP from Croatia. Former judge Mislav Kolakusic turned to face Trudeau directly:

“Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violations under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months,” he said. Equally if not more important is the issue of who has not referred to Justin Trudeau as a “dictator of the worst kind.”

No journalist within legacy media in Canada has gone anywhere near this story. They are paid not to. One must look to alternate media for presentation. While general society hasn’t yet awoken to it, the ground-breaking nature of the development is undeniable. When our country reaches a point where a prime minister is called a dictator to his face by another politician, we know Canada is not what it used to be.

This week, PM Trudeau launched a new measure of pseudo-dictatorial control. It takes the form of a Liberal-NDP Party coalition agreement to extend the PM’s political lock-down for three additional years.

Will an accusation of dictatorial tactics in Europe make a difference in this scenario? Probably not. It is likely nothing will. Canada’s transition to a non-democratic nation is going to arrive come hell-or-high-water. Let’s be frank– the Conservative Party will not win a future federal election no matter who is selected as leader. In fact, CAP go all-in on the idea that the CPC never win another election period.

“We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes.”

“To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind. Rest assured that the citizens of the world, united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy,” said Mislav Kolakusic.

Not exactly a casual attitude, is it? Canadians do not share his vehemence for a good reason– they do not see the truth in his comments. CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail are deceiving the public regarding the nature of Canada’s political orientation.

The MEP from Croatia says citizens of the world can “unite to stop any regime it wants to destroy.” A good thing it is, because little if any hope exists for Canadians to stop Justin Trudeau’s regime. It will take a monumental event for it to occur. Our PM has successfully become an embodiment of everything he was calculated to be upon election in 2015.

Is evil too strong a word for a politician who has attained a position as dictator of a democratic country? Cultural Action Party smelled this from the day Justin Trudeau gained office. The idea that Canada is today an authentic democracy is little more than media window-dressing.

Not that Canadians will not one day discover the truth. We will– after it is too late to do anything to stop Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial agenda for our country.

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11 thoughts on “The World Has Woken Up To Justin Trudeau’s Dictatorship”

      • Arlene–One step further: The wicked twins can swim through it w/ their lying mouths locked open. On second thought….They’re used to it; that stuff pours from their mouths daily. It’s their natural environment.

  1. Is it true that Parliament is putting forth a bill that will require all citizens to be vaccinated before they can receive any benefits from the government? Benefits like CPP and OAS?

    • When this little tyrant stood on the COVID porn media podium last year and threatened Canadians if they didn’t take the injections, there would be consequences. Then dr David Martin announced to the real media that if you follow the money, Trudeau and his family and friends actually own shares in the patents to the lipid nano technology (delivery system) that Pfizer/ Moderna purchased from a Liberal government funded biotech company in British Colombia. Get it ! The (bio weapons program) injections where made before the virus was completed. It is all about money so he can be very rich sitting comfortably around Klaus Schwab and Dr Bill Gates at mister global shit shows. The nerve of these dirty rotten scoundrels to ban Hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin to have more deaths to keep hospitals 3/4 full so that COVID porn media can continue the lies . Canadians are so stupid that they went along with the fear and became complicit in this genocide. I went to IKEA the other day and even after the mask mandate decree it looked like an ICU ward . Young people and all. I came from my Florida home on march first to quarantine for 14 days like a criminal because I’m allegedly was full of viruses poring out of my ears. I’ll tell you that in my 400 home 55 plus community most people ( injected or not ) got Omicron or digitron or megaton and where not sick for more that 2 to 3 days . At an average age of 76, nobody ended up in the hospital. This thing is over because we are achieving heard immunity through natural infection. But Pfizer announced a forth shot is needed because there’s more money to be made with our heard of sheep. Lol

  2. Thanks for posting this article.
    Your story would be enhanced if you included the list of Justin Trudeau scandals he got away with, his 2021 snap pandemic – vaccine wedge election, breaking the law by inciting hatred via slandering and vilifying anyone protesting vaccine madates and his corruption, and why there was a trucker protest due to vaccine mandates.

  3. The world sees Jackal Trudeau as a weak dictator. Why don’t they force to come up against Count Vladimir Putin who is a strong dictator. Putin will put Jackal Trudeau’s lights out and remove him and his coalition out of power.

  4. There has to be a way for Canadians to have their voice heard. It will not happen in parliament, as it now onesided. How do we as people oust trudeau and his fringe minority government? Those who are the true threat.

  5. This unnecessary coalition was formed because Trudeau’s numbers had dropped enough that there was a possibility there would have been a vote of non-confidence and this little weasel found a way to hold on to power. That is not democracy if you were screwing up how you’re ruling and running a country then you get voted out or you get have to step down.

    Now he’s going to pass a law that you can’t minimize how many seats are in each region that proves that he knows it’s only Toronto that keeps voting him back I don’t care what the number of people are in the millions one little city doesn’t get to pick the Prime Minister each time and he knows it now he’s going to pass a law that you can’t minimize those amount of seats unbelievable!!!


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