The Sketchy Case of Political Victory For MP Iqra Khalid In Mississauga, Ontario

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Population of Irqa Khalid’s Mississauga-Erin Mills riding in Ontario– 122, 560 as of 2016.  

Total number of votes placed in 2019 election– 58,262. Number of Muslim-Canadians verified to have voted for Iqra Khalid is 14,000,  according to Muslimlink Canada.

This means 24% of victory votes came from her fellow Muslims-Canadians. Therefore, logically speaking, 76% of Khalid’s votes came from her riding’s non-Muslim residents.

Sound a bit sketchy to you? It certainly does for CAP. The most recent data we can find on the ethnic demographics of Mississauga-Erin Mills is from the year 2011. Needless to say, the past eight years have changed this dramatically.

 “40.2% White, 23.5% South Asian, 9.9% Chinese, 6.5% Black, 5.1% Filipino, 4.9% Arab, 1.9% Latin American, 1.6% Southeast Asian, 1.5% Korean, 1.3% West Asian .”

Please do tell, fellow patriots– do you believe non-Islamic Canadian communities actually voted for M103 founder, Iqra Khalid? Sure, she would gather some Sikh votes and various votes from an assortment of Third World communities.

But would this be enough to result in a victory by 13,000 votes over the second place-finishing candidate? Seems to CAP Ms. Khalid must have needed the Old Stock Canadian vote to win.

Speaking of competing MP candidates in her riding, both the Conservative and NDP candidates in Khalid’s riding are also of Middle Eastern origin. Therefore, it was impossible for a non-Muslim candidate to win in this constituency. 

Multiculturalism? Not in CAP’s book it isn’t. Rather, this is straight-up government-endorsed mono-culturalism. 

So it was impossible for a non-Muslim to win in this riding–how very “Justin Trudeau” this is. But how did Khalid end up winning this  by a landslide, when just 24% of votes placed came from the Muslim community?

Come on–let’s get real– do you think Anglophone Canada really voted for Iqra Khalid and her endless ethno-centricism? Not likely, fellow patriots.

How many pieces of hate mail did Ms. Khalid receive in the wake of M103? Try between  50,000-100,000 pieces, as she claimed when complaining about racism. And yet white Canadians went out and voted for her en masse? 

This is one heck of a sketchy victory For one thing, Ms. Khalid is only half-Canadian. The other half is Pakistani--a citizenship she still holds despite being a three-term Liberal MP winner.

Did you know? In August, 2018, MP Khalid was on hand for the naming of a park. It is called the Jinnah Park, named after the founder of her beloved Pakistan.

Was this patch of greenery located in Pakistan, or perhaps the 3rd world hot-bed of Mississauga? No– the park is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Huh? What the heck is this all about? Why would a park in white-bread Manitoba be named after a Pakistani leader responsible for the murder of millions?

Quick Answer– nobody knows. Furthermore, no one writes about it– the whole sordid affair has been buried by Canadian establishment media.

On the topic of M103, here is something of interest. This government motion, ostensibly created to address across-the-board racism within Canadian society, explicitly mentions only one identifiable community– Khalid’s.

In reference to the “Islamophibia” motion , Ms. Khalid is of Pakistani origin – a country that criminalizes Islamophobia and any criticism of Islam. She presented this motion, which appears to give Islam a privilege above any other faith in Canada.



How was the seemingly odd-ball victory for Trudeau team member MP Iqra Khalid accomplished? Frankly, in terms of demographics and related voting, the numbers look very odd.

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Fair to say that after receiving what has been reported as upwards of 100,000 “hate emails,” it is reasonable to state Ms. Khalid is one of the most disliked members of Parliament.  And yet she wins her riding in a landslide. Another GTA player, Omar Alghabra, won his MP seat for the third time in a row. An an ethnocentric of the highest order, Justin Trudeau’s Parliamentary Secretary  extremely unpopular outside of his GTA federal riding.

This entire situation is one sketchy piece of Canadian politics–the very reason why CBC, CTV, Global News and Globe & Mail say nothing about it.

Did Iqra Khalid’s victory result from a form of political manipulation? CAP cannot say for certain. However, within Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset Canada– the possibility is greater than at any point in Canadian history.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)







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  1. the same situation in Peterborough Ontario occurred Maryam Monsef was allowed to run despite the facts that she did commit fraud on Elections Canada register,Immigrations Canada stated that her mother or her, made false statements of where she was born and is not a Canadian!!!! was a reason for deportation of her family, but she still won the riding with illegal votes!!!! in a predominantly Christian City. The City was overrun with illegal voters by Trudeau and her Mosque in the past 4 years these people are living better than some Canadians, that worked all their lives in this Country!!!! All Liberals must go they lie and cheat on a daily basis!!!! Dictators and Pure Corruption!!!!

  2. Thunderbird Rising posted a similar article after her 2015 win she was not even well known in the area…something fishy up with that…


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