The Mysterious Death Of Apotex Founder Barry Sherman, Manufacturer of Covid-19 Vaccine

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“Canadian pharmaceutical company Apotex has announced plans to donate hydroxychloroquine for a study assessing the drug’s ability to prevent Covid-19 in front-line healthcare employees.”

The study is being performed by the University Health Network and Unity Health (St Michael’s Hospital) in Toronto, Canada.

However altruistic this may appear on the surface, there is much more to the story than this specious statement.

Barry Sherman  was a Canadian businessman and philanthropist who was chairman and CEO of Apotex Inc. According to Forbes, Inc, he was worth an estimated US$3.2 billion at the time of his death. Canadian Business labelled his fortune at 4.77 billion, ranking him the 15th richest person in Canada.

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered within a few hours of arriving at their Toronto home on the evening of Weds, Dec. 13, 2017.”

Inspector Hank Idsinga of the Toronto police homicide unit confirmed to the Toronto Star that “after considering a number of factors that were uncovered during the investigation,” his detectives have determined the Shermans were murdered on the Wednesday. Their bodies were not found until two days later.

Omitted By Canadian Media:

Just days before his death, late pharmaceutical tycoon Barry Sherman sought to quash an investigation into his fundraising for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to South China Morning Post.

As verified by federal government court documents, Sherman tried to block subpoenas of two Apotex executives issued by Canada’s Commissioner of Lobbying, Karen Shepard, that would to compel them to speak with investigators.

The probe into a fundraising event Sherman held for Trudeau in August 2015, during the last election campaign, was launched after complaints filed by Democracy Watch, a government watchdog organization based in Ottawa.

“Sherman and Apotex faced a possible five-year ban on lobbying the government if it could be proven that he ran afoul of rules that prohibit registered lobbyists, such as Sherman, from lobbying office holders they helped get elected.”
 In other words, this situation may suggest there is a connection between the deaths of the Shermans, and Canada’s Liberal government. It is certainly arguable that an association between Justin Trudeau and Barry Sherman would have a negative impact upon Trudeau’s reputation– and therefore his chances of  being re-elected as prime minister. 
Also intriguing is a second investigation into a November 2016 fundraiser organized by Sherman for Trudeau, as well as Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Reportedly, it was dropped due to a lack of evidence.
What to conclude? CAP will not claim to have definitive answer regarding all this sketchy, under the covers malarky. Yet, one must admit, the circumstances are as shady as a walk through Vancouver’s 1000-acre Stanley Park.
Back to the Covid pandemic. True, or not true: Canadian Big Pharma Corporation Apotex was in a position to make a fortune from the potential hydroxychloroquine Covid-19 antidote. Did interested parties not want Barry Sherman to be the person who cashed in?
Is a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for Canada’s largest Big Pharma manufacturer enough to motivate a double murder? 
The Sherman-Trudeau fundraiser provides serious “food for thought.” Another curious item– the deaths of Barry & Honey Sherman have never been resolved. It is likely they never will. In the five-year period since the murders, not a single suspect has come to light.
 “The household of Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman has closed its non-public investigation into the murder of the pharmaceutical magnate and his spouse Honey, two years after they have been discovered strangled of their Toronto dwelling.”

Case closed. Surprised? No serious student of Canadian politics should be. And what about a potential “China” connection? It is well understood that the government of Justin Trudeau was intimately connected with Chinese-Canadian fundraising efforts for the Liberal Party in 2015.

China is the “kingpin” of the dissemination of the Covid 19 throughout the world. Barry Sherman’s Apotex was an early adopter of an anti-Covid antidote, potentially worth tens of billions of dollars.

Barry Sherman throws a fundraiser at his Toronto home for PM Trudeau. A short while later, husband and wife are found dead– both hung by strangulation, according to major media reports.

How curious is this entire affair. So many unexposed facts– so many unanswered questions. Did CBC and the rest of media limit their efforts to a cursory job on the investigation? Did CTV and Globe & Mail  adhere to federal government instructions by exposing just enough information to appease the public, and nothing more?

Liberal Fundraising, Big Pharma, Double Murders, Covid-19, China– giant money all-around at stake.

For the moment–and likely forever– it is “case closed” for the mysterious deaths of Barry & Honey Sherman— major fundraisers for Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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  1. I believe it is time for someone to look into the connection between Barry and Honey Sherman and the Thomson Family, David Thomson in particular. Thomson owns not just the Canadian Globe and Mail but the worlds largest international news gathering agency, Thomson Reuters, it is so big that the merger when it happened had to be approved by the US Congress who happened to be democratic controlled at the time and we’re the same Democrats that welcomed China into the World Trade Orginisation. If you look at the Thomson family and how they built their fortune it is eerily similar to China’s CCP party long game when it comes to controlling more of the world. Thomson Reuters spews China’s propaganda, sits in the White House briefings everyday, they are connected and insulated, they need to be exposed for who they really are, part of the global one world agenda. The Thomson Corporation sent a team of executives to China in the early 1990’s to better understand new technology, China’s long game and its impact on their global business interests, Bill Gates and Microsoft were spending a lot of time with the Chinese govt and was very much apart of this whole process at the time, when this executive team came back it became very clear very fast that Thomson divest of all their current business platforms, make a move to international news gathering so that they would stay relevant and front and centre in the new world order. The Thomson empire to this day is still owned (70%) by the Thomson family while being traded on multiple stock exchanges. They are very private and do an exceptional job of staying out of the Canadian and international spotlight. David Thomson is currently in his 60’s, who is he grooming to take over the family business, they will certainly be the most powerful person in Canada and we do not know a thing about them, they all need to be exposed, fast!

  2. I want too know why, he was there the day of the finding of the two victims.they had video of him, and the next thing poof, it was gone. I am sure one of your readers out there brad, has seen what I have seen,

      • Brad…you should also expose that Barry Sherman contributed $100,000 to Justina Trugroper Castro Pedeau PEDO’s 2015 campaign, personally handing it directly to Justina…firstly a violation of a lobbyist prohibition from Justina personally taking payment as witnesses account if a black Suburban pulling up and Justina getting out and receiving the cheque….
        Secondly, it far exceeded the maximum contribution allowed of $2,600…
        Thirdly, this would have disqualified Justina for seven years from holding any political position thereby destroying the NWO plan to put this mk ultra mind controlled Manchurian candidate puppet in place and detailing his subsequent corrupt election from last to Crime Minister….
        Justina had everything to lose if Barry Sherman was questioned in the ensuing investigation…poof..Barry Sherman and Honey are both gone days after the announcement of an investigation into Sherman’s murders originally played off as a murder suicide until evidence prevented the Toronto Police from hiding this…
        The satanic murder emulating the lifesize statues in their mansion..with their hands tied behind their backs never could or should have even implied a murder suicide…
        Cover up to the highest degree

  3. Let’s not forget that hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive and would undermine the NWO evil vile plan to impose mandatory vaccinations for control and implanting microchips in the mass population…
    A direct undermining to Bill Gates big Pharma profits for the vaccination

  4. all i can say is that i worked for his uncle Emile Winter , when Mister Winter started his buisness on Ossington Ave , When we moved to Florence St, Barry and i became good friends and must say only friends . We were near the same age , Mr Winter wanted to put me in university . This is the kind of person he was , always wanted to help someone . so far from what i read Barry turned out just like his uncle . He was a very smart guy . Just wanted to get this off my chest to support Barry Louisa Krudzo , nee Melanson

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