How Canadian Universities “Trans-itioned” To Anglophone-Hating Educational Institutions

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A sordid tale this is indeed–one excellent reason media bury  Anti-Anglophone political dogma by way of Canada’s educational institutions.

Is this situation found within a specific element of our academic world–perhaps limited to Ph.d studies, or dissertations for completing a master’s degree?

Not a chance– from Grade 1 public schools in Canada, on through to Graduate Studies at McGill, U of T, and UBC— anti- Anglophone propaganda is preached on a daily basis. In other words, this Globalist-Marxist ideological assault has permeated Canada’s entire educational system.

Hatred of First Nations, dislike of Muslims, prejudice against Sikhs and Jews. Komagata Maru and the St. Louis. Genocide against First Nations, hatred of homosexuals–you name it– and a Canadian school teaches it.

How odd. Why does Academic Canada hate Anglo-Canada so very much? Yes, snowflake professors deal in this big-time. Indeed, this self-flagellation is something to behold–for sensible Canadians, patriots and nationalists–it is a  sickness of sorts.

It gets worse. The piece that most Canadians are unaware of is the following. University of Toronto, McGill, York, Ryerson and the rest have  “guest professor” programs which further the vilification of our people.

What happens is that guest professors from the Middle East, Asia and Africa fly into Canada and gain employment at, for example, the social sciences department at York University. Ever look through the course offerings these schools offer in this regard?

Sociology Course, U of T: “Sociologists study how families work; how individuals change over the life course; how norms and laws are made, broken, enforced, and changed; how inequalities of gender, class, and race emerge, continue, and change.” 

So who perpetrates this “inequality,” Professor Singh? The pygmies of the west Belgian Congo? Not quite, eh? The only answer is– “white people.”

Want to study Sociology at University of Victoria, British Columbia? This is what you will taught:

International Studies and Practice Diploma. This interdisciplinary program engages students in a wide range of current issues including:

  • cross-cultural relations
  • intercultural communication
  • cultural diversity
  • issues of power, oppression and privilege

Yes– based upon hatred of White Canada. Cowards that they are, globalist self-hating academics refuse to “name names”— but CAP get the picture anyway, thanks very much.

Interested in study materials at U of T? Check this one out:

“Our schools, colleges and universities continue to be powerful discursive sites through which race knowledge is produced, organized and regulated. Marginalized bodies are continually silenced and rendered invisible.”

“In this collection of essays each author analyzes the impact of hegemonic Whiteness and the processes of racialization that continue to function in the Canadian academy. The writers explore how access and equity are often denied to both racialized faculty and students through the everyday values and norms, discourses and practices within a dominant White Anglocentric, Eurocentric, and racialized culture.”

Hit me baby one more time. Talk about a white-hating globalist rant!  And yet–all of this is perfectly fine and dandy. Now, as a hypothetical, imagine altering these exact words by substituting “Islam” for bad, awful whitey.

What will trans-pire? Islamophobia! Bigotry. The most vile and awful act of racism this side side of the Atlantic Ocean. See the hypocrisy? Any sensible Canadian would–therefore Canadian media breathe not a word of what is herein communicated.

Moving to the mid-section of Canada, we have Ryerson University and their particular brand of bashing White Canada:

HST 807 – The Canadian Revolution: Canada 1968-2000


“Canada has undergone such profound social, cultural, constitutional, and political changes since 1968 that it can be argued that the country has experienced a “revolution.”
“The goal of this course is to examine the nature of this “revolution” and to give students a broad introduction to the major events and themes in contemporary Canadian history, including such topics as constitutional reform, multiculturalism, Quebec, free trade, cultural organizations, foreign policy, globalization, feminism, and Aboriginal rights.”
CAP Trans-lation: This academia-speak informs students that the year Pierre Trudeau became prime minister–1968— ushered in a “globalist revolution” in Canada.
In other words, Ryerson attempts to propagandize students into believing post-Pierre Trudeau globalism has superseded “Old Stock” Canada— now a designated “relic” community by way of the Liberal-Globalists.
How subtle–how tacit. Notice a commonality–all these courses and study guides are anti- Anglophone Canadian–without specifically coming out and saying so.
Conclusion: A comprehensive, nation-wide educational policy of the hatred of English Canada, Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada and other off shoots of the “evil white hegemony” of the descendants of the founders of our nation.
How did this develop, and why is it locked into the consciousness of Canadian society? A complex question– and one never presented by media to the good people of Canada. They eschew the entire affair–on purpose.
The roots of this social dynamic began with one prime minister–Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. He is the catalyst– by way of two pieces of government legislation:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Multicultural Act of 1988. In tandem, these two statutes(Charter is baked into constitution) trans-fered social power away from “Old Stock” Canada, and into the hands of Third World Canada.
As a result, Pierre Trudeau threw Canada off its political axis. The Charter granted a giant injection of power to Third World special interest groups, multicultural and immigration non-profits, as well as our legal industry–lawyers and judges in particular.
Another side effect is the impact this made on Canadian academia. Fact is, since the 1980’s when these statutes were created, our educational system has transitioned into Anglo-bashing, Marxist-infused institutions.
Surprised? No one should be–Pierre Trudeau venerated Communism, Marxism, Socialism, et al. Doubting the veracity of this statement? Try this on for size:

“Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

“The experience of that superbstrategistMao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country, the possibility of establishing socialist strong holds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

Love, Pierre Trudeau.

Case closed. Or it should be. It won’t be — media will cover-up this entire travesty “till the cows come home”–you will never read this by way of CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or any other establishment media company in Canada.

Pourquoi? Because Justin Trudeau has bought the Canadian media, and the Liberals now control the content–communist style.

There you have it, fellow patriots–the story of Canada’s educational transition to white-hating, anti-Anglo institutions.

What does government have to say about this? Nothing, of course–a Trudeau is today prime minister, and Trudeau’s love communism–so much so that the phenomenon has permeated not only our universities, but Canadian society as a whole.






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