The Liberal MP For Which Political Islam Reigns Supreme

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Once upon a time, political dedication as advanced by Members Of Parliament in Canada took on a decidedly domestic tone. Concerned about the well-being of Canadians, MP’s put their energy into pragmatic issues such as economy, fiscal debt, employment, healthcare, and housing.

Those days are gone. The highest per-capita immigration quotas on the planet has delivered a new breed of Canadian politician, encapsulated by those whose degree of ethno-centrism belies the role to which they have been elected.

Eight years of PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society has exacerbated the situation to unprecedented heights. In 2023, ethnic identity and related myopia have come to dominate the concerns of many Members of Parliament.

Case-in-point: current Scarborough-Centre Liberal MP Salma Zahid.

“I call on Canada to support South Africa’s application to the International Court of Justice regarding the current conflict between Israel and Hamas and the impact this conflict is having on the people of Palestine, Toronto-area MP Salma Zahid wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

Prompting CAP to respond in kind: “Yes, but your role isn’t to work for the people of Palestine any more than it is to work for the people of Timbuktu.”

Correct us if we’re wrong, but is it not a fact that your mandate instructs you to focus on the health and welfare of those residing in Scarborough, Ontario? After all, it’s these Canadian tax-payers who pay your salary, is it not?

Do tell, MP Zahid– where within your job description does it say that you must maintain laser-like focus on the Middle East, Syria, Iran, or Israel? Where within the constitution of Canada does it state that  dedication toward one’s religious community and international issues that emanate from such are central to your role as a Canadian politician?

If media were to address such incongruities, Canadians might come to recognize a fundamental point regarding woke globalist politics as perpetuated by our ruling Liberal government.

On how many occasions have 3rd World migrant politicians developed their careers within an “ethnic bubble,” and from there broken out into mainstream politics?

Correct answer: countless times. In the case of  GTA-based Liberal MP Salma Zahid, the evidence is overwhelming.

“Zahid was born in Coventry, U.K. She holds a master’s degree in educational management and administration from the University of London’s Institute of Education, and an MBA from Quaid e Azam University in Pakistan.”

Zahid currently holds citizenship in three countries: Pakistan, Britain and Canada. Although the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus is peppered with foreign born half-citizens  Zahid appears to be the only one holding three citizenships.

In May 2018, she became the first MP to wear a Hijab in the House of Commons. Zahid received criticism in November 2022 when she attended a ‘solidarity’ event with a publisher of Holocaust denialism. Now, she wants Israel to be declared a genocidal nation.

To be forthright, Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] don’t care what MPs do as private citizens. What matters is whether or not a politician is working for the benefit of their constituents in Canada.

Scarborough, Ontario, according to the 2021 Canada Census:

Ethnic groups: 28.5% South Asian, 24.8% White, 13.1% Filipino, 9.9% Black, 8.0% Chinese, 3.4% Arab, 2.7% West Asian, 1.6% Latin American, 1.2% Southeast Asian.

Religions: 48.0% Christian (23.7% Catholic, 5.7% Christian Orthodox, 1.8% Anglican, 1.5% Pentecostal, 1.3% United Church, 1.0% Baptist, 13.0% other), 17.4% Muslim, 13.9% Hindu, 1.6% Buddhist, 17.9% none.

On this basis, 82.6% of the population of Scarborough is non-Muslim, denoting the fact that to vehemently dedicate oneself to political Islam and its problems should not exist as an MP’s “raison d’etre.”

Media couldn’t give a damn, and neither does Justin Trudeau:

“On October 20th, I wrote to you[Trudeau] regarding the conflict in Palestine and the urgent need for Canada to call for a ceasefire to protect the lives of innocent civilians.”

“Prime Minister, Canadians are looking to you and they are looking to our government. Please, Prime Minister, answer their call. Cease fire now.”

CAP do not advocate for the death of the innocent anymore than Zahid does. But do tell, Ms. Thang, how can you claim to work on behalf of Canadians, when you spend a major portion of your time working on behalf of Islam?

“Salma is chair of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, and was a member of the Special Committee on Afghanistan. As an MP, Salma has worked to raise awareness of the oppression of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.”

“In June, a multi-party committee called on the government to modify the Criminal Code so that major humanitarian groups can help Afghans without being charged with assisting the Taliban.”

Representatives from ten humanitarian groups told MPs that Global Affairs Canada informed them they would not be able to pay a driver to deliver food or buy supplies within Afghanistan because that would incur taxes sent to the Taliban.

Liberal MP Salma Zahid, sitting on the special parliamentary committee, said Canada “must find a workaround like its allies did to ensure much-needed aid is delivered.”

“I think the minister of Public Safety and as well as the minister of Justice are looking into it,” she said in an interview.

Well, thank the lord above for that! Ms. Zahid focuses her energy on food delivery in Afghanistan. Such priorities could bring tears to a Canadian patriot’s eyes– not.

We begin to zero-in on these outrageous circumstances. Last time CAP checked the political records, food delivery in Baghdad was not listed as a high-priority action item for a Canadian MP.

It’s all so absurd, but in Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, it’s as banal as winter rain in North Vancouver. While Canadian tax-payers are funding her salary Ms. Salma is sweating bullets over food supply in Afghanistan.

Should this triple-citizen be permitted to continue on this basis?

To transition to downright nastiness, CAP has to wonder if the triple-citizenship holder was fairly elected in the first place. Is it really the case that voters in Scarborough, Ontario– 83% of which are non-Muslim– flocked to polling booths to elect a drop-in-citizen from Pakistan– three times in succession?

Doubtful it is, but that’s Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada for you.

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  1. Hello Brad,

    This is my first ever post on CAP’s Comment Board.

    I HAVE, however:

    been visiting (lurking too…ok you got me, haha…) the site.

    at least on a personal biweekly basis now for since at least 2018-19 [pre-“covid” scamdemic and mass appearance of “pm fruiteau’s” nationwide ruthless crackdowns enforced by a HUGE surprise private army of “his / it’s” brand-new, elite “post-nationalist” personal “praetorian guard” (formerly known before 2015, ad the rcmp)!!!

    Holy crap, my blood pressure just thinking for longer than max 20 seconds of focusing my thoughts on any of these gleefully-anti-Canadian “creatures / parasites”!!!

    Whoops, sorry man…

    I ALWAYS just can’t ever help it…

    I’m a blue-collar loving husband and Dad, Calgary born 1973 at Grace Hospital…

    got my first truly HARD shock in life at age 7, seeing my Dad having to. scramble to go beg for two additional menial part-time jobs, on top of his decade-long professional F/T Geologist career, as interest rates under PET peaked at 21-22%!!!

    Fifty yrs on, and the “allege son’s” 🙄🤔🙄 legacy has been far more damaging since Bananistan’s second phase of utter marxist destruction kicked in on steroids in 2015

    Of interest:

    public msm record, cover pages:

    Justin photographed in chummy meeting with George Soros!

    Justin photographed in chummy meeting with Barack “my other two names are Islamic also, and my wife can bench press me easily…” O’Oprah-Ellen-Show-Bath-House-Barack…!!!

    I am SO disgusted with this tragically fallen country that I DID know well four decades ago!

    I am pretty confident after having read a few hundred articles here now over numerous yrs that I am just “preaching to choir” here with above ramblings and rantings!

    All I really wanted to say today is big thanks / respect to Brad for his longterm dedicated work creating and keeping this site online.

    I have closest family overseas, and I’ve told them numerous times now past few yrs, that if they want to ACTUALLY know what’s really going on over here in blackface’s Bananistan, CAP is the ONLY Cdn website worth visiting!

    God Bless you Brad, and pray continue your fine efforts.

    You have more fans than you know 👍


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