The Political Purpose Of Justin Trudeau’s Agenda Of Canadian SELF-HATRED

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“Different Strokes For Different Folks” is a well-worn phrase popularized by none other than boxing champion, Muhammed Ali.

Such as it is when it comes to the topic of Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. For example  there is CBC’s stroke, and there is CAP’s stroke.

Almost every call we make happens to be antithetical to what mainstream media say about PM Trudeau. A primary example– CTV, Globe & Mail tell us that Mr. Trudeau is working hard to fight racism in Canada.

CAP say Mr. Trudeau has made racism infinitely more extreme in 2020 Canada than at any point in modern day history. In fact, Trudeau has moved topics of racism, bigotry, genocide and xenophobia to the very core of society.

A serious of community apologies established the “blueprint” for the mission. Trudeau’s did some of his best political grovelling when apologizing to: Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese, First Nations, Jews, Gays and the Transgendered.

All the while never once articulating who actually perpetrated the hatred upon these communities.Oh well, guess CAP has to take a wild guess. We choose Anglophone Canadians, as well as Canadians of European Heritage and Christian Canadians.

What is all this Canada-bashing and  Anglophone-trashing business about, you ask? Even if you don’t here is our opinion: the purpose is to “loosen the grip” of Anglo-European power within society. Justin Trudeau wants this power to trans-ition to 3rd World Canada, and he is on a “Mission From God” to get the job done.

To fulfill his role as national transformer, a certain degree of national self-abasement helps move the agenda forward. Think about it–the less pride our country has in its heritage and history, the easier it is steal a nation away from its rightful owners.

Within a democracy, the rightful owners of the country are said nation’s citizenship. In Trudeau’s Canada, this is 100% LAUGHABLE. The country of Canada is controlled by Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet. Popular opinion means nothing within Canada today.

Ever consider this simple statement?  According to Justin Trudeau, Canada is a systemically racist country. According to Justin Trudeau, Pakistan is not a systemically racist society. Nor is Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Chad or any other of the dozens of despotic governments Trudeau is funnelling billions of tax-dollars toward.

When’s the last time you read about racism in Middle Eastern and African nations in the Globe & Mail? Persecution of Christians? Internment of Christians and Muslims in China? Pakistan and Somalia’s oppression of non-Muslims?

 Never, never and never–at least not in any detailed manner. Now, we turn to Canada, its constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Multicultural Act of 1988, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of 2002, and myriad other examples of civil and human rights legislation, both federally and provincially.

“A racist nation” says King Justin. MP Ahmed Hussen of Somalia–a country which is 99% Muslim(they have ZERO multiculturalism) agrees. “Systemically racist” snorts GTA 3rd World kingpin MP Hussen.

Making sense here? Do you as a Canadian patriot “see the logic” in what Trudeau has delivered to Canadian society? This agenda makes NO SENSE in the least. How can Canada be branded a racist society by MP Ahmed Hussen when Somalia( the man is a Somalian citizen at this moment–he’s lived here for over 30 years) is as pure as the driven snow?”

It’s a joke, right? Not quite, folks. This is the real, authentic Canada under the thumb of King Justin.

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For CAP, a serious connection–or thread— is found in the following:

Pierre Trudeau began the process, and Justin Trudeau is finishing it. Millennials may not recall this former state-of-society, but this writer can recall a time when Canada did not hate itself. Then, Pierre Trudeau become prime minister.

From this point on, our society morphed into one of ubiquitous self-hatred. Government pushed this. Media promote this. Canadian Academia “live and breathe” national self-flagellation. Not that all Canucks buy this program of propaganda– true patriots do not.

Yet, it’s all designed to weaken the resolve of our people. Deprive Old Stock Canadians of their pride in being Canadian. Tinker, tweak and massage the edges to create a nation steeped in self-loathing.

Then, once complete–steal away said nation from its people, kill off democracy as Justin is so competently achieving, and sail into the sunset of a post-modern, Anglophone-hating socialist state.

Readers may recall a time when Justin “made hay” in a boxing match against a Quebecois MP. Not sure if he gave the fellow a black eye, or not. Yet, CAP are damn sure Justin Trudeau has given Canada a “black eye” by transitioning present-day society into a bastion of race-hating bigots and xenophobes.

Hey Canada– Justin Trudeau has placed your nation in a political “doghouse.” Who knows where our communities are headed next as Canada is morphed from national pride to collective self-hatred in preparation for the coming “New Canadian Order.”




2 thoughts on “The Political Purpose Of Justin Trudeau’s Agenda Of Canadian SELF-HATRED”

  1. Very sad for Americans to see our northern neighbor eroding from a nation of industrious, proud and strong, men and women who loved their culture and history into a maggot-swarm of balkanized, hateful, fearful people barely co-existing from one multi-culti-mumbo-jumbo harangue from its socio-pathic, sari-swirling, cart-wheeling clown to another. We used to go to visit Montreal, Tornonto, Winnipeg and Nova Scotia and saw first-hand the joyful faces that took so much in being Canadians to a nation wrought with self-doubt, paranoia and hostility toward others. His upbringing pre-disposed his metamorphosis from Canadian to diversity tyrant…very sad indeed. No more trips north for us. We prefer to remember the Canada of our memories. We will pray for you.


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