The Mysterious Death Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of Canadian Prime Minister

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Cultural Action Party has for decades perceived the family of Pierre Trudeau as Canada’s equivalent to Britain’s Royal Family, in addition to America’s Kennedys. If media hadn’t buried the dirt on the Trudeaus, Canadians would have understood the affinities between these families.

To protect the Trudeaus, mainstream media has for decades been burying strange realities and rumours related to the first family of Canada. One of the most glaring is brother Alexandre Trudeau’s dedication to communist regimes such as China and Cuba.

As far as deceased younger brother Michel Trudeau is concerned, he didn’t live long enough to flower into a full-fledged communist like his brothers. As it happened, Canadian media published a story claiming Michel Trudeau died in a “freak avalanche while skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

Here’s what media did not report:

The death of Michel Trudeau, on Friday the 13th, in November 1998, occurred due to a freak accident in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at a time of year when snow packs are low, and avalanches are rare. An avalanche in the month of November is an unlikely event because snowpacks have not built up sufficiently to create conditions in which avalanches naturally occur.

Evan Manners, manager of theAvalanche Centre in Revelstoke, B.C., stated that “before the Trudeau death he had never heard of an avalanche pushing someone into the water who then drowned. It’s very rare,”  he told the National Post shortly after the accident.

In an interesting coincidence that may not be a coincidence at all, Michel Trudeau was nearly killed on July 17th, 1998—   five months previous to his actual death, when his motor vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle while he was driving in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.”

The alleged accident was so powerful that the truck Michel Trudeau was driving rolled over several times and was “a complete write off.”

Media reported at the time that the police carried out an “extensive search”– but the body of Michel Trudeau has never been found a surprising event because the spot where he allegedly went under water is well known, and there were no reported currents in the lake that would carry the body away.

A person claiming to have been with young Trudeau on the ski trip informed CAP in 2021 that “the family chose to leave the body in the lake.” Quite. Holy Crow– this is a serious news story– one which has never permeated the general consciousness of Canadian society. 

“Helicopters crews saw no sign of the youngest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during an aerial search Monday over the mountain lake where he is believed to have drowned.”  Michel Trudeau died on the Friday of the previous week. Why did it take three days before the helicopter search occurred?

Likely it was that the body was beneath the surface of the lake. November in Revelstoke, BC is not known for balmy climates. In warm, shallow water, decomposition works quickly, surfacing a corpse within two or three days. Cold water slows decay, and people who drown in deep lakes, 30 metres or below, may never surface. The body of water is relatively small— it takes a mere 15-20 minutes to walk the length of the lake.

Michel Trudeau died on Friday the 13th, 1998. No report exists verifying that either of his parents travelled to the location of the drowning to view the situation for themselves. Why would they refrain from viewing the site of their son’s death?

A spokesman for Pierre Trudeau issued a statement saying Michel’s parents were “deeply saddened.” A statement from a “spokesman” for Pierre Trudeau? You mean to say this erudite ex-prime minister could not personally issue a statement regarding the death of his son?

The day after the death a matter-of-fact article from CBC News appeared:

“Police say 23-year-old Michel Trudeau was skiing with friends when an avalanche swept him into a lake known as Kokanee Lake. He is presumed to have drowned. Efforts to recover the body are being hampered by weather conditions. Five others from the group were rescued earlier today.”

Low-key and perfunctory, the announcement of the so-called drowning of Pierre Trudeau’s third son lacked an appropriate degree of emotion fitting for the child of a Canadian prime minister.

Fast-forward twenty-five years, and not one Canadian media outlet has done any form of follow-up regarding oddities surrounding the death of Michel Trudeau. 

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    • I know one of the guys who was with Micheal when he died. He warned him not to go out, which he didnt listen to. My friend stayed in a cabin, the other guy I dont know what he did

    • Very much so… I remember a video of an interview earlier this year (2022) during the Trucker/Freedom Convoy… I think it was in Ottawa, but not 100% sure, the interviewee introduced himself as Michel Trudeau, JT’s (half-) brother! Now seeing this article really has me wonder… Had never heard of his death, maybe that guy in the video was Michel?? I mean, when his body was never found…? —
      The Trudeau’s Communist orientation is well-known… Shocking how JT could even be elected… Lots is in the dark… not quite adding up… yet… God is bringing the Truth to Light…

          • Kemper is also CEO of Blockchain.
            You know….digital I.D., crypto-currency, one world government, Klaus Schwab, etc. That old ‘chosen ones will rule the world’ chestnut.

            Kyle is a very jewish name, by the way.
            High-falootin’ Metis Jesuit Zionist puppets.

            Michele Trudeau’s ‘accident’ in 1998.
            You may be suprised (or not) to know that their ‘Summer Camp Director – David Jeffries – decided to take some piano lessons at the University of British Columbia from 1997-1999. When was Michele’s ‘disappearance’? Yep. Right in the middle.
            Just like Michele was – right in the middle of his classmate/partner Sophie Gregoire and his older bro who lusted after her. And what Justin wants, schizophrenic Mommy gives him (that’s why they are both smirking at the camera in the YT vid ‘Don’t Cross the Stupid Line’, when the interviewer asks them about Michele’s ‘death’).

            Both brothers were ‘mentored’ by Jewish ‘boy’s camp’ director David Jeffries at CAMP AHMEK, in Algonquin Park, Ont.

            Further research shows that Michele is NOT living the ‘high’ life in Cuba (he’s was a drug addict, with ties to Willy Pickton’s pig farm in Port Coquitlam, BC), but rather entombed inside 100 cubic yards of reinforced concrete. A ‘monument’ out in the open – as psychopaths are thoroughly titillated with perverse irony, cryptic clues, and believe wholeheartedly in the old ruling-class mantra of: “The more outrageous the lie, the more easily it is believed.”

    • Very interesting indeed…
      In early 2022 during the Trucker/Freedom Convoy I’ve seen a related video of an interview in the streets of I think it was Ottawa, the interviewee passionately siding with the Truckers introduced himself as Michel Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s (half-) brother!
      If that was true, no wonder his dead body was never found…

    • In order for elites to further thier agenda, its been said they have to SACRIFICE a loved one.
      hmmm, this kinda fits.

    • The people must take this into their own hands to save this country from J.T and his Satanic cult. We already tried this peacefully and got trampled, assets frozen and were ridiculed. Sheep will destroy our childrens future. What do we do about them? Ive tried and tried to get through to them but am met with scorn and dismissed.

    • This is one of the worst articles I’ve read. I’m from Nelson, BC which is 20 min from the Kokanee Glacier Park access road. The lake isn’t near Revelstoke or in the Rockies. I’ve been there many times- it is the first lake hiked to on that trail. It is deep and cold and it would be very difficult to retrieve a body. I will say that November 13th is very early in the season, and early for an avalanche; but also that was a big snowfall year. The lake wouldn’t have much ice on it at that time- maybe a few inches. There is a slide path above the trail above the lake. It is very plausible that avalanches occur there and would wipe hikers into the lake less than 50m below.

      • I agree with you. I recall that there had been Avalanche advisories for that area the week before Trudeau’s party went skiing there. The news reports at the time stated that they went skiing there despite the Avalanche advisories. Rescue efforts were hampered by bad weather, heavy snowing, and continuing avalanche advisories. This incident was big-time National news for days as authorities were delayed from accessing the area to investigate and attempt to recover the body for quite some time. Many back country and so-called experts were interviewed at the time and most said that skiing in that particular area with prior knowledge of Avalanche advisories at the time was foolhardy. I am pretty sure that it was reported that Pierre Trudeau and his ex-wife Margaret flew out to the area at the time, but were prevented from accessing the area due to the continuing problem of heavy snows and high risk of avalanches in that area. I don’t know where the information comes from that this event was not heavily publicized at the time it happened. Further, some Avalanche experts may well have expressed surprise that the risk of avalanches was so high early in the season (November). Perhaps that is why Trudeau went ahead skiing in that area in November despite the apparent Avalanche advisories that had been issued for that area several days earlier. Anyhow, Trudeau and his buddies seemingly went skiing that back country trail despite the advisories, and an Avalanche occurred (provable), his buddies got rescued by helicopter, and Trudeau was never seen or heard from again. That story was first reported at the time of his disappearance and has never changed to the best of my knowledge. I am not aware of any verified facts that contradict this account.

    • No body.
      Is it possible MT is alive and well and living in Europe (snow boarding)under an assumed identity. The cbc “reported” he was dead, so probably not.

    • Well now little snowflake. The truth shell set you free. Don’t worry Erie the Canadian people are waking up communist Trudeau. The day of reckoning is coming.

      • People need to see that communist/dictator for what he really is. He is not our leader-he is selling us off to communist China.

        Canadians wake up-Trudeau is not your friend!!!

      • It’s nice to see that there other other Canadians who are not blinded by media bs. The dictator at the helm of our country is not our friend. He is selling off our country to communist China.

        Wake up people – do not vote this gigantic a-hole back in to power. He will continue doing cover up things to make it look good. He does not have our best interests at heart. He doesn’t give a shit about us!!!

        • So would you say that if they dragged you to a camp and harvested your organs? I think not! Time to say No, time to disempower them by creating our own alternatives so that we are not dependent on them.

        • Now Listen Up Jim Tanner – If you believe all that-you been totally pacified-
          Controlled and Manipulated-and blinded-If you have not already woken up
          Canadians and World Citizens do have THE POWERS–As Individuals-Because you think and believe in mentality that you are already beaten.

          -But You are Not Beaten-Yet So Cease and Stop Falling For – The Global Cabal Elites and Govermenys Leaders False-Flag Agendas-Nafarious-Narratives of Events of their Full-Agenda’s-Start seeing through Dark Veils of
          full agenda’s by them to giving you misinformation/disinformation by duping you with all their ”NEFARIOUS” UnBelievable Cropped Up NARRATIVES. And do- not getting sucked into their Mentality Ways of Thinking-Start Thinking For Yourself-Do Not Give Them The Satisfactions
          at all.

          Think For Yourself – OK- It’s what they do-not wanting you to not too be doing for yourself-because you are then dangerous to them if you can think for yourself.- Knowledge Is Power In Right Hands Use It Wisely-Its People Powers that Matter.”GOT IT- And GOD Gave You That Power.

          So Start Using It To Defeating Them At Their Own Games.
          But Believe In Yourself is what’s Important that Only Matters to you.

        • Don’t be a quitter. DO NOT COMPLY! Speak out…often. Find like minded people. Expose evil. SHINE THE LIGHT ON THE TURDS SO THEY DRY UP, RATHER THAN GROW AND FESTER IN THE DARK! Join the Global Walkout ( started in Australia). Get informed…share.
          PS Yes, I believe Dominion Voting Machines are based in Toronto…dig deeper….I also believe George Soros is a heavy invester.

    • Ok It’s April 2, 2022 and Ernie….seems “Ernie” and the Trucker’s brigade in Canada brought to light just what the Trudeaus’ are all about. Justin T. a communists…PERIOD!

  1. Holy sh*t, Brad!
    I recall reading the reports of the death of Michel Trudeau at the time and being surprised by the details which did not make sense to a backcountry skier like me.
    In recent years I have learned about the horrific activities of satanic families like this one and do not discount the possibility that Michel Trudeau was sacrificed (murdered). This is the price paid for being a satanic member in good standing and enjoying the benefits.
    Hard to believe, I know, but sacrificing (murdering) someone close to you is part of satanic ritual abuse.

  2. do even dare compare or call the trudeau family to theRoyal family.. this is like comparing a bunch of mongrel dogs to well bred “pure bred German Sheppards. The trudeau family is rich but without brains,, they prove that money influences everything’

    • What do you think the “Royal Family” is anyway? They are professional, highly-paid, ill-behaved professional celebrities at best. They tend toward criminality of various kinds. It might not be entirely their fault – they are terribly inbred.

  3. Brad…
    It should be noted that Michel was charged criminally by the RCMP when they responded to his vehicle accident and when they were helping to retrieve his belongings which were scattered across the road he discovered illegal marijuana a substantial quantity and charged him with criminal charges….
    Justina Trugroper Castro is very adamant and open as well as supportive of illegal and privileged corruption that his “father” Pierre then you lies by abusing his power and although he was no longer in politics used his leverage and privilege to try to sway the prosecuting Crown attorney and judge to squash the charges against Michel….
    Gee…where have we seen anything but this criminally corrupt Crime minister Justina Trugroper Castro continually and increasingly abused his power and authority buy criminally and corruptly influencing many judicial and police forces to sway things in to his advantage how is dictatorship?? Typical sleazy Trugroper family criminal corruption…
    It should also be noted that beef concentration of Justina on decriminalizing marijuana was also accompanied by his primary motive to allow pardons for.
    anyone convicted of marijuana charges and make them retroactive in order to totally expunge and clear his disappeared and reported dead brother Michelle’s blemish of a convicted criminal when other convictions are not retroactive when they receive a pardon to totally remove it from someone’s record…NOTHING IS TOO CORRUPT FOR THE TRUGROPER PRIVILEGED CONVICTS..
    TIMING IS EVERYTHING AND IRONICALLY WHILE PIERRE WAS CORRUPTLY TRYING TO TAMPER AND MEDDLE WITH HE JUDICIAL PROCESS AGAINST HIS SON (AND WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE SNC-LAVALIN JUSTINA TRUGROPER CASTRO)… This supposed Avalanche killed the unfortunate little brother but seem to scare amazingly is to skiing partners although they were never publicly questioned or reported…
    Strong evidence and rumour alleges that the car accident was a failed hit against Michel for alleged unpaid drug deaths and also for his loose lips dropping a dime on certain organized drug organizations…
    it is so convenient that he mysteriously disappeared much like many of the corrupt operatives like Jeffrey Epstein and many others like Osama bin Laden where bodies are never confirmed nor retrieved…
    I’m sure it won’t come to no one’s surprise that after this corruption runs full course and his name is cleared of his drug charges and convictions on his record he will reappear elsewhere and mysteriously either came back from the dead or was in hiding possibly on a resort island where helicopters and Aga Khan run in abundance…

  4. Do not forget the NDA, non-disclosure agreement with the minor he allegedly got pregnant when he was teaching at Pierre funded Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. Statutory rape of a minor by a teacher is a criminal code offence. Why exactly was a DNA permitted?
    And associated with that situation, there’s been a story circulating on the internet that 2 people close to that situation died ‘mysteriously’ around that time. The school had never before had ANY deaths associated with it, and have had NONE since.
    This is much more than ‘sketchy’…WAY more. Worth looking around for.

  5. Interesting article though there are some mistakes. The aleged avalanche was on Kokanee glacier wich is in the Selkirk mountains, not the Rockies. Also the name of at least one witness, Andrew Bednarz, is publicized. He was supposedly communicating with Michel as he drowned. Might want to do a better job of checking the facts.

  6. Thank you, that was very interesting. A few months back I heard reporter, Benjamin Fulford, accuse Justin T of having his brother killed so Justin could run for PM. I didn’t think about it until my partner said that the body was never recovered. I have listened to Little Grey Cells you tube videos on Trudeau Sr. & on the FLQ crisis and also a citizen journalist who worked with Abel Danger and discussed Sr.’s involvement with the creation of snuff films at the BC pig farm. Wish it would all come out so this family would never come back to power in Canada or anywhere else.

    The political changes is another huge story. I am still struggling with the metric system. The US & UK using the imperial system and leaving Canadians after all these years still struggling to read recipes and compare gas prices between US & Canada etc.etc. This is just one big thing but it is what reminds me most of our lost democracy under the Trudeaus.

  7. Michel Trudeau all so died in the ”avalanche”on the hottest recorded summer in bc history with lowest recorded snow fall in that year and the year before. The park snow that year never started till mid jan so were was he skiing? and why was no snow removal equipment ever brought out of the towns depot? no one signed out one single unit?

    red mnt emergency crews were going full blast that day though.

    • Seriously, the death of Michel Trudeau is one GIANT mystery that media has never researched and reported on properly. CBC etc “buried” the story–there is something illicit about his death imo. It was friday the 13th, 6 months after Michel was nearly killed in a strange road accident.

      • He was murdered. There is a documentary about it out there which I can not recall but it was spot on.

        Michelle knew shit and wanted to blow the cover of his brother FIDEL TRUDEAU. Which would have gone deep down the rabbit hole so they killed him.

  8. Ben Fulford had said that Michel was Pierre Elliot Trudeau real son and that Trudy had murdered him.and we have been told that Trudy’s father is Fa del Castro .

  9. Very weird event… I can’t speculate anything rational right now.

    But seemingly, Andrew Bednarz is the name of one of the other guys.

    QUOTE: “Michel Trudeau was wearing a heavy backpack, cross-country skis and cold-weather clothing when the avalanche hit the men as they traversed a steep slope above Kokanee Lake. Trudeau and Andrew Bednarz were swept into the glacier-fed waters. Bednarz managed to get to shore. Trudeau struggled in the water but did not make it.”

    “Experts said at the time that there was no indication of imminent avalanche danger and the men, one of whom was trained in avalanche rescue, were carrying the proper safety equipment — beacons, shovels and probes.

    Evan Manners, manager of the Canadian Avalanche Centre in Revelstoke, B.C., said that before the Trudeau death he had never heard of an avalanche pushing someone into the water who then drowned. “It’s very rare,” he told the National Post shortly after the accident.”

    • Your quote is accurate. I worked at Red Mountain with Mike. One of my staff was at the wake with Andrew. I heard the story told 2 days later to me.

      Mike and Andrew decided against going out the same route they took in. The other 2 split and did so. Mike and Andrew went up and over the mountain as an exploration idea hoping to cut off time with a direct route. Not far above the lake, they triggered a slide and there was rocks in it as the pack was low.

      I suspect heat factored in to create the unstable conditions. They were just above a quite tall cliff/slope that towers above the lake. Both were swept in but Andrew was close to shore and crawled out.

      Mike was talking to him from the water saying he couldn’t unclip his skis so couldn’t swim his legs or crawl out. As I recall, just over 20 minutes before Mike said bye and slipped under.

  10. Pretty random story – it seems the author Brad has a ridiculous conspiracy agenda that he is working on. I can say this because I was there on the day of this tragedy, as I was one of 4. Nothing controversial, except a really sad accident that ended the life of an amazing guy. Michel was truly a great person, with a big heart – just like the rest of his brothers.

    It was not a typical avalanche. The new snow fell heavily the day and night before, onto bare rocks (or minimal snowpack). Temperatures got warmer on the day and the snow was began sliding off the mountain. When crossing a particularly dangerous section, with the lake directly under a steep rock section – the snow gave way and slid down, taking both Andrew and Michel into the icy cold (but not yet frozen) lake. I was standing at the shore and managed to get Andrew out of the water. Michel was pushed farther out and could not swim the distance with his gear and skis still on. He eventually fell asleep and drifted of. Andrew, myself and one other slept that night in a outhouse (that was about 200m) away with 2 dogs.

    We were picked up by a helicopter the next day. In the end a very sad day for all of us who knew Michel. Anyways – perhaps this will clarify this ridiculous article.

      • A super deep glacial lake, snowstorm conditions prevented an immediate search, so the body could not be recovered. They did search for days. This was all well documented in the news during this time. Regardless, there is nothing controversial about this accident – at all. No probing question can be asked to prove otherwise. He died in front of my eyes. It was an accident. We were all normal guys, pursing a normal activity. Living life to the fullest could be Michel’s only fault. Find another subject to investigate – perhaps something more relevant, and more helpful for humanity, as the world lost a beautiful person on that sad day….that is the only tagline for this story.

        • Thanks for your response. Just wondering…did you make this statement to the media at the time of the accident? If so, why didn’t a media article appear which quoted what you had to say, or that of other friends who were with you?

          Or did in fact a media article appear of this nature at the time of the unfortunate incident? Cannot recall such a thing.

          On the basis of what you are saying, it would make his car accident in Manitoba also a freak accident– five months to the day previous to his demise. For what it is worth, I believe both incidents occurred on the 13th day of the month– a bad luck sign for some people.

        • How long does it take for a body to decompose to bones underwater?

          “Cold water also encourages the formation of adipocere. This is a waxy, soapy substance formed from the fat in the body that partially protects the body against decomposition. Bodies have been retrieved almost completely intact from waters below 7°C after SEVERAL WEEKS and as recognisable skeletons after FIVE YEARS.”

          Your friend was the child of a prime minister, who could demand that divers comb the waters for months after, even when weather improved in the following spring. But nothing was found. This is the truly suspicious element in the sad scenario. It doesn’t make sense.

          I am all for establishing the truth here. No interest in promoting lies. Please explain.

      • Not sure. I had communication with a person who claimed they were with Michel at the time of the death. He said the family chose to leave him in the lake intentionally, so he could be
        one with nature”…sounds completely bogus. They never found the body.

    • So if he was floating and talking then he was not under the debris slide and avalanche. Why then was his body not recovered. Why would his synthetic gear not be recovered by RCMP divers that searched the lake?
      The lake is quite small, only a few hundred yards long and maybe a couple hundred wide. 12-14 meters deep. Most is very shallow water. While I don’t buy into all the conspiracy nonsense, I believe some sort of misinformation or cover up exists. If you were there that day would you be willing to accept an interview? Real investigation needs to take place. There are people that want the truth.

      • Yes, 38 million Canadians would be curious to know the truth, but it wont happen by way of Canadian media, who have buried the story for 3 decades.

  11. It only seems suspicious if you have some sort of strange agenda. The family chose not to follow through with an in-depth water search and rather to leave his body in the lake, in nature, in a beautiful place in the mountains – which is what he would have preferred.

    As for the coincidence regarding his driving accident and his death – they are just similar dates. Friday the 13th means nothing. Yes it was a terrible tragedy (and bad luck) for a young person, much like any other death of a young person.

    As for establishing the truth, Brad’s article has been shaped to make it
    seem like Michel’s death and his car accident was some sort of giant media cover-up to prove that the Trudeau’s are ‘sketchy’. However, the only sketchy part of this story is the facts. All the details that I have mentioned about the avalanche accident were written in numerous newspaper articles within weeks of his death, 24 years ago. No secrecy at all. No cover up. I should also mention that his car accident was also in the newspaper. No secrecy.

    To the author, Brad – please stop asking probing questions, as if you are some sort of noble journalist who is only trying to uncover the truth. Your article is a very clear smear campaign against the Trudeau’s, based on facts that you conveniently couldn’t find.

    As a eye witness source, that was present during the death, funeral, and aftermath – I can assure everyone that there is nothing secret in this tragedy. Case closed.

    • “The family chose not to follow through with an in-depth water search and rather to LEAVE THE BODY IN THE LAKE.”

      Now that is one difficult theory to believe. It makes no sense, and no doubt thousands of other Canadians would feel the same way. They left their child to rot in a lake rather than have a proper burial like 99% of people desire for their children?

    • What puzzles me is you pulled other friend out. Michel was further out, was there no way any of you could not have helped him. I just find this 20 minutes of talking to someone who is about to die very confusing. Also a parent not wanting to recover their child’s body saying the child would want to stay with nature, again very confusing to me. As a mother I would want my child’s body to be laid to rest properly, not leave them floating around in a body of water.

      • “Also a parent not wanting to recover their child’s body saying the child would want to stay with nature, again very confusing to me.”

        I do not believe the explanation given by the naysayers–it makes no sense. Are we to believe the prime minister of Canada at the time–with all the powers he maintained– would not DEMAND the body was found? Of course he would.

        The body of water was a lake–not a moving river or ocean. The ski resort manager was quoted as saying there are few currents on that lake, and their were none at the time of the drowning.

  12. Your article has no facts. What you find difficult to believe is merely your opinion.

    “No doubt thousands of Canadians would feel the same way” is an opinion, based on no research.

    “99% of people desire” is made up statistic.

    Your opinions, ideas and make-believe stats do not make a story true.
    Your article is a fictional conspiracy story. Your newsletter is 100% biased.
    But nothing I say, including the truth, is going to change your mind – which is clouded by your agenda.

    • Thanks for your reply. To bring it down to the most basic level, I find it just about impossible to believe that under the circumstances you describe, the family would choose to leave the body in the lake.

      Not that I don’t feel for your loss, it sounds like it was a tragic experience for you. And I fully believe your friend had a good heart, which relative to the other players, could well have served as a serious detriment.

  13. Brad… How do you know “this friend” that’s been commenting here anonymously in the thread, saying “oh yeah, I was there, I saw it all happen”…how do you know this character is actually legit?

  14. The lake is a very deep glacier lake. With his backpack he would have sunk to the bottom. It is maybe not possible to get at. Also extremely dark. A pro diver may be able to comment on that. I have been to the spot where he went in.

  15. It is a very deep and cold lake at alpine level. He pack would take him to the bottom. A pro diver may be able to comment on any difficulty of finding the body under those conditions,

  16. Funny how the person claims was there has all this knowledge on why it happened. Mofo if you knew the science why would you risk going there in the first place. Amateur noobs . freak accident or stupidity?

    Either way seems you all benefited from it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so cocky about it instead understand why the public would question it. Also the way you explain it sounds like a plot to murder him. If he falls in the water the gear would make sure he drowns .etc etc. either way it’s shady.

  17. The body was never recovered and the surviving skiers that were claimed to be with him were never named.

    Sounds to me like they didn’t want an autopsy as he died by other causes OR he didn’t actually die at all.

  18. Very interesting indeed…
    In early 2022 during the Trucker/Freedom Convoy I’ve seen a related video of an interview in the streets of I think it was Ottawa, the interviewee passionately siding with the Truckers introduced himself as Michel Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s (half-) brother!
    If that was true, no wonder his dead body was never found…

  19. You’re probably thinking of Justin’s half-brother, Kyle Kemper. They share the same Mother, but have different Fathers.

    Kyle now lives in San Diego, having married an American woman, and he’s 13 years younger than Justin.

    But the best part is … Kyle is VERY conservative, and he’s not at all afraid to call out his half-brother for his stupidity & incompetence … doing so in several interviews, and on social media

  20. Sacrificed to the dark to bring a fake JT to Power dishonestly. Lets send him closer to his creator for Judgement. For now Treason will be brought before him. Wake up the masses that are sleeping and not aware of the truth around them.

  21. He wasn’t at the convoy as he was not allowed to fly in from the states unvaxed. He was interviewed from outside of Canada.

  22. I don’t understand why being brought up communist in a family with a fortune is traumatizing.

    I looked it up on the internet.
    Justin’s mother Margaret Sinclair was married to Pierre and had 3 children, Justin, Alexandre (Sacha), and Michel. Michel died in a freak avalanche drowning in BC. Margaret and Pierre had divorced. Margaret remarried F. Kemper and had 2 children Kyle, and Alicia.
    Her mental state was described over time as “serious emotional distress”, then “committed to a psychiatric facility”, then later diagnosed with “a late – diagnosed mental illness”.

    That makes Justin and Kyle
    step – brothers.

  23. You can no more change your gender than you can change the climate of the planet. You are not God’s.

    Jesus warned us about these the climate change end times with the book of REVELATION & the cause wit the 7 north stars of the precession of the Earth’s orbit eclipsing the electromagnetic gravitational plane equator of the Sun’s Oort cloud Kuipers belt for the next millennium.

    These are just the birthing pains. Mother Earth’s WATER won’t break until the moon pulls the earth’s increased double torus magnetosphere & oceans OUT & around he planet east to west as in the days of Noah. The first one will occur with the conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Moon & Earth in 2033.

    Jesus like Sodom & Gomorrahs Lot & Noah before warned us.

  24. Michel Trudeau, no matter how or why he went missing, he is still considered missing and unsolved.

    With no remains or clothing found this case is not solved.

    Search for my poster on Instagram.


  25. Possible link to family Trudeau and satanic cult. A Michael Trudeau is mentioned in an affidavit about the sex slave industry initiation practice at the Vanderbilt’s mansion (Jessie Czebotar). Also Pierre Trudeau is mentioned in Cathy O’Brien book Trance Formation of America as one of her clients when she as a child from a pedophile family was sold and trained in US military as Mk-ultra programmed sex slave for elites.


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