The Reason Terrorists Can LEGALLY Move To Canada? Justin Trudeau!

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In 2014, the ruling Conservative government of Canada  ruled on a controversial provision of Bill C-24, , allowing the government to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism, high treason and several other serious offences.

The new revocation provisions, which came into force on May 29, state that Canadian citizenship can be revoked from a dual citizen if the person:

  • Obtained citizenship by false representation or fraud
  • Served as a member of an armed force or organized armed group engaged in an armed conflict with Canada
  • Was convicted of treason, high treason, spying offences and sentenced to imprisonment for life
  • The person was convicted of a terrorism offence or an equivalent foreign terrorism conviction and sentenced to five years of imprisonment or more

Hands up, those who think these policies are unsound. Pretty quiet out there, CAP would imagine. In the meantime, guess who was unimpressed:

Is the new law concerning? Yes, according to immigration and refugee lawyers, as well as Amnesty International Canada. They have all voiced their opposition to Bill C-24 and specifically the provisions surrounding the revocation of citizenship.

Immigration lawyers are unimpressed. Ditto for refugee lawyers. Not-for-profit groups are not happy.“Canadians with another nationality (and those who are eligible to obtain another nationality) now have second-class status,” the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association said earlier this month.

At the risk of being specious, this social dynamic is the result of one individual’s personal(non-democratic) efforts– former Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. In addition, it was he who personally trans-formed Canada away from its original bi-cultural English & French- Canadian identity, and toward the euphemistic concept of “multiculturalism.”

Few Canadians understood that the tangible, long-term outcome would be the disempowerment and vilification of English Canada, and a corresponding power grab from the Third World communities Trudeau Sr.  funded by way of the Multicultural Act of 1988. It is only now– some forty(it began in 1971) years later, that Old Stock Canada is awakening to this Liberal-Globalist deception.

Much of the reason for our awakening relates to son Justin Trudeau. His manic, over-the-top, fanatical support of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of LGBT  have awakened a “sleeping monster” in the form of Old Stock Canada. In this way–and this way ONLY–has Justin Trudeau been a benefit to Anglophone Canada.

Otherwise, every move the charlatan has made has been a benefit for all nations OTHER than Canada. What a strange, strange man he is.

Now, Letts’ father is threatening to move to Canada to agitate to have his son live here. In a perfect world, both parents would be banned from entering the country because they were convicted this month in a British court of supporting terrorism by sending him money while he was abroad with ISIL. The parents argued in a British court that they were just being caring parents by giving their son money, but the court rejected this.

Do the parents of Letts have a legal avenue to pursue in their desire to re-locate to Canada? Indeed, they do. Why? Because of Justin Trudeau, who personally approved the amendment to the statute. What is equally as interesting is the TIMING of when Trudeau and pit-bull Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, made this decision.

Was it after Trudeau had stabilized the Canadian economy and lowered unemployment? After Trudeau re-vitalized the Alberta Energy industry? Post- Transmountain pipeline?

Of course not–he hasn’t accomplish one of these goals. No, it was within weeks of Justin Trudeau’s seizure of our nation.

CAP Question Of The Day: Why would Justin Trudeau be so quick out of the gate to make this change? Was Parliament on fire that day? Toilets in the Senate backed-up?

There is only one answer to this: because he was PRESSURED. Here we gain serious insight into the whole affair. As is documented, when campaigning for PM, MP Omar Alghabra arranged a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques(recall his nation-wide tour of Canadian churches–wow, that was something!).

Our PM met with various mosque leaders, going so far as to wear Islamic garb and recite their prayers. Additionally, Trudeau had ear-marked key positions in government to go to his Muslim and Sikh MP candidates.

The timing of the legislative changes informs us that the man had “Islam On The Brain”–otherwise he would not have been so quick to amend the original statute

WATCH  VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Admits He Has “BOUGHT” Canadian Establishment Media

CAP Conclusion? Justin Trudeau works for the Nation of Islam. Not full time, of course–the rest of his days are dedicated to advancing Sikhism(angering Indian government, China(angering Senator Yuen Pau Woo), as well as homosexuality and transgenderism. Quite the full plate, eh?

Jihadi Jack a Canadian? Maybe, and maybe not. After all, with today’s technology, his face could be altered through surgery, his name and identity re-invented, and even Rex Murphy would not recognize him.

“Vote Justin Trudeau…your Militant Islamic/Terrorist -supporting PrimeMinister”– he cares about you and your nation so very, very much!”

Clearly, Canada should do what Britain or France have done. In May, France said it won’t repatriate ISIL fighters or their families from Syria due to a public backlash concerning public safety.”

The United States has jailed some of its citizens who engaged in terrorism, and is exploring options to strip others of their American citizenship.

According to a Nanos Research poll, over 70 percent of Canadians say that any “Canadian” who travelled to the mid-east to fight for ISIS, or lived in ISIS territory, should be STRIPPED of Canadian Citizenship. Just 20 percent disagreed with that.

Therefore, 80% of Canadians DO NOT want Justin Trudeau to grant citizenship to Islamic terrorists holding Canadian passports. What does Trudeau have to say about it?

“The Liberal Party believes terrorists should get to KEEP their Canadian citizenship.”

Anti-democratic. Anti-public will. Anti-safety for citizens. Anti- EVERYTHING that Old Stock Canada want for the future of our nation. Pro-Islam.

This is the true Justin Trudeau. Ubiquitous supporter of archaic, 7th century misogynist and supremacist religions. Everything about it screams out “non-progressive.” Yet, at the same time, the hypocrite Justin claims he is a “progressive” prime minister.

He is no such thing. This Trudeau fellow is the direct opposite of everything he and spin-master Gerald Butts have whipped up as King Justin’s public persona. Media go along for the ride.

Want more? CAP understand how important it is to Canadians for our government to import, finance and protect convicted ISIS terrorists. We are with you, our globalist “king-of-kings!”

Not.  After fours years in office, even CBC are unable to prevent the scales falling from the eyes of sensible Canadians(snowflakes– take off, eh?),  and now comprehend the real Justin Trudeau.

It’s enough to make a Canadian patriot lose their lunch.

With text from Diane Francis.








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