The UNEXPLAINED DEATH Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of PM Justin Trudeau

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CAP can’t help but sometimes think of the family of Pierre Trudeau as the Canada’s equivalent of the British Royal Family.

The behaviours, scandals and various rumour-based gossip surrounding both“royal families” is something to behold. Within Canadian society, establishment media have done one heck of a competent job burying a plethora of strange realities and rumours as related to the family Trudeau.

The most glaring being Justin and brother Alexandre’s all-encompassing dedication to communist regimes like Cuba. As far as  deceased younger bother Michel Trudeau goes, he really didn’t live long enough to flower into a full-fledged communist like his brothers did.

As it happened, Canadian media published a story claiming Michel Trudeau died in a “freak avalanche” while skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

Here is what media did not  report:

The death of Michel Trudeauon Friday the 13th, in November 1998, occurred due to a freak accident in the Canadian Rocky Mountains , at a time of the year when snow packs are low and avalanches are rare.

An avalanche in the month of November, in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, is an extremely unlikely event because snowpacks have not built up sufficiently to create the conditions when avalanches occur naturally.

Evan Manners, manager of the Canadian Avalanche Centre in Revelstoke, B.C., said that “before the Trudeau death he had never heard of an avalanche pushing someone into the water who then drowned. “It’s very rare,”  he told the National Post shortly after the accident.

In addition, the media reports state that there were three other people in the ski-party with Michel Trudeau— their names were never mentioned in the reports. Generally, in accidents like these, the names of the survivors are made public.  So, why were the names of the survivors withheld, and why have didtheir families remain silent all these years?

Furthermore, the media states that police carried out an “extensive search”– but the body of Michel Trudeau has never been found–  a surprising event because the very spot where he allegedly went under the water is well known and there are no reported currents in the lake which would carry the body away from that area.

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Now, for something even more sketchy than this, again hidden from the purview of the people of Canada:

In an interesting co-incidence, that may not be a co-incidence at all, Michel Trudeau was allegedly NEARLY KILLED on July 17, 1998–  five months before his actual death when his motor vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle while he was driving in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

The alleged accident was so powerful that the truck Michel Trudeau was driving rolled over several times and was a complete write off– it was a miracle that Michel Trudeau survived.

Holy Crow–this is one strange news story– one which has NEVER permeated the general consciousness of Canadian society, and CAP can see why.

 Whatever the circumstances, a truism remains: the family and offspring of Pierre Trudeau are one sketchy bunch. Equally as sketchy–CBC and establishment media’s cover-up of the “inequities” of the Trudeau family.

Three which come to mind are:

Margaret Trudeau’s mental breakdown and incarceration in the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

— Alexandre Trudeau’s work as a film maker for the theocratic government of Iran, as well as a lifetime dedication to China and Islam.

— Michel Trudeau’s death, and all the related circumstances which suggest this to be one giant media cover-up.

Justin Trudeau’s complete dedication to destroying democracy in Canada, while ushering in a New Globalist Order–including anti-Anglophone prejudice hard-wired into his agenda.

These are just a few of myriad core Trudeau-family behaviours the CBC cover-up for the benefit of the “Royal Family of Canadian Communism”--the Trudeau’s of Quebec.

Brad Salzberg, Founder of CAP(est 2016)

8 thoughts on “The UNEXPLAINED DEATH Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of PM Justin Trudeau”

  1. In case you are looking for Michael Trudeau’s friends who where at the glacier with him, here’s a facebook link with all three friends listed
    Brad Hamacher
    Andrew Bednarz
    Jeff Chunk Butcher

  2. When I was in high school, the election and I remember reading a book about Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s father was from Malaysia, not the eastern township of Québec.
    Now any book you pick up tries to claim the Trudeau family is authentically French Canadian.
    I believe it is as fake as Justin Trudeau’S Catholicism and just about any words that exist his mouth.
    Have anyone heard, or read About the Malaysian connection?
    Have a good day.

  3. Have you seen the video of Trudeu and his mother almost both laughting to journalists and telling about the recent death of his brother Michael?. This was a sacrifice.


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