The True Winners Of The Election? THIRD WORLD Canada– That’s Who

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From a technical(and media) perspective, the Liberal Party Of Canada won the recent federal election in Canada. However, within the overall spectrum of Canada’s political landscape there are other winners, and of course, other losers.

In Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, a curious phenomenon has worked its way into society. The battle is not between Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and the rest. This battle is much more covert and insidious— that of Globalism versus Nationalism.

Over Trudeau’s initial four-year term, Trudeau consistently bashed all Canadians displaying any signs of nationalist sentiment, or signs of pride or patriotism within our traditional Anglophone communities.

Conversely– with no mandate from the people, King Justin consistently worked to import, fund and politically empower Third World Canada in an historically unprecedented manner.

As it happens, establishment media in Canada perpetually overlook this aspect of our changing society. CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest eschew all elements related to the trans-sition of power in politics from Anglophone Canada to Third World Canada, and their globalist backers.

Third World diaspora communities in Canada are being politically empowered like never before. Example: Brampton, Ontario–where 95% of candidates in their five ridings were Sikh Canadians.

Check this out as an example of “multiculturalism” according to Liberal-Globalist Canada:

Taking a look at the five Brampton, Ontario ridings, here are the results–

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

Multiculturalism in all its glory? Not for CAP–the only thing we see here is Sikh mono-culturalism.  These ridings are minority caucasianyet the term “minority” still belong’s to Justin’s preferred South Asian Canadians.

Other Third World winners: Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. Liberal MP Maryam Monsef. Liberals Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Salma Zahed, Harjit Singh, Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Ruby Sahota– all Liberals, and all winners.

Now, what did half-citizen Saudi Arabian national MP Omar Alhagbra  have to say the last time  Canadian immigration policy resulted in a victory for this sketchy Islamic politician?

“It’s a win for Islam!” Does this not encapsulate the essence of post-modern politics in Canada? Of course it does–his primary, number one concern is not our nation and its citizens–rather, it is the Nation of Islam.

As CAP readers understand, MP’s Iqra Khalid, Maryam Monsef and Ahmed Hussen are every bit as ethnocentric as this Alghabra character. As for Old Stock Canadians, nationalist and patriots, these MP’s are more than likely their least favourite politicians in Canada.

Why wouldn’t they be, when every piece of push-back, all questioning and criticism is met with accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. There general vibe is– permit Third World/Islamic Canada to do exactly what it wants all the time, or you people are bastard racists. No wonder we hate Justin and his pit-bull refugee, Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

READ MORE– Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

Another major blow to Anglophone Canada is found in current and future demographics of our nation. Simply put, white Canada is a shrinking political market, while Third World Canada grows by leaps and bounds.

Is this supposed to be an example of white privilege? How entirely bogus. Upwards of 40 ridings in Canada are minority Anglophone. The people are Third World, and so are the politicians. In other words, “whitey” is completely boxed out of the political picture. The reason for this is immigration policy.

What has Justin Trudeau done about this? Why, it would be to raise immigration quotas to their highest level in over a century. The migrants are 90% from the Third World. More white privilege, eh?

The bottom line on immigration, multiculturalism, die-versity and refugee intake: Anglophone Canada is getting railroaded right out of power within Canadian politics.

Who is most responsible? Pierre Trudeau–for setting Canada on this path with absolutely no buy-in from the people of Canada. Who is the second most responsible? Justin Trudeau--for integrating Sikhism and Islam into Canadian politics with no buy-in from the people of Canada.

Please do tell, fellow Canadian patriots– do you think the media geniuses at CBC are not astute enough to put this together? Of course they are–they simply choose not to.

Therefore, we can conclude that CBC is backing Third World ascendancy, while promoting the disempowerment of Anglophone Canada within politics, as well as  within society as a whole?

WHY? For CAP, this is a monumental question. For Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Andrew Coyne and Chantal Herbert, the issue doesn’t even exist. How odd-ball this is.

Seems Canadian institutions are in favour of the demise of our people. Yet, in the main, these folks are Old Stock Canadians. What is up with this?

CAP will inform: Globalism. United Nations, International Banking, geo-political Islam, communist China, Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef–that’s what’s up.

Which major Liberal MP players lost in the federal election?  LGBT Fascist Liberal Randy Boissonnault, Liberal Patty Hadju, Liberal Ralph Goodale. Meanwhile the only Third World player who lost was Amarjeet Sohi, who was promptly replaced with another south Asian, Conservative Tim Uppal.

In other words, all of Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Third World-pushers retained their seats. Oh, how CAP are blown-away by this development–not!

Bottom Line: Third World Canada came through the election with flying colours, while media eschew the entire affair. So ostensibly, and on a media level, King Justin gets to retain his globalist crown for an additional four years.

Yet, behind the scenes, as MP Alghabra so wonderfully articulated, it’s a “victory for Islam!”

What makes it so pathetic is that this is, in fact, the true Canada. This is reality within the fading “Great White North.” Then, media step in to cover-up, spin and deceive the people of Canada into thinking otherwise. If anyone raises these issues publicly, they are racists and bigots, according to Trudeau, Hussen, Butts, CBC and Globe & Mail.

What a trap for our people. A shrinking, demonized demographic for English Canada, and major empowerment for Third World/Islamic Canada.

Now, add three future decades of this to the mix–and what do you have? CAP will tell: A completely trans-formed Canada. A demographic and political inversion— Third World to the top of the totem pole, and white Canada one-step below the lowest rung of the totem pole.

This is your future, Anglophone Canada–unless the traitor Trudeau is removed from office, never to return to the Canadian political arena.






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  1. The World’s Tallest Invertebrate – Justin Trudeau – a dedicated servant of Castro and Soros, and a fervent devotee of the Frankfurt School of philosophy, will not stop until he has sold out our Canadian Birthright. Justin and the “Jagger” (who has even more radical anti-Western Civilization proclivities), will not rest until they have recreated Canada in the image of Venezuela


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