1 thought on “The Other Side: Interview With Jagmeet Singh “Heckler” Jennifer Bush”

  1. Best Wishes and GOOD LUCK to everyone involved in CAPC. It may already be too late for Canada. If not too late then the 11th hour. Trudeau is simply a symbol of the malaise. Canada is over populated. “Surely not, we are the second largest country on the planet”. Check out the levels of federal, provincial, P#, household and other debts. Confirm the fact that Ontario now spends more on servicing its debts than on all social services. How many people use food banks every month ? How many are homeless ? how many live below the official poverty line ? what are the waiting times to see a consultant, let alone for surgery ? What stocks of affordable / social housing do we have ? Despite these and many other measurements of this countries well being Canada’s population will increase by a net 700,000 + this year. As for Sharia ?already in daily use among’st ALL devout Muslims. Canada is a signatory to the UN’s Agenda 21 / 24 and it’s updates.The UN’s solution to over population, extreme poverty (1.6 Billion) and “failed States”. Things will deteriorate under the present system and with the same political Parties playing their Party political games.


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