The Liberal Government/Media Agenda To Create a ONE-PARTY STATE In Canada

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Destroy everything except Liberalism. In reality, this is the goal of globalist Canada– a composite of Liberal-Globalists, Liberal Media, Liberal Academia, Immigration Advocates, Multicult-Pushers, as well as the political powerhouse of Third World Not-For-Profit organizations.

You may have heard of a few of these, such as National Council Of Canadian Muslims. They are the folks who maintain the privilege of utilizing hundreds of millions of our tax-payer dollars to dilute and erode traditional Canadian culture and identity.

As for media’s role, informed Canadians are today witnessing a post-federal election media assault upon all-things-conservative. It appears Trudeau side-kick Gerald Butts is now calling for a full-on, comprehensive attack on Canadian Conservatism.

Attack Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Bury him in the political sands of time based upon his personal anti-abortion stance. In other words, trans-form the man into a dinosaur–a political relic with no chance of experiencing a revitalization of Conservatism unless he is removed from his leadership position.

Next up, destroy the Wexit movement. Underplay the power of the movement. Inform Canadians it will never work-– it is not a  veritable “pipe-dream” according to CBC? Of course it is. Media are minimizing the movement to a serious degree, are they not?

What else? Attack Alberta. Inform them they are whiners without a hope-in-hell of succeeding in their mission to re-vitalize the Alberta Oil Sands. Bang our nation over the head with pro-American environmentalist messaging of fossil fuel emissions “doom and gloom.”

In other words, do everything possible to BURY Canadian conservatism, post-2019 election. CAP have a word for what is presently trans-piring: it is “Brutality.”

Call us crazy if you like, however we believe this to be 100% conspiratorial. The goal, of course, is to transform Canada from democracy to dictatorship. How is this most effectively done?

Wipe out all political competition. Use steady, incremental media propaganda to make it happen. Remain immutable and unchanging regarding government policy. Change law and legislation to enforce a disguised totalitarian agenda. Brand all dissenters evil trouble-makers. Never speak outright about the true agenda, as well as the true community targets being corralled into complacency.

Ringing any bells, fellow patriots? It does for CAP— of the 20th century fascist variety. What went down in that situation? A One-Party state, followed by death and destruction on a major scale–for all communities involved.

True or False? Is Anglophone Canada not the singular “unspoken about” identifiable community within Justin’s post-modern Canada? Yes, they are. Are Anglo-Christians not the singular community railroaded into the racist category? Are we getting the picture here, or not?

CAP Theory: Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and the Liberals are working toward setting up Canada as a “one-party state.”

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Food for thought: Is this not exactly what trans-pired with Fidel Castro in Cuba? It certainly is. Now, a word from Justin Trudeau:

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

“While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”. I know my father was very proud to call him a friend.”

Hello, Canadian media? Hey, CBC-– are you unable to put the pieces of this puzzle together? Not really–they just refuse to do it.

CAP will do so regardless: Justin Trudeau is being set up to become the “Fidel Castro of Canada.”  All remnants of pre-2019 Conservative power  are to be destroyed. Media are to be utilized to cover-up the transition.

On the topic of dictator-fascists of the 20th century, we offer a paraphrase: “Make the changes incrementally, so as to not awaken the sleeping beast of the general population.” Implement slow and steady legislative changes(M103) to support the agenda. Utilize media to propagandize the public into overlooking said ideological changes.

Is this not the methodology Trudeau and Butts have used to deceive Canadians into believing they work on the public’s behalf? Of course it is.

Conclusion: Canada is headed for an elimination of democracy and freedom of speech. In its place will be pseudo-communism, to be followed by true communism–the establishment of a one-party nation.

Many will understand that within a one-party nation, a designated “villain” community is necessary to achieve full power within society. This has been witnessed time and time again.

CAP Question Time: Based upon four years of Comrade Trudeau, which Canadian community appears most likely to assume this “demon” community position?

Sikh-Canada? Don’t think so. Muslim-Canada? Please–don’t make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s. No–the answer is Anglophone Canada--as we have witnessed by way of Trudeau’s antagonism toward Western Canada, Anglophones and Christians.

Does this, or does it not, make good sense? Is this, or is not, the exact reason why establishment media eschew the entire affair? Damn right it is.

There you have it, folks–the globalist plan for Canada to trans-sition from a state of freedom and democracy to a one-party socialist nation–the very favourite form of governance of the traitor Trudeau family.

CAP Claim: The Conservative Party of Canada may well be dead meat. Media are burying them in the sands of political time. The globalist machinations of the Liberal/Media behemoth are out to establish a single party state.

Thus far, they are doing one hell of a job of it.





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  1. Trudeau is a multigenerational fabian society puppet… his father was a member, Justin is still following their script. The FS logo is a wolf in sheep clothing, so that is Justin’s strategy, promoting progressive agenda on the surface…


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